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Le meilleur webzine...

Messagepar Julien » 26 Déc 2005, 08:50

... finalement c'est bien ce que je pensais: Teufel's Tomb:

Personally, I've never understood homophobia. Why would anyone be fearful of another person's sexual orientation? For some strange reason many straight men seem to think their assholes are in grave danger of being gaped open and pummeled by feminine men wearing leather chaps and pink feather boas. I really don't understand why a person would be uncomfortable around one either, I mean, seriously, when was the last time you were hanging out at work, or at home, or at a bar, and out of nowhere a pack of homosexuals kicked down the door, ripped off their pants and started assfucking each other in front of you, rubbing their asses against your face? If you answer with "Well, it did happen this one time..." then chances are you're probably homosexual yourself, and more than likely enjoyed it. The fact of the matter is, if you're straight, you're straight, and there's no converting to gay, either you're curious or you're not, unless... you're stuck in prison over a long period of time with no conjugal visits. Eventually, you will get horny, and you will do things you otherwise wouldn't even have otherwise contemplated doing before. So if pretty much the only way a straight man is going to become engaged in a homosexual experience is by going to prison, why then would Dissection main man Jon Nödtveidt kill a man in cold blood?

suite sur : http://www.teufelstomb.com/reviews/dissection04.html

Et la, tout est dit.
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Messagepar Ilhan » 28 Déc 2005, 18:15


la chronique est a mourir de rire

Messagepar Ilhan » 30 Déc 2005, 12:36

celle la aussi est vraiment pas mal :


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