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Bis Aufs Messer June News

Messagepar ADAGIO830 » 07 Juin 2019, 11:56

hi. its damn hot out here (finally) … so summer started officially and we got tons of new records to celebrate like the BIKINI KILL re issues, new stuff from TOTAL PUNK, BLACK DICE - Natty Light LP, FAYE WEBSTER - Atlanta Millionaires Club LP, the new THE INTELLIGENCE - Un-Psychedelic In Peavey City LP, MAKOTO KAWASHIMA - Homo Sacer LP & the V/A - Tokyo Flashback Psychedelic Speed Freaks 4LP on Black Editions, MARION BROWN - Three For Shepp LP on Superior Viaduct, new SACRED PAWS - Run Around The Sun LP as a ltd MERGE pressing and also the ROCK ACTION pressing, AMYL & THE SNIFFERS restock, SARAH DAVACHI & ARIEL KALMA - Intemporel LP, new SLEEPWALKER 12“ and other Sentinent Ruin releases …

ADAGIO830 also has a sale for the SPORT - slow LP til the end of JUNE now.

And besides selling tickets for the a bunch of upcoming PUSCHEN shows and DIRECT BOOKING (Uniform, Full of Hell etc) we also have tickets now for the GRAF ORLOCK & SPORT & BAYONNE show in Berlin

Thank you
Robert & Norman


BRANDY - Clown Pain 7“ (total punl - BRANDY are New York's newest hitmakers featuring members of PAMPERS and RUNNING and released a killer 12" on Monofonus Press last year. This is their second release and it's just as much a brain bludgeon as their first. Following in the knuckle dragging, pavement scraping, blood trails as such acts as Lamps and Mayyors, Brandy lays down a scuzz heavy sonic pummeling over this two track single. Loud, brutal, and 100% TOTAL PUNK!) 9.00

JUDY AND THE JERKS - Music For Donuts 7“ (thrilling - Over the past half-decade Hattiesburg, MS has become a perhaps unlikely center of the international punk scene, a highlight on any band's journey through the American South. JUDY and her JERKS are one of the groups at the hub of it all and it's easy to see why—their modern take on a lean, tight, and tuff USHC sound is catchy (Circle Jerks are kin in not just name alone) and their enthusiasm for this music and each other is contagious. After a series of self-released tapes and comp appearances, this is their vinyl debut, as well as the overdue first record to be released from the modern-day Hattiesburg punk scene. Limited to 400 copies on black vinyl.) 12.00

KNOWSO - Like A Buzz 7“ (total punk - Cleveland's KNOWSO is another project from the PERVERTS AGAIN/ CRUELSTER camp and it's every bit as sardonic and demented as you've come to expect from these lads. Dark lumbering repetitive punk incantations driven along by tom heavy neanderthalic drums, chant heavy vocals, and shoulder shaking bass grooves. These boys have a penchant for off balance hardcore rumblings and KNOWSO is their newest platform in which to do so. 100% TOTAL PUNK!) 9.00


ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE & THE MELTING PARAISO U.F.O. - s/t DLP (back editions - Black Editions presents the deluxe, first-ever vinyl edition of ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE classic self-titled first album. Over the last 25 years no group has been more prolific or dedicated to pushing psychedelic rock to its limits than Japan's Acid Mothers Temple. Their maximalist technicolor vision was first revealed on this, their now legendary self-titled 1997 debut released by P.S.F. Records. Led by MAKOTO KAWABATA, the album contains some of the group's most cosmic, hypnotic and over-the-top material; it kick-started and set the tone for a journey that has included countless releases and performances around the world—a freaked-out trip that continues to this day. Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. is one of the essential albums of the world's psychedelic underground. Deluxe Edition housed in ten-color heavy tip-on gatefold jackets, featuring soft touch and spot gloss finishes and full color interior pockets. Includes full-color, spot glossed inner sleeves and a 24"x24", full-color poster. Remastered and pressed to high quality vinyl at RTI; Digital download included.) 45.00

AKIKO YANO - Iroha Ni Konpeitou LP (wewantsound - Hailing from the heady days of 1977, its Akiko Yano’s brilliant album Iroha Ni Konpeitou, boosted to a wider audience through WEWANTSOUNDS quality reissue job. With sessions in (and musicians from) both Tokyo and New York, Yano was able to create a fabulously funky kind of pop beauty. Features Haruomi Hosono and David Spinozza!) 28.00

AAMM - "A" Trio & AMM LP (unrock Back in August of 2015, the legendary London grand seigneurs of improvisation pioneers, AMM (John Tilbury and Eddie Prevost) joined forces with Lebanese electro-acoustic-free-jazz outfit "A" Trio (Mazen Kerbaj, Sharif Sehnaoui, and Raed Yassin). Two generations of improvisers with a very differing approach to work, captured dancing slowly along a very thin line of fine-tuned, both, clear and crackling improvised sounds. Harsh at times with magic mellow moments of intense, fragile, broken noises. No overdubs, no use of electronics. Unjazz at times. Recorded by Andreas Pysiewicz at St. Elisabeth Kirche, Berlin on August 27th, 2015 in the context of Daad's Mikromusik Festival. Artwork and design by Mazen Kerbaj. Mixed by Fadi Tabbal at Tunefork Studios, Beirut. Produced in Lebanon by Al Maslakh and Unrock; Mastered by Peter Körfer at Ivory Tower. One-time pressing.) 27.00

BIKINI KILL - reject all american LP (REISSUED!!! BIKINI KILL's final studio album originally released in 1996 on Kill Rock Stars. With three years since their last album, Pussy Whipped, and only a few 7-inch singles in the meantime, Bikini Kill had loads of time to become a band that stands on its own merits. Reject All American, their 1996 sophomore release, reveals a refined punk band with increased clarity, verified competence, and expanded range. While the band's heart still lies in the sneering brat punk of the Sex Pistols or X-Ray Spex--heard here on thrilling two-minute slices of attitude like "Capri Pants" and "Statement of Vindication"--the band also gives a go at airy alt rock (bassist Kathi Wilcox's jangly "False Start"), classic new wave pop (the title track's Go-Go's chorus), and even drops a trumpet and xylophone into the mix. Still, it's Kathleen Hanna's words and vocals that have matured most and remain the band's primary strength. It's enough to make you proud: Just look at how our little grrrl has grown. --Roni Sarig) 18.00

BLACK DICE - Natty Light LP (jabs - Natty Light comprises all of BLACK DICE's recorded output from 1998-2000, when the band was best known as ferocious bad vibe merchants. The legend of this antagonistic, dizzying, feral band spread quickly through the DIY underground, attracting enemies, devotees, and the attention of punk labels Gravity, Vermin Scum and Troubleman Unlimited. The resulting records—two 7-inch EPs and one 10-inch LP—were described upon release as "incomprehensible," "disintegrating, collapsing thrash," and "Harry Pussy meets Void." For fans of their subsequent experiments on harsh noise, meditation, and rhythm, these blasts demonstrate the band's dawning investment in the physical presence of sound. For fans of uncompromising hardcore, this era of Black Dice remains among the most scathing, damaged examples of the genre. Eighteen tracks, newly remastered for increased volume, clarity and harshness. Includes two compilation songs never available on vinyl prior. Pressed on clear vinyl in an edition of 500 copies.) 22.00

CATE LE BON - Reward LP (mexican summer - It was on a mountainside in Cumbria that the first whispers of CATE LE BON's fifth studio album poked their buds above the earth. “There’s a strange romanticism to going a little bit crazy and playing the piano to yourself and singing into the night,” she says, recounting the year living solitarily in the Lake District which gave way to Reward. By day, ever the polymath, Le Bon painstakingly learnt to make solid wood tables, stools and chairs from scratch; by night she looked to a second-hand Meers—the first piano she had ever owned—for company, “windows closed to absolutely everyone”, and accidentally poured her heart out. The result is an album every bit as stylistically varied, surrealistically-inclined and tactile as those in the enduring outsider’s back catalogue, but one that is also intensely introspective and profound; her most personal to date. Over this extended period a cast of trusted and loved musicians joined Le Bon, KHOULA and fellow co-producer JOSIAH STEINBRICK—STELLA MOZGAWA (WARPAINT) on drums and percussion; STEPHEN BLACK (aka SWEET BABOO) on bass and saxophone and longtime collaborators HUW EVANS (aka H HAWKLINE) and JOSH KLINGHOFFER on guitars—and were added to the album, “one by one, one on one”. Be it on her more minimalist, acoustic-leaning 2009 debut album Me Oh My or critically acclaimed, liquid-riffed 2013 LP Mug Museum as well as 2016s Crab Day, Cate LeBon’s solo work—and indeed also her production work, such as that carried out on recent Deerhunter album Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared?—has always resisted pigeonholing, walking the tightrope between krautrock aloofness and heartbreaking tenderness; deadpan served with a twinkle in the eye, a flick of the fringe and a lick of the Telecaster.) 25.00

DIÄT - Positive Disintegration LP (EU PRESS) (blackest ever black - Years in the making, the follow-up or maybe even companion piece to 2015's Positive Energy, Positive Disintegration sees the band with a bit more of a pop zap to the ever present post punk dreariness of modern Berlin life... Or even modern life at large as most of the lyrical content has to do with the monotony of barely getting by or trying to have a meaningful exchange with a remotely interesting person. These things are hard to come by most of the time and this music eats at that very feeling. It's almost enough to make you wanna throw in the towel and move to Spain without a care in the world to haunt your remaining days. You probably won't though, you'll most likely listen to this record while you sip your overpriced room temperature coffee drink whilst ordering new bulbs for your anti depression lamp from a major online retailer. It just feels like life is getting away from you, ya know? Dark. Housed in 24pt reverse board jackets with lyric sheet, poster and download card included.) 18.00

DREADNOUGHT - Emergence LP (prfound lore - For their fourth full-length album Emergence, Denver, Colorado doom-prog band Dreadnought follow-up their 2017 A Wake In Sacred Waves acclamation with an album that takes their singular multiplex and pictorial sound to new sonic realms even more heavily textile, complex, and vastly designed. This latest sees the four-piece—vocalist / guitarist / flute player Kelly Schilling, drummer / sax player Jordan Clancy, keyboardist / vocalist Lauren Vieria, and bassist / mandolin player Kevin Handlonl—delving into heavier and darker sonic territory, an aspect that was evident with their last one but has become even more fully realized.  There are a multitude of layers that establish Dreadnought’s sound, making them one of the more unique sounding bands in today’s doom / dark / progressive metal circles. Seamlessly sewing together elements from prog, doom, folk, jazz, classical /chamber, avant-garde, and even a little bit of black metal, this is the culmination of the band’s continued development and evolution, one that began in 2013 with their debut, Lifewoven.  ) 25.00

FAYE WEBSTER - Atlanta Millionaires Club LP (gold vinyl) (secretly - Atlanta Millionaires Club is in Faye Webster’s feelings, and that’s the way she likes it. The new record from the 21-year-old Atlanta-native opens with a sighing, unflinchingly honest admission that, in Webster’s hands, almost sounds breezy: “Looks like I’ve been crying again, over the same thing.”) 21.00

FRED GALES - Het Jakoba Prieel DLP (black sweat - Originally released on tape by Sound Reporters in 1986. Het Jacoba Prieel is a very weird compendium of imaginary soundscapes, in which every coordinate seems lost and totally deviated. Fred Gales, in collaboration with Walter Maioli and Pit Piccinelli, presents his idea of a concrete organic music, a diary of signals and sound impressions inspired by the great tradition of primitive music, an extreme investigation of love on the primordial beauty of sound expression. Travelling into the properties of all matter of the sonic environment, the members of the legendary Sound Reporters generate, transform, mix, filter and modulate natural and electronic sounds in the magical analogical studio of the Utrecht Institute of Sonology. From a single movement of sound fragments are opened catalyst flows and circuits, flickering sequencers and oscillations of luminous channels. Futuristic tribalism, hypnotic fossil percussion, alien sounds, dreamlike trips in the jungle, echoes of rustling and rumbles otherworldly, rain waterfalls and shells in the pond, calls of animals and insects, heart beats and radar waves. Everything is just pure sound and surrounds us.) 27.00

GULAG BEACH - Potato Mash Bash LP (rockstar - Berlin’s Amoeba-Underground-Surf-Lineup is back on their fourth release with eight tongue-shearing hip-shakes in the corner of Black Hole & Beach Boulevard and cracks open nuts of all angry German potato-citizens with the opener Potato Mash Bash, wonderful! At the other end „DINTE“ as chainsaw ripper graduation with the active support of many guests on the mic, friendship without borders, punk with exclamation marks!) 13.00

HARRY PUSSY - Ride A Dove LP (ride a dove - A reissue of HARRY PUSSY's Ride A Dove, originally released on Siltbreeze in 1996. "By 1996, with one LP, a handful of 7"s, and a couple dozen gigs under their collective belts, Harry Pussy had thoroughly scrambled the mid-90s scuzz-rock ecosystem. Their acclaimed first LP, described by David Keenan as 'a black hole that devoured genre and flattened any attempt to classify it,' fused Japanese noise, '80s hardcore and post-Ayler jazz into a dense, white-hot ball of punk anger and insanity. The band's newly expanded trio lineup of BILL ORCUTT, ADRIS HOYOS and MARK FEEHAN toured with Dead C, Sebadoh, and Sonic Youth. Thurston played their video on MTV's 120 Minutes. Nirvana gave them shout outs. Everyone expected the sophomore Harry Pussy LP would be more of the same, a logical next step, a synapse-melting punk orgasm that would shatter the coke-bottle spectacles of noise stoners, record store clerks, and college radio DJs across the USA. Instead, we got Ride A Dove: a 30-minute, tempo-less, musique concrète collage of feedback, whiny Sonic Youth fans, overdriven room tone, hijacked jungle beats, unhinged screaming, and the near-constant squall of the self-oscillating low-pass filter on Orcutt's Korg MS-20. Recorded on Sony Walkman and Tascam Portastudio, mixed through a RAT distortion pedal, then chopped and scrambled with SoundEdit 16, it took to new heights the Siltbreeze tradition of terrorizing mastering engineers by burying everything with shitty post-production (cf. Jim Shepard's Radio Shack reverb on his Picking Through the Wreckage With a Stick LP).) 25.00

HIROSHI MATSUI - Samba De Howa Howa 12“ (studio mule -

HUMAN SWITCHBOARD - Who's Landing In My Hangar? LP (purple vinyl) (fat possu, - The first and only album from 1970’s Cleveland punk first-wavers HUMAN SWITCHBOARD. Originally released on Faulty Products, the album features two tracks recorded for an EP on Rough Trade along with eight newer tunes.) 24.00

THE INTELLIGENCE - Un-Psychedelic In Peavey City LP (vmi - “Still panting from their installment in Castle Face’s Live In San Francisco series (where they ran a greatest hits clinic for basement sweat-rats) and from mega-mind Lars Finberg’s outside solo oddballer, Moonlight Over Bakersfield, The Intelligence return in Neu-veau mode with Un-Psychedelic In Peavey City, their tenth studio album-amalgam.  Load up on electrolytes, all ye who enter here…“The customary tin / aluminum milestone won’t fit this true band of steel:  the current Intelligence iteration is the most forceful and dynamic of any line-up in the project’s history.  Although each performer has been smeared across myriad recordings and tours for years, the now-time assemblage of Drew Church (bass), Dave Hernandez (guitar) and Kaanan Tupper (drums) currently positions The Intelligence as a world-class unit, with members playing in partnership with conductor Finberg rather than at his sometimes-service.  Lars is giving the back-rubs now, not getting ‘em—a delightful and cruel twist. ) 18.00

JØTNARR - Jotnarr LP (react with protest - Jotnarr (or more accurately JØTNARR, named after a type of monster from the film “The Troll Hunter”) are a trio hailing from the fairly un-grim wastes of Colchester in the east of England. Chris, Simon and Ollie have all been plugging away in various bands such as Meadows, Mother Sky and Three Thrones (which are all still going concerns) before getting together in 2013 to jam what could be considered to be black metal, with its scathing, evil atmosphere, fused to a belligerently hardcore punk backbone, topped off with elements of screamo. Heavy, devastating and yet melodic. Lyrics are concerned with human relationships with the natural world, environmental degradation, loss, grief and wolves. Their interests include King Diamond, Black Sabbath, and playing shows. For fans of early Ulver, His Hero Is Gone and Wolves In The Throne Room.) 13.00

KOMPLIKATIONS - No Good News LP (rockstar - KOMPLIKATIONS fifth release is yet another 12" that proves they just don't run out of great melodies, awesome harmonies, smart lyrics and aggressive dance beats. No Good News starts with synthesizers that sound like a car with engine troubles but don't get fooled - these 5 songs will take you on a wild ride through a mixture of emotions. Joy, hate, disbelief, frustration and mourning. No guitar, no bass, just synthesizer, drums and vocals.) 13.00

LEE MOSES - How Much Longer Must I Wait? Singles & Rarities 1965-1972 LP (LIAT - After reissuing his much sought-after Time and Place LP, many questions still remained, but the one asked most was, “where’s “Bad Girl”?!” Not included on his lone LP, “Bad Girl” is an undisputed Southern soul classic—arguably the song LEE MOSES’ legacy rests on. While we may never know all we wish we knew about the man behind the music, we can finally complete the picture of his work. You know—the tunes! And what tunes they are. How Much Longer Must I Wait? Singles & Rarities 1965-1972 collects all of Lee Moses’ non-album singles and B-sides, plus three never-released tracks together for the first time ever. Most of the material here pre-dates 1971’s Time and Place, reflecting his initial bid for stardom via a series of now-legendary 45s recorded with Atlanta producer JOHNNY BRANTLEY. As for the unreleased recordings—much like the man himself, little is known about them. What remains is an oeuvre that has become synonymous with raw and emotionally charged Southern soul. Essential listening for anyone with a heart.) 28.00

MAKOTO KAWASHIMA - Homo Sacer LP (black editions - MAKOTO KAWASHIMA was born in Saitama, a prefecture of the Greater Tokyo Area, in 1981. He picked up the alto sax in 2008, and started playing solo in 2010. He is the founder of the Homosacer (Sacredhuman) label. Homo Sacer was originally released in 2015. It was Kawashima's second solo release and his first full-length album. It was also the final release by P.S.F. Records. The album was recorded live during a heavy rainstorm at the gallery and café Yamanekoken in Iruma, Saitama. Facing up towards the ceiling, his sound arcing up to meet the raindrops beyond the roof. Kawashima played with a reed he had been given by the mother of the late Japanese saxophone giant Kaoru Abe. Housed in a heavy tip-on jacket featuring metallic printing and gloss film-laminate finish. Pressed to high quality vinyl at RTI; Digital download included.  "Homo sacer—sacred human. Kawashima's sax is ripe with the spirit of Japanese free jazz, dwelling as it does between the violent and the beautiful. Kaoru Abe, Masayoshi Urabe, Takayuki Hashimoto, Harutaka Mochizuki... all of these altoists live in an area of personal expression rare in the world, one that feels like the body itself is being whittled away at. It feels like we have a new genius to add to that list."—Hideako Kondo, from the Japanese liner notes.) 30.00

MARION BROWN - Three For Shepp LP (superior viaduct - In 1966, when Marion Brown was ready to make his first record as a leader, he was standing on the shoulders of giants. Formative associations with Ornette Coleman and Sun Ra established Brown as a saxophonist to watch, and he had already appeared on free jazz landmarks Archie Shepp’s Fire Music and John Coltrane’s Ascension. Originally released on Impulse!, Brown’s debut lays down three startling originals and three tunes by Shepp—echoing his mentor’s 1964 homage to Coltrane, Four For Trane. Featuring Grachan Moncur III on trombone, Dave Burrell on piano and Norris “Sirone” Jones on bass, Three For Shepp balances fiery energy and delicate precision.  Side A showcases Brown compositions that mix modal structures with ecstatic playing, particularly when the bandleader chases Moncur and Burrell on the exhilarating “The Shadow Knows.” On the album’s all-Shepp side, “West India” draws inspiration from India and Africa, while the feverish post-bop of “Delicado” demonstrates the band’s versatility, swept by the wheeling drums of Beaver Harris.  Even this early in his career, Brown stood apart from his peers in “the new thing.” His solos were as gentle as they were furious. Informed by the African American folk traditions of his native Georgia and an enthusiastic embrace of the avant-garde, his music would confront and challenge society. As Brown says in the original liner notes, “The music is definitely a part of what’s going on in the black revolution in America.”  Three For Shepp still sounds crucial today (over 50 years later) and remains a vital statement of jazz’s past, present and future.) 25.00

MIKE DONOVAN - Exurbian Quonset LP (drag city - From sunshiney, smog-filled streets to an avian-strewn state of ur-nature, MIKE DONOVAN’s seen his share of the world, making records and playing shows all over the past 20 years with, chronologically, THE ROPERS, YIKES, THE HOSPITALS, SIC ALPS, TY SEGALL, THE PEACERS and most recently, himself. Time goes by and just seems to get faster as it goes. In June of 2017, MIKE led THE PEACERS sophomore effort, Introducing the Crimsmen, into the world. On 4/20 of ’18, his own sophomore solo release How to Get Your Record Played In Shops hit down. And now, a hot 23 months after the inauguration of the Crimsmendom, a third long-player in the time-frame arrives, as MIKE D whisks us away to his remote Exurbian Quonset. Exurbian Quonset sticks up like a fork in the road—it was drawn together as Mike prepared to be the last man from the old gang to leave SF, where he broke so many rules and new ground, working as a driver, a trimmer and a craftsman, cementing bricks into the foundation of the new centurion west coast rock and roll movement from his place alongside Thee Oh Sees over the past decade. It’s dedicated to the woman who married him and taught him both words in the title of the album—exurbian and quonset—and who he’ll whisk away with to somewhere just like the title. Mike's ouvre all the way down the line has been wedding silvery falsetto shiver-rock with sirens of noise, stand-up tin-pan pop singer performance peered at through a defocused lens.) 25.00

MUTILATED TONGUE - Fuel The Flame LP (armaggeddon - Long time friends from LOOK BACK AND LAUGH (along with TALK IS POISON, NEEDLES, LIVING EYES, DEAD AND GONE, and others) have a new band! We are stoked to present the vinyl debut of MUTILATED TONGUE. 10 fast well crafted hardcore tracks played to the brink by these Oakland hc/punk veterans. Very stoked on this album! "Mutilated Tongue was formed in the summer of 2017, with the goal to play music reflecting our shared appreciation of the international, underground and hardcore-punk community of the '80s right up to now. All three members played together in Look Back And Laugh in the early 2000s. We've got BRIAN on guitar and vocals, TOBIA on bass and MOSES on drums. The band's main influences orbit around groups like So Much Hate, Youth Of Today, Raw Power and the FU's. Like most everyone else, we try to offer our own sound, but our music represents a lifetime of listening to DIY hardcore/punk and it's reflected without shame. We watch, listen and learn from the best!!! We are out to have a good time playing the music that we love and continuing with the intensity and spirit of the bands who laid the groundwork.“) 21.00

NOCTURNUS AD - Paradox DLP (profound lore - Resurrected from the ashes of one of the most influential death metal bands of all time—Nocturnus—Nocturnus AD was initiated by founder / mastermind / death metal legend Mike Browning (also co-founder of Morbid Angel) to continue the path that was laid down, twenty-eight years later, by the legendary Florida death metal band’s seminal 1990 album The Key, an album recognized as one of the most important death metal albums of all time. Entitled Paradox, this debut album is the direct and proper follow-up to that album, musically and thematically, with the story and themes vocalist / drummer Browning laid out then continuing on through the lens of the occult. The story follows the journey of Dr. Allen William Magus (aka Dr. Magus), a scientist who got ravaged by a war plague disease and kept what was left of himself alive by creating a bio suit. Musically, the album’s otherworldly, technical dark atmospheric occult death metal blueprint harnesses and carries on the energy of the original album as well as the overall cult death metal vibe of the early ’90s in the singular forward-thinking that Nocturnus exhibited back then. With Browning commanding the craft alongside a lineup that also forms his other band, After Death, the Nocturnus legacy continues through guitarists Demian Heftel and Belial Koblack, bassist Daniel Tucker (ex-Obituary), and keyboardist Josh Holdren. With the blazing and fervent guitar work and the carefully orchestrated keyboards being the most developed out of any Nocturnus-related release, these integral components solidify the calculated pummeling rhythm section and resurrect their classic sound. And of course Browning’s distinct vocals spewing the incantations contain the classic vocal traits from the original album as well as Morbid Angel’s classic Abominations Of Desolation, which Browning was the co-writer of. Paradox will see Nocturnus AD reclaim and continue to properly carry the torch of the legacy Nocturnus’ laid down with The Key, finally, after twenty-eight years.) 36.00

NOTS - 3 LP (goner - At first glance, 3 seems like a perfectly fitting title for a new Nots album. After all, it is the Memphis band’s third full-length and their first as a trio. Makes sense. But peeling back the layers reveals the spirit of the record: “Once we really leaned into the space that being a three-piece afforded us, our writing started to make better sense and connect,” explains guitarist-keyboardist-vocalist Natalie Hoffmann. “It made for a more interesting record than if we stayed comfortable and safe in the way we were writing.”   “More interesting” is a classic hard undersell. When Alexandra Eastburn left Nots in 2018, the threat of losing the gnarled texture or her hammering synth progressions resulted in some real growing pains for the band. But once the threesome arrived in Memphis to record with trusted engineer and friend Andrew McCalla, each member had embraced this fresh identity. Rather than abandon the noisy synth attack, Hoffmann instead decided to add another role to her expanding sonic arsenal, painting the backgrounds of tracks with melting buzzes and swirling waves. After the record began to take form, it felt much more accurate to understand 3 as a different force altogether from its Goner predecessors, Cosmetic (2016) and We Are Nots (2014).  Themes of lost control and societal division are spread throughout the album. They can be heard not only via Hoffmann’s reverb-drenched drawl, but also in the sneaky tightness between drummer Charlotte Watson and bassist Meredith Lones that occasionally (and quickly) devolves into a beautiful, reckless cacophony before shoring back up again. All this amounst to a dark, unpredictable, raucous, liberating, and bold tour de force of a third record from the Memphis three—along with a strong impression that the best still yet to come.) 18.00

ROBERT TURMAN - flux DLP (editons geo - 2LP: Includes download, 2019 Repress, transparent green vinyl "Flux" is the 1981 debut solo outing of Robert Turman, an American multi-instrumentalist and avantgarde composer. Until recently, Turman was perhaps best known for his contributions to the ballistic NON project with Boyd Rice, as well as other obscured U.S. industrial acts such as Z.O. Voider. In the summer of 1981 Turman decided he would take a drastic turn from the noisy/electronic/industrial work of his compatriots, and began work on what is now the classic "Flux" cassette. "Flux" was originally self-released in extremely limited numbers. Weary of the noisescapes of old, he set out to create long-form minimalism utilizing kalimba, piano, "Mini-Pops Jr." drum machine, and tape loops to create a complex bed of interweaving micro-stasis'. The results of these new experiments were as beautiful as they were perplexing.) 26.00

SACRED PAWS - Run Around The Sun LP (rock action - Run Around The Sun is the sophomore album by Scottish indie-pop duo, Sacred Paws. It is the follow-up to their Scottish Album of the Year-winning album Strike A Match. You may have caught their upbeat single 'Brush Your Hair' on 6 Music,which is representative of their sound. If you like bands such as Shopping and Girl Ray, it would be sensible of you to give this a go.) 25.00

SARAH DAVACHI & ARIEL KALMA - Intemporel LP (black sweat - Sarah and Ariel blend their strong individual personalities in a single trip on the edge of time. Their kosmiche music is pure, magnificent and elegant, an intergalactic hypnosis that seems to tell of distant times, a millenary vortex of a lost Era. In the first phase of departure, the mysterious song of the sax winds in archaic echoes, supported by the electronic inlays of the synth (Arp Odissey). Flowing between space rumbles and astral progressions, we sight high celestial bodies. When the infinite drones of the tampura start, we take part in the night ceremonial, surrounded by the deep harmonium and the Tibetan bell chimes. This music releases a sort of mythological warmth, secret codes of a lost purity, which lets us dwell in the labyrinths of a pyramid or in the sacred space of a cosmic pagoda.) 20.00

SARAH DAVACHI - pale bloom LP (w25th - Pale Bloom finds Sarah Davachi coming full circle. After abandoning the piano studies of her youth for a series of albums utilizing everything from pipe and reed organs to analog synthesizers, this prolific Los Angeles-based composer returns to her first instrument for a radiant work of quiet minimalism and poetic rumination. Recorded at Berkeley, California’s famed Fantasy Studios, Pale Bloom is comprised of two delicately-arranged sides. The first—a three-part suite where Davachi’s piano acts as conjurer, beckoning Hammond organ and stirring countertenor into a patiently unfolding congress—recalls Eduard Artemiev’s majestic soundtrack for Andrei Tarkovsky’s Solaris. “Perfumes I-III” employs the harmonically rich music of Bach as a springboard for abstract, solemn pieces that sound as haunted as they are dreamlike. While the first half of Pale Bloom showcases Davachi’s latent Romanticism, the sidelong “If It Pleased Me To Appear To You Wrapped In This Drapery” reveals the Mills College graduate’s affinity for the work of avant-garde composers La Monte Young and Eliane Radigue. Softly vibrating strings rise and fall like complementary exhalations of breath. As the fluctuating pitches create overtones that pitter and pulse, the piece slowly and subtly evolves—suggesting a well-tempered stillness, yet without stasis.)

SLEEPWALKER - yus LP (sentient - Now a world-renowned phenomenon in the extreme / experimental underground, SLEEPWALKER return with another catastrophic mindfuck of shapeshifting and disorienting psychedelic black metal mastery that will shatter your synapses. Yus represents a crossing of worlds between the old and the new, the passing of power and skill from ancestor to youth and their successes and failures, the portal between distinct cultures, the obsolete alphabets and their new acquired meanings and the evolution of language and it’s proxy disciplines like music. One-sided LP with an etched B-side.) 18.00

SOSENA GEBRE EYESUS - s/t LP (little axe - Sosena Gebre Eyesus plays the begena or harp of David. Six Ethiopian orthodox hymns, softly sung over the low beautiful buzzing unique sound of the begena. Originally released on cassette.) 22.00

STEVEN R. SMITH - A Sketchbook Of Endings LP (soft abuse - With nearly 25 years of solo recordings and releases to his credit, hermetic Californian Steven R. Smith goes back to the start with A Sketchbook Of Endings, the first solo release under his own name in eight years. Thids album continues Smith’s exploration of the intersection of moody post-punk and cinematic psychedelia, delivered in lysergic pop song-length spurts.  Brevity does nothing to sacrifice density or dynamics—Smith offers both in abundance across the album’s fifteen instrumentals. These songs are packed with all of the depth, intensity and nuance that have been trademarks of his music for so long. Despite appearing under his given name, A Sketchbook Of Endings includes traces of recent work, under guises such as Ulaan Khol, Ulaan Markhor and Ulaan Passerine, as well echoes of his forebearers Mick Harvey and Rowland S. Howard. This release is a highlight of Smith’s first quarter century of activities, a beacon of his rich and varied anti-career.) 22.00

SUSPIRAL - Chasm LP (sentinent - Featuring members coming from Spanish extreme underground bastions like BLACK EARTH, SHEIDIM and beyond, Galician black/death metal entity SUSPIRAL return with their mind-altering sophomore LP—coercing crushing black and death metal into repetitive, trance-inducing song structures designed to consume and annihilate the psyche. Drawing influence from extra-corporal states of consciousness and fringe extreme metal horrors like Beherit, Necrovore, and Sadistik Exekution on one end, and from kraut/psycheelic experimentalists like Ash Ra Tempel and Faust on the other, Suspiral have manipulated the darkest and most twisted strains of black/death metal to create a psychedelic aberration of unseen magnificence. A true embodiment of chaos an entropy distilled into sonic form to obliterate the mind and torment the flesh.) 20.00

THIS KIND OF PUNISHMENT - In The Same Room LP (superior - With This Kind Of Punishment, Graeme Jefferies and Peter Jefferies produced some of most adept DIY sounds to emerge from New Zealand’s 1980s post-punk scene. After their phenomenal self-titled debut and classic A Beard Of Bees, the brothers would make one last album together, In The Same Room.  Originally released in 1987 on Flying Nun, In The Same Room is perhaps the straightest rock offering in TKP’s esteemed catalogue) 25.00

TIM HECKER - Anoyo LP (kranky - Anoyo (“the world over there”) draws from the same sessions which led to the 2018 work Konoyo but rendered starker, solemn, and stripped back, with more of a naturalist tint. Tim Hecker’s processing here moves in veiled ways, soft refractions and whispered shrouds woven within improvisational sessions of traditional gagaku interplay, evoking a sense of vaulted space, temples at dawn, shredded silk fluttering in the rafters. This is boldly barren music, skeletal and sculptural, shaped from wood, wind, strings, and mist. Modern yet ancient, delicate and desolate, Anoyo inverts its predecessor to compellingly conjure a parallel world of illusion, solitude, and eternal return.) 22.00

TOR LUNDVALL - A Strangeness In Motion: Early Pop Recordings 1989-1999 LP (dias - As a visual artist and composer Tor Lundvall’s work often recontextualizes the familiarity of everyday life through abstraction and space. Starting with the snapshot of a moment, Lundvall extracts its underlying complexity of the seemingly mundane and gives sleeping suggestion a presence and purpose. Mainly working sans vocals, Lundvall returned to voice exploration for 2018’s A Dark Place, a somber, dark synth album that merged his mastery of textural ambience with traditional pop structures. Rescued from old DAT tapes A Strangeness In Motion:Early Pop Recordings 1989-1999 are some of Lundvall’s earliest completed works which have remained unreleased until now. “For years I dismissed these songs as naive and youthful relics, but I’ve grown much fonder of them in recent years along with the memories they evoke,” he says of the decade spanning collection of tracks, many of which were sketched out in his duo with Drew Sullivan, After The Outing. “Original One”, “Procession Day”, “The Clearing”, and “The Melting Hour” are present here as solo reworkings, originally culled from his sessions with Sullivan. The remainder were ideas that ultimately didn’t work for Passing Through Alone (1997) and its proposed follow up, provisionally and playfully titled Femalamania.) 24.00

TROVAJOLI - jazz piano LP (doxy - More famous for his great film music works than for his Jazz piano playing, composer and orchestra conductor, Armando Trovajoli was in fact one of the very first musicians to carry the standard of Jazz in Italy. Originally released on Italian RCA in 1959, "Trovajoli Jazz piano" was his first official Jazz album and today after 60 years from its release it still stands as an important proof of an early Italian approach to Jazz. This is a fine session based on a perfect mixture of all-time favorite Jazz standards, among them: "These foolish things" and "Round Midnight", and some highly sophisticated renditions of Broadway Musical themes such as "Have You Met Miss Jones?“) 17.00

USA NAILS - Life Cinema LP (bigout - London based USA Nails release their fourth album "Life Cinema" on May 10th 2019 through Dipped In Gold Records (UK), Bigout Records (France), and Hex Records (USA).  In the past year, USA Nails have toured the USA and Europe, played Label Mates Festival [UK], Best Kept Secret Festival [NL] and La Ferme Electrique [Fr], shared stages with the likes of Viagra Boys, Cocaine Piss, and Unsane, and recorded a live session for Radio X (London). In addition to the release of their new LP, the coming months will see them tour mainland Europe and the USA again, and also make appearances at Label Mates Festival [UK], Insert Name Festival [Be], Raw Power [UK] and Cardiff Psych Fest [UK].  “Life Cinema” was tracked live at Bear Bites Horse in London. With the help of producer Wayne Adams, they have created a record that is raw and gritty, while still being rich with both melodic and lyrical hooks. On it, they rave about pointless jobs, wannabe artists, social anxiety, offices that have fridges with beer in them and Epsom.  USA Nails have weaved together their no-wave, post-punk and noise rock tendencies to create something entirely unique. “Life Cinema” is a clear step forward artistically, but is still full of the vigor and intent for which they are renowned. 
USA Nails may appeal to fans of The Fall, Devo, Pissed Jeans, Wire and early Sonic Youth. ) 15.00

VALE - Burden Of Sight LP (flenser - On their debut album Oakland, California’s Vale channel visions of a grim future in which the world is barren and destroyed, where agents of opportunity consume everything they can get their hands on. Titled Burden Of Sight, the album can be seen as an expression of outrage felt at the pervasive exploitation and avarice that has taken root in the band’s own backyard. From rampant homelessness to the overindulgences of the upper class, it’s all too easy to imagine the harsh reality of decomposing landscapes fraught with cannibalism and religious zealotry that the band depicts across six tracks of roaring, death-infused black metal.   Vale features Kate Coysh on vocals, James Meyer and Daniel Borman on guitar, Thaddaeus Perkins on bass, and Justin Ennis on drums and electronics. The band was formed in late 2015 and shares members with Ulthar, Void Omnia and Abstracter. After recording a demo in 2017, the quintet hit the road twice as they worked on the material that would make up their first full-length. This debut was recorded by Greg Wilkinson in Jan 2019 at Earhammer Studios in Oakland.) 22.00

VOID ROT - Consumed By Oblivion LP (sentinetnt - Earth-shaking death-doom rupturing from the depths and deflagrating into the cosmos. Influenced by the glory days of slow moving death forged by legendary progenitors like Winter, Rippikoulu, and Disembowelment, on their debut MLP Consumed by Oblivion Minneapolis' VOID ROT weave ancestral death metal and atmospheric doom into a dismal and soul-crushing deluge of riffs, to construct a sonic colossus of unseen enormity. An absolute must listen for fans of Spectral Voice, Anhedonist, Inverloch, Indesinence, Krypts etc.) 20.00

WALTER MAIOLI - Ethnoelectronics DLP (black sweat - Originally released on tape by Sound Reporters in 1986. Ethnoelectronics is a further episode of pioneering fusion between ethnic and electronic music, involving dauntless explorers such as Walter Maioli, Nirodh Fortini, Fred Gales, Raffaele Serra, John Zandijk and the visionary sculptor Edward Luyken. As the soundtrack of an obscure science-fiction saga, the six parts of these recordings retain something profoundly osmotic and sidereal. In these hybridizations, it’s the heart of personal spiritual cosmos and stratospheric portals to pulse, but always remains the devotion to wild nature and ethnographic differences. In this way, the sinusoidal movements of electronic synthesizers and radiophonic frequencies interact with the pounding sounds of the jungle, with frogs, sea waves, buzz insects, leaves and rain. From flutes, rattles, steel sound sculptures or rustling idiophones, mysterious samples appeared like weird interferences, with rhythms and ritual voices from Tibet, West Papua, Burundi, Tahiti or the shamanic Japan of the Ainu.) 27.00

WINTER DUST - Sense by Erosion DLP (time is a color - Sense By Erosion is one of these records that carries this positive melancholy which makes you want to cry. Not cry as a symptom of desperation; cry as a symptom of healing. This record speaks out to the man in tears, saying it is going to be ok. I’ve been that man. and I’m glad this record found me. It’s a record about leaving people, leaving places, parting ways, losing things. Every song in the album is like a slow walk, through hostile territories sometimes, to reach a moment where things finally make sense.) 18.00

V/A - Tokyo Flashback Psychedelic Speed Freaks 4LP (black editors - Black Editions present a monumental collection of 22 exclusive tracks by 22 of the most important artists to emerge from the Japanese underground over the last 40 years. Directed by Ghost's Masaki Batoh and produced in tribute to the late Hideo Ikeezumi, founder of P.S.F. Records, the Modern Music record store and G-Modern Magazine. Few label founders loom as large in the history of underground music as P.S.F Record's Hideo Ikeezumi. Over three decades and more than 200 titles, Ikeezumi's intensely critical ear guided and assembled a body of music that transcended genre; he exclusively championed artists that were uncompromising in their visions, unconcerned with trends or commercial success. This four-LP compilation, selected by Ghost's Masaki Batoh, is a primer of Ikeezumi's curation: a kaleidoscopic collection of previously unreleased gems from the Japanese underground. Running the full stylistic gamut from the hushed tones of Kim Doo Soo and Go Hirano to the psychedelic rock splendor ofOverhang Party and High Rise this set connects the dots between generations and movements, all linked by the common thread of Ikeezumi's panoramic musical vision. The most original voices in the avant garde, psychedelia, folk, free jazz, and rock all found a home with P.S.F. Records. Directed by Masaki Batoh. Edited by Yoshiaki Kondo (GOK Sound). Mastered by Kazuo Ogino; Vinyl Mastering by John Golden. Designed byTakuya Kitamura. Also features Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O., Kazuo Imai, Maher Shalal Hash Baz, .es, Keiji Haino, á qui avec Gabriel, Shizuka, Masayoshi Urabe, Ché-SHIZU, Fushitsusha, White Heaven,Keiko Higuchi, Reizen, Makoto Kawashima, Niseaporia, Ghost, Hasegawa-Shizuo, and Hideaki Kondo. Includes essays by Masaki Batoh and Alan Cummingsalong with artist profiles, all in English and Japanese. Deluxe triple gatefold, heavy tip-on edition with metallic inks and spot finishes. Includes printed inner sleeves. Pressed to high quality vinyl at RTI; Digital download included.) 70.00


Electrical Language: Independent British Synth Pop 78-84, Various Artists, 4CD/ BOOK (cherry red - 4CD / 80 track set exploring the independent side of the UK’s post-punk synth-pop boom. Hardback book format includes over 12,000 words of sleevenotes (including artist-written pieces), introductory essay by Dave Henderson and period imagery. From household names and scene legends to underground outsiders and bedroom experimenters. Includes The Human League, OMD, Fad Gadget, Thomas Dolby, The Normal and many more. Hardback book format includes over 12,000 words of sleevenotes (including artist-written pieces), introductory essay by Dave Henderson and period imagery. Key tracks and hidden gems from Mute Records, Rough Trade, 4AD, Survival Records, Cherry Red and a host of essential independent players. Produced by the team behind the critically acclaimed 'Close To The Noise Floor' series and a number of other essential box sets.) 45.00
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Messagepar ADAGIO830 » 14 Juin 2019, 11:16

hi. welcome to another newsletter for June. A bunch of great records showed up like a ltd amount of of DUSTER re issues via Numero group (for those who missed the boxset), a bunch of EMMA RUTH RUNDLE restocks like her Marked For Death LP, great CURSED T-shirts, the killer GRAUZONE - Eisbär 12“ re issue, the new PINKISH BLACK - Concept Unification LP, the SHELLAC - end of radio DLP + CD and DCD, TOR LUNDVALL - A Strangeness In Motion: Early Pop Recordings 1989-1999 LP, new HOUSE AND LAND - Across The Field LP, BLACK TO COMM restock, new RECITAL Programm releases, GAS - Königsforst 3LP, new TACOCAT LP (plus also tickets for their Berlin show) re issue and many more …

We also have the ARTEFACT on adagio830 on sale to celebrate their „coming back“. Its 7 euros only til the end of the month

And besides selling tickets for the a bunch of upcoming PUSCHEN shows and DIRECT BOOKING (Uniform, Full of Hell etc) we also have tickets now for the GRAF ORLOCK & SPORT & BAYONNE show in Berlin

Thank you
Robert & Norman


ARGUMENT? - s/t 7“ (Arty postpunk from Los Angeles with loads of reverb and a No Wave attitude.) 6.50

CURRENT AFFAIRS - Buckle Up / Worlds In Crisis 7“ (Driving postpunk from Glasgow feat. Andrew of Shopping.) 6.50


ALEX TWOMEY - The Entertainer LP (recital -  Ltd. edition of 250 copies, incl. signed insert The Entertainer is Alex Twomey’s first album since 2012. Many have been waiting and, finally, here we are! During the silence, Twomey’s keyboard work has germinated into a more framed compositional structure, beaming with orchestral strings, woodwinds, and brass. Eleven cinematic settings and bouncing refrains mark this LP. Alex describes the album as, “vignettes alluding to a vague narrative regarding one’s idea as an artist.” A somber beauty is penned. Alex previously recorded as Mirror to Mirror, and operated the record label Jugular Forest from 2004-2012. I first met him in 2010 during a large concert in Santa Cruz, CA. Alongside Twomey, myself, Kyle Parker (Infinite Body), Matthew Sullivan (Earn), Pedestrian Deposit, Mike Pollard, and Peter Friel performed that night. Alex’s performance was a thick ocean of chords, a penetrating grace that I can still recall. Everyone has since bloomed from the ambient roots of that time in their own way. Alex has held onto utilizing the keyboard, albeit as a tool to build a larger musical world. A legend to the map. On this album the melodies dance as twinkling bulbs along a retired parade float. A dark comedy, a tragic smile. Love found in the rough of it all. Twomey is currently studying composition at Occidental College in Los Angeles. Sean McCann, April 2019) 25.00

BERNARD PARMEGIANI - Les Soleils De L’Île De Pâques | La Brûlure De Mille Soleils DLP (wrwtfww - Bernard Parmegiani’s never-released before soundtracks for two films by Pierre Kast, including the ultra cult Les Soleils de l’Îles de Pâques and award-winning short La Brûlure de Mille Soleils (edited by Chris Marker). For fans of musique concrète, movie soundtracks, experimental, early electronic, electroacoustic, library music, science fiction, Pierre Schaeffer, Pierre Henry, Bruno Spoerri, Luc Ferrari, François Bayle, Robert Cohen-Solal, Chris Marker, Pierre Kast, weird things, The Twilight Zone, explorations of the galaxy and of unexplored territories of the human mind. WRWTFWW Records is overjoyed to announce the release of two never-released-before soundtracks by French award-winning composer, audio experimenter, electroacoustic and musique concrète magician, and all-around sound visionary Bernard Parmegiani, sourced from the original reels, and neatly packed together in a gatefold sleeve double LP with English and French liner notes. Les Soleils de l’Île de Pâques (1972), by French director Pierre Kast, is a sci-fi feature which secured itself a well-deserved place in the pantheon of mysterious cult films thanks to hallucinatory (and superb) cinematography, exploration of supernatural phenomenons and occult symbolism, and one hell of a trippy atmosphere. La Brûlure de Mille Soleils (1965) also comes from Pierre Kast, but this time with the help of none other than writer, photographer, multimedia artist, homme à tout faire Chris Marker.) 32.00

DUSTER - Contemporary Movement LP (numero - A muffled cry into the technological darkness, Contemporary Movement slid into the world right as the MP3 was seeping out of college dorms. A 39-minute drift into the void, drenched in Cold War-era reverb and then submerged in four track hiss for good measure. Duster constructed a Brutalist masterpiece on the outskirts of a suburban mall, as if to say, “We were here.”) 27.00

DUSTER - Stratosphere LP (numero - Best listened to from inside the womb, Duster’s 1998’s debut Stratosphere simultaneously capped off and reinvented the slow core’s first wave. A four track dreamscape that will wake the neighbors and then lull them back to sleep. Hazy, arpeggiated guitars layer over a deliberate drummer with no real place to be, as semi-inaudible vocals warn of millennial malaise and subtly encourage the listener to “rock out, rock out, rock out, rock out.”) 27.00

EMMA RUTH RUNDLE - Marked For Death LP (sargent house - There is plenty of drama in Emma Ruth Rundle’s music, as there probably should be on an album named Marked For Death. I mean drama in the classical sense: these songs trace out the movements of human emotion with remarkable clarity. Rundle’s voice and her ear for smoothly dark rock composition make this a strong solo effort.) 25.00

ERIC DEMARSAN - Le Cercle Rouge LP (we release jazz - Official reissue of the original soundtrack of Jean-Pierre Melville's 1970 film noir classic Le Cercle Rouge composed by French soundtrack master Eric Demarsan, drawing from the orchestral spirit of the Modern Jazz Quartet, abstraction and minimalism to create a hypnotizing audio landscape. The album  boasts the participation of celebrated jazz players Guy Pedersen (bass), Daniel Humair (drums), Georges Arvanitas (piano), and Bernard Lubat (vibraphone). "Starting as a collaborator of François de Roubaix and Michel Magne in the 60s, Eric Demarsan went on to become a mainstay of French cinema soundtracks, composing for directors such as Jean-Pierre Mocky, Costa-Gavras, and Patrice Leconte among others. He also recorded the cult album Pop Symphony (for Pierre Cardin in 1970) under the Jason Havelock pseudonym. This is the original soundtrack to Jean-Pierre Melville's classic crime thriller Le Cercle Rouge, as scored by Eric Demarsan. Apparently, Melville requested that the music should give the feeling of being trapped by fate. Not the easiest notion to represent in music, I'm sure you'll agree, but the claustrophobic, complex jazz crescendos of 'Vogel S'Enfuit', and 'Sur Les Toits's pregnant tension certainly enforce an atmosphere of menace and impending peril. There are a few easier going jazz ensemble numbers littered throughout the disc ('Avenue Paul Doumer', 'Barrage Policier') but Demarsan's at his best when he's creating tension on pieces like 'Cercle Desincarne' or 'Le Parc'. This is one of those soundtracks that's eminently listenable as an album in its own right, divorced from its intended context, so comes highly recommended.“) 25.00

GAS - Königsforst 3LP (kompakt - A seminal modern classic, KÖNIGSFORST finally stands on its own for the first time since 1998. Restored and remastered to its original intention on high quality 3LP – 180 gram vinyl. ) 30.00

GRAUZONE - Eisbär 12“ (wrwtfww - Official reissue of cult maxi single Eisbär by Swiss band Grauzone with cult 45rpm-or-33prm-ready b-side "FILM 2" - for fans of electronic, new wave, cold wave, Swiss wave, Neue Deutsche Welle (Welle means wave!), synth, pop, post-punk, proto-techno, 80s, Stephan Eicher, Marco Repetto, Liaisons Dangereuses, Tristesse Contemporaine, Young Marble Giants, Swizerland, mountains, polar bears, and xerox machines. "Ich möchte ein Eisbär sein…Written by Martin Eicher after a nightmare in which he saw talking polar bears on the walls, and with music by the Grauzone crew consisting of Martin and his brother Stephan Eicher, Marco Repetto, Christian "GT" Trüssel, and Claudine Chirac (on saxophone), "Eisbär" is the most recognizable title from the band, a sublime mix of ingredients reflecting the transitional era it comes from - the raw energy of punk music still palpable, combined with the audacity of early electronics, the warm groove of a disco gem, beautifully fragile lyrics, and one of the best basslines ever. It became a mega hit, totally unplanned, but how could you resist such a track? "FILM 2" is the ultimate b-side monster, a menacing all-instrumental pre-techno masterpiece, slowly building to a magnetizing frenzy. An instant underground favorite, it was famously heard played at both speeds depending on the scenes and DJs you were frequenting, 45rpm as it was first intended, and 33rpm for the cosmic experience (search Daniele Baldelli’s Cosmic C75 1982 mixtape online for a great example of this). The maxi single ends with "Ich Lieb Sie", a synth-pop meets doo-wop ballad, a true love song oozing with innocence. Simple, stylish, and just right. At the crossroads of post-punk, new wave, pop, and electronic experimentation, the Eisbär maxi offers three songs that are technically different but hold the same spirit, the perfect embodiment of Grauzone’s music - wild, unpredictable, and youthful, yet sophisticated, catchy, and ingenious. The magic recipe for the good stuff. Stephan Eicher went on to be, arguably, the most successful Swiss musician ever, with an international career extending from pop chanson to experimental escapades and collaborations with Moondog, artists Sophie Calle and John Armleder, and author Martin Suter among many other luminaries. Marco Repetto flourished as a techno and ambient producer, releasing multiple projects including releases on Aphex Twin’s Rephlex label.“) 13.00

HOUSE AND LAND - Across The Field LP (thrill jockey - House and Land is a North Carolina based duo whose guitar, fiddle and banjo abilities transform traditional folk forms from the familiar to the strikingly fresh. Their feminist interpretations of lyrics reflective of another time and attitude is both empowering and illustrative. Identifying with many songs’ message of close relationship with the land and principles of stewardship, the duo’s emotional connection is palpable in their hauntingly beautiful vocal harmonies. There is a reason these songs had and have deep resonance in rural communities which is made clear when delivered with such potency. Guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Sarah Louise and fiddler/banjoist Sally Anne Morgan cull songs from Appalachia, the Ozarks, and the U.K. and imbue them with a sense of themselves through careful arrangements, varied instrumentation, and lyrical reinterpretations. Their gorgeous sophomore album Across The Field is a work of bold artistry, drawing connections between the traditional and psychedelic through dexterous improvisation and deep appreciation of the living culture of their songs. A keen understanding of the traditional source material House and Land pulls from allows the duo the freedom to experiment. Instead of seeing old, even ancient material as limiting, they use the living songs as compositional canvases to paint rich new tapestries and tell modern versions of timeless stories. Polyrhythmic figures like those of Louise’s electric guitar on “Two Sisters” were shaped in part from Louise imitating patterns an oscillating modular synthesizer may produce. Subtle layering of additional instruments such as the glockenspiel and double tin whistle on “Blacksmith” or the lush reverb-laden recorder on “Ca The Yowes” breathes new character into each song. House and Land uses each of these nuances to highlight the kinship between folk traditions and psychedelic music, classical composition, and free music through their use of minimalism, drone, and improvisation. Purposeful perspective shifts through feminization of song’s protagonists on Across The Field are as empowering as they are revelatory of the masculine-dominated time they stem from. The controlling father and brothers of “Rainbow ‘mid Life’s Willows” are reframed from the antiquated “wise” and “stalwart” to “mean” and “cruel.” The disempowering words to “Carolina Lady” are omitted entirely in House and Land’s defiantly improvised instrumental interpretation of the song’s melody, a testament to Morgan and Louise’s agency and skill. For Louise and Morgan, this process is not only meant to empower the oft-dismissed feminine point of view in folk traditions, but as Morgan says, “It does the songs justice to sing them how you feel them, even if that means changing a few words.” The history of each song on Across The Field spans far beyond Louise and Morgan’s own lifetimes, yet they still strike to the quick of what it means to be a human in the world. During the duo’s travels since the release of debut House and Land in 2016 they have met and played with the likes of British folk heroes Shirley Collins, Carole Pegg, and French hurdy gurdy master Emmanuelle Parrenin. These brief encounters served to reinvigorate the duo and reinforced the importance of using songs to connect people to the land and to the continuity of human culture. On Across The Field, House and Land have taken up the mantel of their elders with reverence and care, weaving fresh, resplendent, contemporary tales from disparate threads of the past.) 24.00

JIM O'ROURKE & CM VON HAUSSWOLFF - in, demons, in LP (ideal - The time-stopping tract of ’In Demons In!’ is a naturally elemental drone collaboration between eminent experimentalists Jim O’Rourke and CM Von Hausswolf for their eternal admirers at iDEAL  Recordings. Offering a transfixing peek behind the curtain of pure black hole drone dynamics, ‘In Demons In!’  finds the American in Japanese exile and the proclaimed monarch of the imaginary kingdoms of  Elgaland-Vargaland meeting on common ground after 26 years of international correspondence.  Initiated in Tokyo 2016 and completed over the proceeding two years in Japan and Sweden, the  uncompromisingly adventurous results are galactic in scope and viscerally metaphysical in  presence, conjuring scales of abyssal bass and diffused, atomised, abstract dark matter that make the listener feel like a speck of stardust floating in infinity. Using sound as a magickal tool for psychic transport and to finely model notions of the  metaphysical that typically elude human comprehension, the near 40’ work feels to collapse  billions of years into a glacial moment. Location recordings made in Kathmandu lend an barely  there iridescence, like microbial filaments flickering in the endless darkness, to their plunging,  subharmonic basses and vaporised mid-upper registers, where spectral forces comb thru the piece, only very gradually altering the weightless keen of its planetary mass and mental traction. Ultimately, and fans are likely to agree, ‘In Demons In!’ amounts to a vitally definitive entry in both artists’ catalogues, marking right up there with the most abstract wonders of O’Rourke’s electro- acoustic Steamroom volumes, while manifesting some of the most fascinating results from Von  Hausswolff’s ongoing investigations into drone music’s paranormal properties. In other words: it’s  Grade A+ zoner music.) 25.00

JOHN COLTRANE - Coltrane '58: The Prestige Recordings Limited Box 8xLP (prestige - 
180g vinyl 8LP set on Craft Recordings, housed in a linen-wrapped 12” portfolio book with tipped-on cover photo. Craft recordings celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Prestige Records label and the 60th of John Coltrane’s output as leader and co-leader in 1958. A massive 37 tracks represents his huge output from the time, working with such greats as Donald Byrd, Art Taylor, Red Garland, and many other incredible players. Comes with extensive liner notes, photos and an essay.) 250.00

KATE TEMPEST - The Book of Traps and Lessons LP (fiction -If you believe what you read, Kate Tempest has been working on The Book of Traps and Lessons - her third album - since she unleashed her classic debut Everybody’s Down in 2014. Whether this has been five years in the making or not, we’ve still been looking forward to it. She worked on the album with none other than Rick Rubin and South London producer, Dan Carey, who also worked on her 2017 album, Let Them Eat Chaos. On Fiction.) 20.00

KVELGEYST - alkahest LP (vendetta - Swiss black metal legion KVELGEYST (of the Helvetic Underground Committee) prepare the battleground for the June 12 release of their debut album Alkahest and today we’re honored to bring you an excerpt of work in the form of “Demiurg – Denaturierung Holobiont”, a spiraling and winding descent into arcane black metal pandemonium! Sounding both modern and timeless at the same time, “Demiurg – Denaturierung Holobiont”unleashes some serious throwback Celtic Frost/Darkthrone/early Mayhem vibes while projecting its hideous aura straight into the future with a shapeshifting approach to songwriting that can’t be called anything different but “prog”, while also throwing in the mix some unexpected ambient passages and improvisational liturgic abstractions (as seen in the final moments of the track) that yield a result of constant motion and disorienting unpredictability, as if we were facing a European version of Negative Plane or a more experimental reinterpretation of the arcane mysticism of Mortuary Drape.) 15.00

LUSSURIA - three knocks LP (hospital - Edition of 400 copies, silver vinyl - Definitive Hospital Productions artist Jim Mroz aka Lussuria follows duties on Prurient’s ‘Rainbow Mirror’ LP and and appearance on Vatican Shadow’s ‘Berghain 09’ mix/compilation with a new opus worthy of comparison to his dank ambient classics, ‘American Babylon’ [2012] and ‘Industriale Illuminato’ [2014] In the foreboding ‘Three Knocks’ Lussuria limns an unconscious, near-death experience based on a tale told by his mother, who was admitted to ER after an allergic reaction escalated into something inexplicable. She was put in a medically induced coma and administered a breathing tube. When under the effect of heavy sedatives, she spoke of a visit by angels who warned of an impending disaster. She eventually came around, and recounted that her illness was preceded by three knocks at her office door, slow and heavy - proposing that each knock was a mockery of the Holy Trinity; one knock for each crucifixion - but when she answered nobody was there. This omen, and its confirmatory hallucination form the basis of Lussuria’s utterly absorbing new album. Using a Hawaiian flute made from a human femur, and an Iron Lung for percussion (don’t ask how he accessed it), together with operatic tape cut-ups and field recording made on the shores of Long Island’s empty asylums, Lussuria stages his mother’s vision in four parts of lugubrious, black metal ambient gloom. The atmosphere is just frighteningly tangible, revealing a sense of depth perception and stone cold clamminess that brings its spirit vividly within touching distance, from the over-the-shoulder vocals and cracked window pane howl of ‘Fentanyl Chaser’, to the hollow clank of oil drums and spent ammo casings in ‘Three Knocks’, and through to the frankly terrifying descent thru choral loops into a bony flute solo with ‘Confused And Ill By Shadows’.) 25.00

MARIEE SIOUX - Grief in Exile LP (night bloom - Poetic mysticism and ancestral remembrance have always been deeply embedded in Mariee Sioux’s music. There is a transcendent quality in her unique expression that sometimes feels otherworldly. Her ethereal singing aches with haunting sensitivity and the way she poetically weaves dreamlike imagery and the shared human experience together often moves listeners to tears. Over the past decade many people have written to tell her of profound healing experiences the music has supported them through; from births, to loved ones last breaths, moments of peace during drug withdrawls and reconnection to the self during trying times or heart break. There seems to be medicinal quality to her music that is undeniable and sought after in an often destructive and disconnected age. Coming from mixed races of Polish, Hungarian and Native American heritage she has always been fascinated by her ancestry and has recently become involved in local and national indigenous activism. A highly sensitive person, Mariee was raised in the small gold mining town of Nevada City that resides on occupied Nisenan territory in Northern California. She grew up daydreaming about the old ways of her ancestors and what might have existed on their land, imagery that later found it’s way into her songwriting.) 20.00

MICHEL SAMSON & REBECCA SAMSON - The Claviorganum & The Violin LP (recital - Ltd. edition of 250 copies, incl. 8-page insert This is the first published recording of Michel Samson since his unparalleled work with Albert Ayler’s quintet in the late 1960s. Samson’s violin playing is outstanding. His great exuberance and ecstasy, all sliding through an interlocking sadness.
The collection on this LP holds numerous 17th-Century works of the Italian baroque, performed by Michel Samson and his wife, Rebecca. It showcases some of the earliest music composed for the violin as a featured soloist. Rebecca accompanies on a replica – believed to be the only extant replica in the United States – of the claviorganum, a rare and curious instrument that traces back to the 15th century. Comprised of both an organ and a harpsichord integrated into a single case, the claviorganum harkens to a time of experimentation and artistry of design. Michel’s violin was made by Francesco Gobetti in 1718; its sound carries beautifully throughout the room. Samson worked as a dealer of rare and antique violins for many years, and has an ear for majestic craftsmanship. The style adopted by Italian composers during the baroque was one of heightened lyricism, emotion, and ornamentation, especially when voiced through the violin; it is no accident that Michel’s unique approach to articulation and intonation speaks both to the present and the past. In these recordings you can hear the same joy dripping across the strings, as in his days with Ayler. It shows what beauty can be instilled inside someone. Rebecca’s playing is exquisite, too, complimenting each movement as they fold on. Sean McCann [with contributions by Sarah Davachi], April 2019) 26.00

PINKISH BLACK - Concept Unification LP (Blue / Bone Splatter Vinyl) (relapse - PINKISH BLACK's new album, "Concept Unification" is the band's most adventurous record to date. Each of the 6 tracks on the album explore the innermost depths of forward-thinking doom rock, as psychedelic undertones collide with dark, crushing heaviness. Brooding synthesizers on "Concept Unification's" opening title track give way to the impending melancholy found on "Dial Tone", while progressive ebbs and flows on "Petit Mal" showcase PINKISH BLACK's ability to manipulate dark ambience. The album closer "Next Solution" presents a somber, contemplative piano performance front-and-center, before exploding into a dramatic whirl of choirs and rhythmic pummeling. "Concept Unification" is a beast of it's own, pontificating on themes of anxiety, futility, and emptiness, positioning PINKISH BLACK as vital to the independent scene as ever.) 25.00

PLACEBO - Live 1971 LP (we release jazz - First ever release of the first ever live performance and recording by Marc Moulin’s Placebo. We Release Jazz is ecstatic to present its fifth release, the first ever live performance and recording by Marc Moulin’s sought-after jazz-funk band Placebo, captured at Casino Kursaal during the Montreux Jazz Festival in 1971 and never released before. June 17th, 1971, the Montreux Riviera, its delightful microclimate and postcard scenery, its fabled music history and the luscious wines of the region. A dream setting for Marc Moulin to lead his ensemble on a 26 minutes+ jazz adventure - Nick Kletchkovsky on bass, Freddy Rottier on drums, Johnny Dover on bass clarinet, Alex Scorier on soprano saxophone, and Richard Rousselet on flugelhorn. The magic of that night is dripping through Placebo’s sumptuous “Showbiz Suite", a soulful piece in two parts in which every instrument gets enough room to shine, smoothly navigating between cozy cognac-by-the-fireplace funk and heartfelt grittiness, served with a pinch of Soft Machine vibes. It’s the night Placebo was born, when foundations were laid for three classic albums: Ball of Eyes (on which you can hear a shorter studio version of “Showbiz Suite"), 1973, and their final self-titled album. For fans of jazz-funk, soul jazz, spaced out sounds,fusion, deep solos, Belgian magic, Montreux Jazz Festival, Soft Machine, Weather Report, epic suites for the mind travelers, cognac by the fireplace.) 23.00

RENALDO AND THE LOAF - songs for swinging larvae / songs for surgery DLP (editons mego - A biomedical scientist and an architect form a band in the early 70’s with nothing by the way of traditional musical talent or skill but with endless enthusiasm and their own unique musical sensibility. The ensuing career and creative output of this ongoing home studio / bedroom band remains one of the most significant song based ‘outre’ catalogues ever produced in the United Kingdom. This comprehensive 2 LP (+7” for first 300 copies) set contains their first official LP (originally released on The Residents legendary Ralph records label) along with an extra album of different versions and extra tracks which reside here for the first time on vinyl. The duo Renaldo & The Loaf, originally Portsmouth based, now in Portsmouth and Mid-Wales, remain an enigma whilst amassing an enormous cult following worldwide. Their singular take on music encompasses wit, strange melodic construction and an off kilter sensibility which successfully rendered them engaging for each emerging generation. The ability of Renaldo & The Loaf to unnerve and entertain in equal measure is what binds these songs to a musical universe outside of all other forms that existed around the time of release. The Residents are obvious spiritual heirs. Songs For Swinging Larvae is a classic collection of confounding songs which lead the listener into a surreal world of twisted tunes and perverted pop. Songs from the Surgery is made up of improvisations, early/alternative versions of various Larvae tracks and unreleased pieces from the same period. The results leave one laughing through a thick veil of unease. As the original Ralph records press release said of Songs For Swinging Larvae: “This is an album of primitive modernism, energetic obnoxious noises, manic high pitched vocals and sweet brilliance) 27.00

RYO FUKUI - Scenery LP (we release jazz - Official reissue of Ryo Fukui’s highly sought-after masterpiece Scenery (1976), sourced from the original masters. "Unquestionably one of the most important Japanese jazz albums ever recorded, Scenery reveals Ryo Fukui as a miraculously brilliant self-taught pianist fusing modal, bop, and cool jazz influences for a very personal, dexterous and game-changing take on classic standards made famous by Bing Crosby and John Coltrane among others. From "It Could Happen To You" and its serene and calm intro which magically flows into a jubilant and upbeat piece, to the out-of-this-world piano solo of "Early Summer", or the incredible teamwork of "Autumn Leaves" where Fukui leads Satoshi Denpo (bass) and Yoshinori Fukui (drums) into groove heaven, every single note on the album oozes precision, confidence and flair and every single section slides seamlessly into one another, creating a supreme and elegant blend of jazz. Often compared to McCoy Tyner or Bill Evans, Ryo Fukui was a genius in his own right, a true master of his craft whose perfectionism gave birth to some of the greatest music ever recorded. Scenery is his magnum opus and an absolute must-have. The Hokkaido wizard-pianist followed Scenery with the soulful gem Mellow Dream (also available on We Release Jazz) in 1977. He then focused on improving his live skills, often performing at Sapporo’s Slowboat Jazz Club (which he co-founded with his wife Yasuko Fukui) and releasing 2 live albums. Ryo Fukui sadly passed away in March 2016, leaving behind a legacy of works that is sure to captivate jazz lovers for generations to come.“) 23.00

RYO FUKUI - Mellow Dream LP (we release jazz - Official reissue of criminally overlooked Japanese jazz gem Mellow Dream (1977) by Hokkaido pianist wunderkind Ryo Fukui, released in conjunction with the its legendary predecessor Scenery, sourced from the original masters. "Firmly standing on the foundation he laid down with Scenery, Ryo Fukui continues his exploration of modal, bop and cool jazz sounds with meticulous grace and absolute mastery. As its title suggests, Mellow Dream ventures into slightly mellower, more soulful, and sometimes more contemplative territories (the Bill Evans-reminiscent "Mellow Dream" and "My Foolish Heart") while still packing the commanding punch Fukui’s work is loved for, as heard on the amazingly bombastic "Baron Potato Blues" or the gigantic McCoy Tyner/John Coltrane-influenced "Horizon" which sees each member of the trio (Satoshi Denpo is on bass and Yoshinori Fukui is on drums) demonstrating their virtuosity for 9 exhilarating minutes. With his sophomore album, Ryo Fukui swings from melancholy to vibrant joy with ease, reminding us that jazz is best served with a pinch of blues, and displays an immensely rare combination of pure talent, unique personal approach and focused discipline. The man undeniably deserves a spot in the pantheon of all-time great jazz pianists. After releasing the outstanding Scenery and Mellow Dream back to back, Ryo Fukui worked on developing his live skills, often performing at Sapporo’s Slowboat Jazz Club (which he co-founded with his wife Yasuko Fukui), and even releasing 2 live albums. He sadly passed away in March 2016, leaving behind a legacy of works that all jazz lovers should explore.“) 23.00

SHELLAC - end of radio DLP (touch & go - It's not too easy being a Shellac fan is it? Their studio records are few and far between and their tours seem to happen just when they feel like it. So here's something to get starved Shellac fans juicing at the mouth, it's a collection of the band's two Peel sessions including their 2004 live set in front of a small (lucky) audience. Full of alternative versions of tracks you now know and love, the band were known for testing out future material on these sessions. Essential. ) 33.00

TACOCAT - This Mess Is a Place LP (sub pop - Is it a taco? Is it a cat? Is it both - or perhaps … neither? Whatever a Tacocat is, we can say with confidence that it’s from Seattle, contains four humans (‘Tacopeople’?) and has just made its fourth LP in the form of This Mess Is A Place. This record is a peppy thing that polishes the group’s lo-fi grunge-pop sound with some pop influences, warm vocal harmonies and great production. It kind of reminds us of The Long Blondes actually.) 22.00

TOR LUNDVALL - A Strangeness In Motion: Early Pop Recordings 1989-1999 LP (dais - colored vinyl - As a visual artist and composer Tor Lundvall’s work often recontextualizes the familiarity of everyday life through abstraction and space. Starting with the snapshot of a moment, Lundvall extracts its underlying complexity of the seemingly mundane and gives sleeping suggestion a presence and purpose. Mainly working sans vocals, Lundvall returned to voice exploration for 2018’s A Dark Place, a somber, dark synth album that merged his mastery of textural ambience with traditional pop structures. Rescued from old DAT tapes A Strangeness In Motion:Early Pop Recordings 1989-1999 are some of Lundvall’s earliest completed works which have remained unreleased until now. “For years I dismissed these songs as naive and youthful relics, but I’ve grown much fonder of them in recent years along with the memories they evoke,” he says of the decade spanning collection of tracks, many of which were sketched out in his duo with Drew Sullivan, After The Outing. “Original One”, “Procession Day”, “The Clearing”, and “The Melting Hour” are present here as solo reworkings, originally culled from his sessions with Sullivan. The remainder were ideas that ultimately didn’t work for Passing Through Alone (1997) and its proposed follow up, provisionally and playfully titled Femalamania.) 24.00

USA/MEXICO - matamoros LP (riot season - Good to see the two countries putting their wall differences aside and coming together for a collaborative LP. This of course isn't the entire population of the USA and Mexico but a collaboration between Craig Clouse (Shit & Shine), King Coffey (Butthole Surfers) and Nate Cross (Marriage, When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth). They seem obsessed with hi-fi shops and the LPs used as demonstrations for their high end wares.  ) 25.00


HUMAN AND DUST - Demo 2019 TAPE (Crusty Hardcore / Punk from Boston. Fresh sounds from the gutter.) 5.00


SHELLAC - end of radiio DCD (touch & go - It's not too easy being a Shellac fan is it? Their studio records are few and far between and their tours seem to happen just when they feel like it. So here's something to get starved Shellac fans juicing at the mouth, it's a collection of the band's two Peel sessions including their 2004 live set in front of a small (lucky) audience. Full of alternative versions of tracks you now know and love, the band were known for testing out future material on these sessions. Essential. )


CURSED - Salvation/Damnation T-SHIRT (worldofneed - Black Gildan Hammer shirt with white / grey front and back print. S/M/L(XL) 17.00
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Hi. Welcome to the last newsletter for June. A bunch of nice records arrived as usual like VIVA BELGRADO restock, the new CHARLES HAWARD LP & his collab with KEIJI HAINO, HARU NEMURI - Haru To Shura LP, JAIMIE BRANCH - fly or die LP restock, VERTO - reel 19 36 LP re issue, MIKA VAINO - M.T.V. 15.05.1963 - 12.04.2017 BOOK + CD, LUCIANO ONETTI soundtracks, THE MARVELETTES - playboy LP re issue, VICTIMS - the horse and the sparrow theory LP, JULIA SHAPIRO - Perfect Version LP, WILLIAM HOOKER - ... Is Eternal Life 2xLP, VOID VISION re issues, ELLEN ARKBRO - chords LP, PAILHEAD - trait LP re issue, THE MEKONS - The Quality Of Mercy Is Not Strnen LP re issue, a bunch other psychedelic restocks, King Crimson restocks, The Estranged restocks, SYNDROME 81 - Beton Nostalgie LP restock, COLUMNA - las cosas que perdemos LP and more

besides records you can also get lots of tickets from us for Puschen, Direct Booking etc etc

Thank you
Robert & Norman


BETTER OFF DEAD - sans issues 7" (sabotage -


ANDY THE BAND - lethal weapon LP (Andy The Band is the solo project by Andy Dahlström from Terrible Feelings, Sista Sekunden & Satanic Surfers. The music is more straight forward rock than the other bands, but with clear punk roots and attitude; something that a punk can’t wash off. The energy translates through the poppy melodies. All instruments are played by Andy, and produced by him and Tommy Tift. 

After the first EP (Carry On, Sabotage 2017) and a few shows in Sweden, ATB went to Japan as support to Vånna Inget on their tour. 

Andy The Band has recently released debut album LETHAL WEAPONS and done his 2nd Japan tour.) 14.00

ASTRAL SOCIAL CLUB & GRUMBLING FUR - Plasma Spice Trifle LP (VHF - Debut collaboration between like-minded English underground titans, perfectly mixing the long-form pop eccentricities of Grumbling Fur with the free electric sound of Astral Social Club to produce four epic and memorable tracks. "The music is dense and layered, with hidden hooks, haunting vocals, unidentifiable electronic shuddering, delicate ambience, etc. Challenging but completely accessible and beautiful stuff. After a brief vocal declaration of purpose, “Back To The Egg” rides a motorik pulse ala Harmonia or Kraftwerk for ten hypnotic minutes. “Three Years Apart” pulses gently in a burbling cloud, reminding that along with crafting song gems, Grumbling Fur has collaborated with noted avantcomposer / performer Charlemagne Palestine. “Ozone Antifreeze Intelligence” layers electronics over a haunting piano and vocal melody, framed by subliminal fuzz guitar. “Toejam Boxdrum” closes the album with an uproarious polyrhythm hidden by more layers of soft-focus electrofizz, gradually giving way to thick bass riffs and tremelo’d interjections." ) 25.00

ARTCANE - Odyssée LP (replica - A relatively obscure band from the underground French progrock scene from the '70s, founded by sound designer Alain Coupel and guitar player Jack Mlynski. Half King Crimson's complexity, half Gong's fantasy, the quartet was best known for writing songs that were deeply occult and strange. Comes on 180 gram vinyl.) 18.00

BRUCE RUSSELL & LUKE WOOD - Visceral Realists LP (VHF - Huffable, scuzzy, Kiwi rock potency from The Dead C’s Bruce Russell plus guitarist and Llam Press Records owner, Luke Wood “Debut LP by the New Zealand duo of Bruce Russell (Dead C, Handful of Dust, etc) and Luke Wood. Visceral Realists is a high-concept commentary on the state of vinyl, analogue recording, music culture, art, etc. A 45-rpm bullet of short bursts of free electric sound, the music here is tactile and rough but not “noise music.” Russell and Wood play over loops of scratchy records, with their guitars and electronics surging to get over the wall. Russell’s guitar sound from his vintage transistor amp and anti-style is instantly recognizable from countless classic Dead C sides, but the tracks are more painterly than recent DC epics – these are celebratory vignettes of thoughts – singles, if you will.   “There’s more information encoded in an old record than in a new one. Every crack, every pop, a tree ring of recovered time. A life-time. Time again for life. Like the revenants, come from the grave warm; and once again walking. But still just blood in a bag. The glow of the vacuum at the heart of a market-place – where art goes to fetch bread. That is how we’ve warmed our hands for this work. To know we are alive” – Bruce Russell” ) 25.00

CHARLES HAYWARD - Begin Anywhere LP (Charles Hayward is best known for being the drummer in ‘70s experimental rock band,This Heat and odd-prog band Camberwell Now. He has also played with Crass, The Raincoats, Gong and Phil Manzanera. Begin Anywhere seems like a different direction for him as he pours out his soul using just voice and piano.) 26.00

COLUMNA - las cosas que perdemos LP (sabotage - Zaragoza, Spain’s Columna formed from the ashes of Warsong and released one of our favorite demo’s of 2017. “Las Cosas Que Perdemos”, the band’s debut 7-song LP, features several rerecorded songs from that session as well as some wonderful new additions. 

The band plays moody, melodic, and political punk sung in Spanish. Fans of Arctic Flowers, Terrible Feelings, and Accidente should take note. ) 14.00

ELLEN ARKBRO - chords LP (subtext - With ‘CHORDS’, the Stockholm-based musician and composer Ellen Arkbro returns to Subtext, following her acclaimed debut album ‘For Organ and Brass’. This new longplayer sees Arkbro adopt a more minimalist approach, focusing on the immediate qualities of sound and elegantly expanding the tonal capacities of acoustic instruments using precise, subtle synthesis. Composed of a carefully selected combination of tones, ‘CHORDS’ stretches, extends and obscures the timbral character of the instruments it is performed on. Across both tracks, Arkbro examines the sonic materiality and harmonic quality of chords. She considers how the compositions occupy space rather than time – transposing theoretical possibilities into the phenomenal realm. As a part of Arkbro’s systematic investigation of harmonic sound, ‘CHORDS’ proffers a divergence from conventional ways of listening. This work allows for a form of listening which goes beyond the mere reception of outer stimuli in letting the listener experience their role as active, and as embodying the sound itself. Space rather than time becomes the primary locus of listening as subtle movement of head and body reveals the inner complexities of ‘CHORDS’.) 20.00

ENDLESS COLUMN - s​/​t LP (ETT -Each record ETT is releasing is special but this LP is the most special one so far. Because it involves one omy alltime favourite songwriter, artists and the first person I ever set up a punk show for. I talk about Douglas Burns and I am so proud te be part of this release - thanks my friend.  ENDLESS COLUMN started in 2010 when Doug Burns (OBSERVERS, RED DONS) moved to Chicago and started the band together with Jimmy Hollywood (TYRADES), David Wolf (DAYLIGHT ROBBERY) and Eric Watts. They deliver rocking lo-fi garagerock with surfy undertones. These ten songs are like all songs Doug Burns is involved in, unique catchy and memorable as possible. There are bands that are content to sit within a pigeonhole and there are bands that diligently push against the edges, rebelling against expectations to find a sound all their own. The tune, at its core a smart bit of minor chord pop, is rife with echoes of time past and present—a bit of lofi garage punk here, some surf there, darkness, and the ubiquitous, insistent thud in the drums—rearranged and repurposed so that all are present but none overwhelms another.  The remaining tunes follow along the same lines, each familiar yet retaining its own sound. The whole? A gritty-yet-tasty selection from a band that continues to wow with each successive release. Endless Column deliver ten songs of surfy, dark, crude and moody lofi garage punk on their debut LP. And if you have any sense about great music, you will not drop this LP from your turntable until you can sing every word along! ) 14.00

HARU NEMURI - Haru To Shura LP (specific - Haru Nemuri Was Born In Yokohama In 1995. She Started Her First Band At The Age Of 17, Playing The Keys, But When She Turned 21 She Switched Seats And Grabbed The Microphone. Since Then, She Has Been Performing Under Her Current Moniker While Writing All Music Herself As Well. Her First Ep Was Released In 2016, And Shortly After All Her Shows In Japan Sold Out Quickly. The Next Year She Played Some Big Festivals In Japan, Released Her Second Ep And Wrote The Title Track To The Film The Eternal Spring.but All That Could Not Prepare The World For What She Would Do On Her Debut Album Titled Haru To Shura, Which Came Out On Cd In April 2018. Mixing Elements Of Alternative Rock, Post Rock, (post) Hardcore, Spoken Word And Rap Music, She Created A Unique, Forward Thinking Experimental Version Of Modern Music, A Dense Fusion Of The Quirky Qualities Of J-pop, The Intensity Of Post-hardcore And Everything In Between All At The Same Time. ) 17.00

HUBBLE BUBBLE - s/t LP (belgian waffles - One of the undisputed European punk classics, Hubble Bubble's 1977 debut LP is back on vinyl again for the joy of all true KBD punk rock conoisseurs. A true legend for the few, featuring a very young Plastic Bertrand on drums, Hubble Bubble formed in 1973 and released their first album on Barclay. This long awaited Belgian Waffles label reissue also comes with repros of two promotional posters from those days. Punk rock!) 17.00

JAIMIE BRANCH - fly or die LP (internation anthem - A mainstay of the Chicago jazz scene and an active recent addition to the New York scene, Jaimie Branch is an avant-garde trumpeter known for her “ghostly sounds," says The New York Times, and for "sucker punching" crowds straight from the jump off, says Time Out. Her classical training and “unique voice capable of transforming every ensemble of which she is a part” (Jazz Right Now) has contributed to a wide range of projects not only in jazz but also punk, noise, indie rock, electronic and hip-hop. Branch’s work as a composer and a producer, as well as a sideman for the likes of William Parker, Matana Roberts, TV on the Radio and Spoon, is all on display in her debut record Fly or Die – a dynamic 35-minute ride that dares listeners to open their minds to music that knows no genre, no gender, no limits.  “It’s a true joy to listen to Jaimie Branch’s Fly or Die. Jaimie’s masterful trumpet playing sits at the helm of this gorgeous record, richly supported by a stellar cast of musicians, and upheld by strong and provocative composition.” – Sarah Neufeld (Arcade Fire) ) 25.00

JULIA SHAPIRO - Perfect Version LP (hardly art - When Julia Shapiro flew home from a cancelled Chastity Belt tour in April 2018, everything in her life felt out of control. Dealing with health issues, freshly out of a relationship, and in the middle of an existential crisis, she realized halfway through a tour supporting her band’s third album I Used to Spend So Much Time Alone that she was going through too much to continue. “I was really struggling; I was really depressed. I felt like I couldn’t sing or be a person,” Shapiro recalls. “At that point I couldn’t even imagine playing a show again, I was so over it.” Returning home to a newly empty Seattle one-bedroom apartment, Shapiro had wanted for a long time to learn how to record and mix her own music, and out of the uncertainty of the future of her music career and her health, she began to record the songs that would become Perfect Version, her solo debut for Hardly Art. What she created in the space of ten songs is an intimate and beautifully self-aware examination of feeling lost in the life you’ve created for yourself. It’s an album of shimmering guitars and layered vocals that feels vast in the emotional depth it conveys and masterful in the way each song is intentionally crafted and recorded. ) 18.00

KEIJI HAINO / JOHN BUTCHER - light never bright enough LP (Keiji Haino, one of the foremost exponents of the Japanese avant-garde, always provides a masterclass in constantly shifting improvisation. John Butcher is a saxophonist of rare grace and power, who has expanded the vocabulary of the saxophone far beyond the conventions of jazz and other musics, to encompass a staggering range of multiphonics, overtones, percussive sounds, and electronic feedback. Haino and Butcher met when Butcher opened for Fushitsusha at the show Cafe OTO arranged at St. John, Hackney - 5 years ago. In 2016 they were invited to play two duo concerts – at The Empty Gallery in Hong Kong and at Cafe OTO in London. Otoroku is proud to present the audio documentation of their first UK meeting. Recorded live at Cafe OTO in July 2016 the results are an uncompromising milieu of swirling sound played out as a total union of these two legendary performers.  Haino’s blues drenched guitar entices skittering notes from Butcher’s sax playing as numerous sonic clues unravel over the course of of this unique and compelling journey. Light Never Bright Enough comes in a limited edition of 500 LPs and 500 CDs with matt sleeves and japanese removable obi-strip.) 30.00

KEIJI HAINO & CHARLES HAYWARD - A loss permitted to open its eyes... LP (Keiji Haino, one of the most influential figures to emerge from the Japanese psychedelic underground, teams up with Charles Hayward, British drummer and founding member of This Heat and Camberwell Now, on a new album. "A loss permitted...comprises a live recording of the duo’s improvised performance at the Copeland Gallery in London in July 2016, presented as part of Thirty Three Thirty Three’s performance series Japan: London. The result is fascinating: a mix of air synths, distortions, improvised Japanese poetry and warped guitar sounds. Sedate harmonica and guitar sections give way to cosmic din or an equally unnerving silence, in a performance ALL ABOUT JAZZ described as having ‘no sense of logic, only silence where the tension seemed to build, then finally release’. It’s not the first time Haino and Hayward have worked together – Hayward’s rare album Double Agent(s) documents their improvisational sparring live in Japan in 1998. Both are restless collaborators: Haino has played with Derek Bailey, Tony Conrad, Jim O’Rourke, Pan Sonic and Stephen O’Malley, as well as in his own groups Fushitsusha, Nazoranai and Nijiumu, among others; while Hayward’s collaborators have included Fred Frith, Thurston Moore and Laura Cannell. A loss permitted… sees these two visionary musicians revisit their partnership, creating a sound that is at turns contemplative and ferocious – and always completely compelling. Tracklisting Side A/Side B." ) 30.00

LUCIANO ONETTI - Sonno Profondo LP (black widow - BWR turns giallo! Luciano Onetti is an Argentinian director of Italian origin. His great passion for 70s Italian Giallo led him to defy time and to continue the cinematographic path marking the age of the Italian thriller of masters like Argento, Fulci, Lenzi, to name just a few. With these two soundtracks, the very talented Onetti has also carried on the musical language of the Italian Giallo created by artists like Goblin, Morricone, Frizzi, Michelini... Sonno profondo (Deep Sleep) is the soundtrack of the first Onetti’s full length film, composed in 2013, while Francesca is the musical commentary of the second movie and second part of a trilogy that will be completed soon by Abrakadabra, direction and soundtrack again by Onetti himself. It’s like time has stopped, while still genuine and real in his direction, Onetti creates a magnetic soundtrack, almost hypnotic in certain parts, with psychedelic sounds and obsessive percussions, influenced by Goblin, but inspired, real and never dull… one CD with the first two soundtracks and two distinct albums to remain attached to the kind of movies which are so emotional to us.) 21.00

LUCIANO ONETTI - francesca Soundtrack LP (black widow -  Luciano Onetti is an Argentinian director of Italian origin. His great passion for 70s Italian Giallo led him to defy time and to continue the cinematographic path marking the age of the Italian thriller of masters like Argento, Fulci, Lenzi, to name just a few. With these two soundtracks, the very talented Onetti has also carried on the musical language of the Italian Giallo created by artists like Goblin, Morricone, Frizzi, Michelini... Sonno profondo (Deep Sleep) is the soundtrack of the first Onetti’s full length film, composed in 2013, while Francesca is the musical commentary of the second movie and second part of a trilogy that will be completed soon by Abrakadabra, direction and soundtrack again by Onetti himself. It’s like time has stopped, while still genuine and real in his direction, Onetti creates a magnetic soundtrack, almost hypnotic in certain parts, with psychedelic sounds and obsessive percussions, influenced by Goblin, but inspired, real and never dull… one CD with the first two soundtracks and two distinct albums to remain attached to the kind of movies which are so emotional to us.) 21.00

LUCIANO ONETTI - Abrakadabra - Colonna Sonora Originale del Film LP (black widow - The Onetti Brothers, Luciano and Nicolas, return for a final stab at the genre which introduced us to the Argentina based filmmakers five years ago. What started with the predominantly first person perspective of 'Sonno Profondo' in 2013 opened up a bit more with 2015's 'Francesca'. Now the brothers have completed their most realized giallo film of the three, 'Abrakadabra', marking real progression from that first film five years ago presenting the story of a man haunted by his past, more than he knows, in a race against time to catch a killer. ( The music is again incredible and inspired. Luciano Onetti composed and played all songs of the soundtrack with the '70s Italian giallo feeling and influences of masters Morricone, Stelvio Cipriani, Goblin, Fabio Frizzi and many incursions to funky rock, jazz, progressive arrangements and thrilling and intense atmospheres.)) 21.00

THE MARVELETTES - playboy LP (rumble - The 3rd album from Motown girl group, The Marvelettes, Playboy was released in 1962, shortly following the success of the hit title track and the immortal "Beechwood 4-5789". If these two floor filling classics weren't enough, the album is rounded out by the gorgeous ballad "Forever", which would make the charts a year later, the ace B-side "Someday, Someway" and 6 more numbers written by folks with names like Smokey Robinson, Berry Gordy, Jr., and the unparalleled team of
Holland-Dozier-Holland. More Motor City perfection on Rumble.) 15.00

THE MEKONS - The Quality Of Mercy Is Not Strnen LP After two singles for Fast Product, Leeds art-punk collective The Mekons signed with Virgin Records in 1979. The band would have to borrow gear from their mates Gang Of Four to record their major label debut. In classic Mekons style, the album's back cover featured a photo of Gang Of Four instead of themselves.
As Simon Reynolds writes, "The Quality Of Mercy Is Not Strnen got a mixed reception at the time. Listening to it now, though, the first LP sounds more of a piece with the band's early punk singles. What's striking is the commonality of sound across the three key Leeds groups of that moment (Gang Of Four, Delta 5 and The Mekons). There are textural affinities in terms of scrawny abrasiveness and a general departure from rock 'n' roll norms of singing and emoting."
With boundless energy, The Mekons net a dozen barbed takes on pop culture, art and politics. "What Are We Going To Do Tonight" stands out as a razor-sharp critique of leisure, while "Beetroot" drowns apathy in angular riffs and catchy, unmelodic chants.
Clad in one of the most striking record covers of its era, The Quality Of Mercy Is Not Strnen is now available in the US for the first time. Liner notes by Simon Reynolds.
) 25.00

PAILHEAD - trait LP (Pailhead was a collaboration of vocalist Ian MacKaye (Minor Threat, Fugazi), Ministry’s Al Jourgensen and Paul Barker, and drummer Eric Spicer (Naked Raygun).

In 1986, MacKaye was just a few years away from his genre-defining work in Minor Threat and on the cusp of starting an even more influential band, Fugazi. Al Jourgensen was also undergoing a transition with his band Ministry after the release of “Twitch”. He wasn’t the guy who would release the game-changing “The Land Of Rape And Honey” a couple of years later, but he was well on his way. Alain met Ian when he was living in London. Both found common ground musically and politically and decided to collaborate on a project that would fuse elements of industrial music with hardcore punk. The result was a bunch of unique and unrepeatable hymns. Pailhead released one first single “I Will Refuse” / “No Bunny” in 1987 and next year the 4-song EP “Trait”, both on the legendary Wax Trax! Records. Limited edition of 500 copies on grey vinyl with deluxe sleeve with soft touch lamination and sticker with classic band logo.)

SUPERCRUSH - Never Let You Drift Away LP (ETT - ETT brought you TOTAL LOVE and now we bring you SUPERCRUSH. What a time to be alive. We're thinking the West Coast jangle-pop trio have done an outstanding good job of upping their (and our) serotonin levels, with four amazing 7"s so we decided that the world needs all of them on one proper Collection LP. Although best known for playing in a long lineage of hardcore, punk, and metal bands, Mark Palm's focus has always been song- craft and pop sensibility. After finally embracing all that is sweet and sublime as the primary songwriter of San Francisco's shoegaze darlings MODERN CHARMS, Palm continues to explore the saccharine side of things with this latest project, SUPERCRUSH.  Supercrush is currently in the studio completing work on their debut full length album. However, in the meantime the band is releasing a collection of all their previous material.  For the past handful of years Supercrush has been employing a drip-feed approach to releasing new music. Every so often a new two song 7" single of power-pop excellence would appear out of nowhere. And then all would go quiet until the next pair of gems inexplicably materialized out of the silence. Here we have all four supersingles, along with two previously unreleased bonus tracks, collected as one ten song release. From the fuzzed-out guitars of 'Lifted' to the tasteful organ and glockenspiel accents of 'Walking Backwards' it's all here in one attractive package with cover art featuring an eye-catching assemblage in the colorful style we've come to expect from Supercrush.) 14.00

POTENCE ‎– Le Culte Des Bourreaux LP (walking is Holy shit, this album absolutely rips and is probably one of the best things I've heard all week.  Potence is a four piece band from Besançon, France, who formed in 2015, from the looks of things.  Potence features members of Daitro and Geranium, so going on that alone, you know you're in for some really amazing music.  Potence play a killer style of music that incorporates elements of post hardcore, punk, and crust within their sound.  Musically, Potence can best be described as playing a more crust leaning version of post hardcore made popular by bands such as Amanda Woodward, Daitro, and Aussitiot Mort.  Since forming in 2015, Potence have released four song self-titled demo in April of 2015, and an eight track LP titled  L'Amour Au Temps De La Peste in May of 2017.  Le Culte Des Bourreaux is the band's debut eight song LP, which was released via Dingleberry, Impure Muzik, Urgence Disk, Lilith, Smart And Confused, Subversive Ways, Shove, Walking Is Still Honest, and Itawak Records records on April 26th, 2019.  On Le Culte Des Bourreaux, Potence offer up eight tracks of brutal as fuck sounding post hardcore, punk, and crust.  Overall, Le Culte Des Bourreaux makes for an amazing listen.  Highly recommended!  Enjoy! (deadpulpit)) 12.00

TANNING BATS - On The Assembly Line Of Heads LP (comes in a shrink, download code and riso printed inlay  Great garage/post-punk album from Berlin. FFO: Uranium Club, Oh Sees, etc. ) 15.00

VERTO - reel 19 36 LP (replica - Active from 1974 to 1979, French guitarist Jean-Pierre Grasset released two cult albums under the alias Verto. Grasset blended as many influences as possible, from pop psychedelia to chill electronic experimentations and krautrock dynamics. Thus it is no surprise that he ended up collaborating with the whole Potemkine crew as well as members from Magma (Benoit Widemann and Jean-Pierre Fouquey), giving his songs a very original Zeuhl flavor. Comes on 180 gram vinyl.) 18.00

VICTIMS - the horse and the sparrow theory LP (relapse - Stockholm’s hardcore crust-punk veterans VICTIMS make their Relapse Records debut with their highly anticipated new album, The Horse and Sparrow Theory. Recorded by producer Karl Daniel Lidén (Bloodbath, Katatonia, Craft and more), The Horse and Sparrow Theory clocks in at 28 minutes of relentless insurrection. VICTIMS' uncompromising take on d-beat and hardcore is a definitive statement of intent, as the band is set to deconstruct the current socio-political climate, bleak outlook of mass class division, industrialization, and the self-absorbed pursuit of greed and corruption. Includes Digital Download) 23.00

VIVA BELGRADO - ulises LP (walking is - Back in stock - Viva Belgrado is a fpor piece band from Córdoba, Spain who formed in the spring of 2012, from the loos of things.  Viva Belgrado play a tense and passionate, and slightly melodic style of music that incorporates elements of post hardcore, screamo, and post rock within their sound.  Musically, Viva Belgrado can be loosely compared to bands such as We Were Skeletons, Daitro, Raein, My Fictions, Touche Amore, and older Pianos Become The Teeth.  Since forming in 2012, Vova Belgrado have released a self-titled five song demo in June of 2012, a five song EP titled El Invierno in April of 2013, and an eleven song LP titled Flores, Carne in November of 2014.  Ulises is the band's latest full-length LP, which was released via Aloud Music Ltd, Walking Is Still Honest, and Tokyo Jupiter records on August 29th, 2016.  On Ulises, Viva Belgrado offer up eleven tracks of killer post hardcore, screamo, and post rock.  Overall, Ulises makes for a great listen.  Highly recommended!) 12.00

VOID VISION - sour 12" (mannequin - Crisply stylised aces from Swedish synth-wave darlings Void Vision. 'Sour' preps the scene for debut album, 'Sub Rosa' with the fine-tuned electro hydraulics and classy arrangement of the title track and the propulsive darkside NRG of '20-20' next to Vanzetti & Sacco's sexy Italo remix reduction of 'Sour'.) 12.00

VOID VISION - sub rosa LP (mannequin - Super hi-potency synth-pop album from Brooklyn’s Shari Vari a.k.a. Void Vision and the brains behind her Everything Is Fine anthem, included here beside ten original aces plus a dreamy Italo remix by Bordello A Parigi’s Vanzetti & Sacco. Sub Rosa is quite possibly one of the strongest synth-pop LPs from the recent revival, rendering a pellucid and sharply defined take on vintage styles, and one that’s unafraid to cut out the sh*ttier cliches where it’s required. Like other listeners, we’ve become acquainted with a handful of these tunes (and they are proper tunes) since they appeared on various compilations over the years, with In 20 Years receiving a Rough Trade cosign in their Synth Wave 10 set in 2010, and the Everything is Fine ohrwurm noted on a memorable FlexiWave set in 2012.Those moments aside, the rest of the LP is dead impressive, too: whether trumping Zola Jesus at her own game in ‘To The Sea’ oer the curdled ’90s goth-pop of ‘Queen of Hearts’, ramping the breakneck quickstep of ‘Vulgar Displays’, or serving stylishly melodic EBM in the closing shot of ‘20-20’. ) 18.00

WILLIAM HOOKER - ... Is Eternal Life 2xLP (superior - Drummer, composer and poet William Hooker has been a tireless force in free improvised music for over 40 years. He emerged from New York's loft jazz scene in the mid-'70s, part of a generation of artists fueled by the social, political and cultural frustrations of their era. This second wave of American free jazz would push relentlessly into new territories – collaborating in a variety of non-traditional settings, establishing their own labels, venues, etc. – all in an effort at creative self-determination. While William Hooker's output extends past 70 albums as leader, it all began with the double LP ... Is Eternal Life. Recorded in 1975-1976 and released privately on the artist's own Reality Unit Concepts imprint, ... Is Eternal Life is nothing short of visionary. Filled with tension, intricacy and raw fury, these extended compositions feature the playing of David Murray, Mark Miller, David S. Ware, Hasaan Dawkins and Les Goodson.) 30.00

V/A - Spectra Ex Machina: A Sound Anthology of Occult Phenomena 1920-2017 Vol.1 LP (sub rosa - The anthology Spectra Ex Machina brings together rare documents pertaining to so-called occult phenomena, most of them taken from little-known archives. In the course of three volumes, this series traces an audio history of parapsychology through the exploration of spiritualism and haunted houses (Vol. 1); musician mediums (vol. 2); experiences of extrasensory perceptions (clairvoyance, psychokinesis, etc.) and electronic voice phenomena (vol. 3). The documents gathered here are, by their extravagance and far-fetched aspects, more than the mere objects of belief one would be tempted to reduce them to. They are vestiges of aberrant phenomena, fossils of an unknown civilization buried in the depths of the unconscious that are revived, in a way, when we listen to them. They can be understood as "works", in the full artistic sense of the word, and constitute a kind of "cabinet of sound curiosities" that is worthy of aesthetic interest. Sometimes imbued with a disconcerting dramatic intensity, these documents bear the features of an authentic time machine, placing the listener in the position of a witness of the time immersed in the dim darkness of the experimental hall. And it is at that precise moment that the aesthetic power of these archives takes precedence over their probative value. Their somewhat old-fashioned charm, maintained by the surface noise of magnetic tapes and old wax disks, gets stronger with each listen. Contains a 20-page large booklet, 30x30 cm.) 20.00


MIKA VAINO - M.T.V. 15.05.1963 - 12.04.2017 BOOK + CD (blast first - Blast First Petite's PsychoPomp for M.T.V., a 260-page, full-color, hardback book -- a PsychoPomp is a "guide of souls", whose purpose is to escort deceased souls from Earth to the afterlife. Includes a broad range of artistic contributions (text, photographic and visual remembrances) from Mika Vainio's artist friends and collaborators, an updated and exhaustive Mika discography, Jennifer Lucy Allen's unedited transcript for her "Invisible Jukebox" with Vainio in The Wire (2013) -- one of Mika's most animated media responses -- and a variety of Pansonicephemera from Paul Smith's own Blast First archives. It also includes a heart-wrenching collection of photographs from the Vainio family archive, and an album-length exclusive CD of previously unreleased Pansonic performance recordings. Limited edition of 1000 copies. ) 35.00
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