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Messagepar ADAGIO830 » 03 Juil 2020, 13:10

hi. Welcome to another newsletter and the first one for July! A bunch of killer records arrived like the long awaited re issue of the WINTER - Into Darkness / Eternal Frost DLP BOX via SVART, the new DEERHOOF LP, AMNESIA SCANNER - tearless LP on PAN, both EYE FLYS LPs on Thrill Jockey, more DAITRO LPs, JIM O'ROURKE - Shutting Down Here LP, LEN LIGGINS - 1982 til 1985 LP restock, the new LITHICS LP, SAVAK - Rotting Teeth In The Horse's Mouth LP, SPOTCH FORCEY - 1979-1983 LP, TOO MUCH - club emotion LP (IAN SVENONIuS’s new band), SANGRE DE MUERDAGO & MONARCH - Sangre De Muerdago & Monarch LP, TAKASHI KOKUBO - Digital Soundology #1: Volk von Bauhaus LP, SUBDUED - Over The Hills And Far Away LP, GELD - Beyond The Floor LP and much more …

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Norman & Robert


THE CHISEL - Deconstructive Surgery 7“ (la vida - Explosive new music from The Chisel bringing the edifying and restorative powers of the great British folk tradition back to the table for a staggering next pint. Just when you thought you were fucking full, your mouths been winched open and gallons of shards of broken glass guitar, thick bass, and burning howling bilious guts gets poured down your maw. The speed of UK82, the terror of punk, the solid mass of Oi!. Like a bar stool breaking through a bus stop, there’ll always be THE CHISEL. (Jonah Falco)Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Jonah Falco) 8.00

GELD - Soft Power 7" (static shock - A nasty followup EP to the Perfect Texture LP released earlier this year finds GELD in a more irascible and unhinged state. Soft Power expands on the band's vision of a freer form of D-Beat with noisier sounds, tighter dimensions, wilder visions and subtler experimentation with carefully placed nuances. Don't be tricked into thinking this is some sort of hippy dippy jamband bullshit though, every second of this is cruelly calculated and executed with the utmost care. Damn. Recorded by Billy Gardener and Julian Cue. Art by Sam McKenzie. Edition of 250 black vinyl copies housed in a custom ILR 80# felt weave glued pocket sleeve with insert and download code included.) 8.00

KOHTI TUHOA - Elä Totuudesta 7“ (la vida - Finland’s Kohti Tuhoa return with a brand new 5-track EP! Picking up where they left off with their highly acclaimed 2019 album Ihmisen kasvot, this Helsinki 4-piece bring you another relentless piece of wax full of raw and catchy hardcore punk. Much like Kohti Tuhoa’s previous recordings, Elä totuudesta (Live the truth) EP has a strong classic-Finnish-hardcore feel to it, but it also shows the band breaking with tradition and bringing in more experimental elements in the closing track “Vesi virtaa”. Thematically the EP revolves around personal struggles and gender equality with the powerful vocal work underlining every word, even spotlighting problems within the punk scene. Elä totuudesta was recorded and mixed by the band and mastered by Jack Control (Enormous Door). The sleeve includes another stunning painting by Kohti Tuhoa’s trusted artist Jaakko Karjula.) 8.00

RUDIMENTARY PENI - Wilfred Owen The Chances 2ND PRESS 7" (la vida - First time on vinyl and with new Nick Blinko artwork. This track was originally only available as a one track CD single with the purchase of The Haunted Head book by Nick Blinko which came out in November 2009. The then newly-recorded and previously unreleased Rudimentary Peni song Wilfred Owen The Chances is a three and a half minute dark and disturbing dirge. The lyrics were originally written by Wilfred Edward Salter Owen (1893-1918) about the fortune of five British ‘Tommies’ during World War I. Hopefully the start of making all Rudimentary Peni catalogue available again) 12.00

V/A - Punk elää vol 2: Systeemissäkö vika?! - Finnish Private Press Punk Rock 1980 3x7“ (svart - Limited edition box set with 3 x 7″ inch singles in picture sleeves. Black vinyl. The aim of the Punk elää 7″ box series is to offer people the chance to digest these often impossibly rare and expensive records in their original 7 inch format. Each box comes with an insert with text from Fenno-punk historian Juho Hänninen. The second box set, Systeemissäkö vika?!? (Something Wrong With The System?!?) offers three replicas of privately pressed Finnish punk seven inches from 1980. The most famous title here is the debut seven inch by RATTUS, Khomeini-Rock. Known for their classic hardcore records such as WC räjähtää (1982), the band’s first single was a self-financed affair of 200 copies only. This new facsimile edition presents a rare chance to hear how the band’s early steps in search of their style sounded like. Lapsuuden Loppu (Childhood’s End) existed for a brief period first in 1979 and then with another lineup in 1980. This latter version of the band, who hailed from northern Finland, close to the Swedish border, wanted to steer clear of new wave which was rearing its head and becoming fashionable, and stuck to hard-hitting old school punk. They managed to self-release a self-titled seven inch before splitting up, original copies now almost impossibly rare to find. Systeemi, whose debut single also gave this set its title, differs from many of their contemporary diy punk rock groups in that they made a second 7 inch too, although not until 1983. This 1980 debut, Systeemissäkö vika?!? was the fruit of youngsters that met each other at a vocational school in Jyväskylä, central Finland, in the late seventies. They named the band Systeemi in 1979 and entered the studio on the spring of 1980. The self-released record, as with all titles in this set, has become a holy Grail for punk rock collectors due to its obscurity and extremely low pressing run.) 27.00


BETWEEN BODIES - On Fences 10“ ( I corrupt - Between Bodies is a new emo tinged, gritty punk rock act from Cologne, Germany, which features members of Giver, A Time To Stand and Worst Gift from Canada. The band's debut EP "On Fences" came out digitally in December 2019 and is now getting its proper vinyl release, which comes with screen-printed cover jacket. If you’re into bands like Moose Blood, Alkaline Trio, Spanish Love Songs or The Gaslight Anthem and you haven’t heard Between Bodies yet, do yourselves a favor and check them out!) 14.00

CEMENT MINDS - Colostrum 10“ (i corrupt - Colostrum" is the debut record from the French Post Punk band Cemented Minds. (Ex-)Members from Hardcore Punk bands like Amanda Woodward, Nine Eleven, Aussitot Mort and Burning Bright came together to form this band and record the EP in the Winter of 2018. Although the sound of Cemented Minds is different to the members' previous projects, it should not be as a huge surprise for most of the listeners. In fact it makes sense since the love for Post Punk has always been strong in the Hardcore Punk community (take Ceremony as an example who diversified their sound over time). Colostrum is a strong five track record that serves gloomy dark songs which are pressed on beautiful pink marbled vinyl.) 14.00


AMNESIA SCANNER - tearless LP (PAN - Berlin-based duo Amnesia Scanner have announced the impending release of their sophomore LP, Tearless, a sonic reflection of how it feels to experience Earth at a time when collapse is emerging as the prevailing narrative. As Amnesia Scanner founders, Ville Haimala and Martti Kalliala watch their icy home country of Finland thaw- the staggering scale of political recalibration and the worldwide climate crisis blows open old norms. “There’s a looming sense of radical change,” they noted pre-COVID, connecting the period of making the album to a fin de siecle horror and curiosity regarding what new world is being ushered in. Tearless has been referred to as “a breakup album with the planet”, to which Amnesia Scanner responds, on the LP’s closing track: “You will be fine, if we can help you lose your mind.” Amnesia Scanner are previewing the album in the form of a video for their accidental quarantine anthem “AS Going,” a clip featuring a cascade of images of spiraling humans. Tearless marks a turning point in the duo’s trajectory, one begun in 2014 with the AS Live mixtape, followed by audio play Angels Rig Hook, two EP’s for Young Turks, and their 2018 debut album, Another Life (PAN). For Amnesia Scanner in 2020, the walls of the nightclubs, galleries, and institutions fall away and are replaced by full-scale theatrical productions complete with jumbotron stages, animatronics, and a surrealist costumed cast (literally so in the XL version of the album’s live show, Anesthesia Scammer). Likewise, the musical scope of the album is expansive, with guest vocalists — the Peruvian artist Lalita and the Brazillian DJ/producer LYZZA — descending into a vast uncanny valley of sound. With the crossfader on Tearless sitting closer to pop than abstraction, so too does the audience for this record widen in scope. Opener “AS Enter” sets a sombre tone until the fucking riffs of the second track (the titular, Lalita-helmed “AS Tearless”) make clear there’s plenty of roaring to come. A feature from metalcore band Code Orange on “AS Flat” follows, along with “AS Trouble” (feat. Oracle, the third, machinic ghost-member of Amnesia Scanner) and together they hit as black-metal-gaze dirges. Closing Tearless is the sadboy grunge of “AS U Will Be Fine” with a clear statement of intent: doom, despair, insanity, absurdity, it’s all natural, all cathartic, and all OK. For the art direction of this release, Amnesia Scanner collaborators PWR scavenged the pop cultural unconscious, as if ventilating memory dissociated by trauma. The gatefold vinyl reveals a four-panel comic, full of iconic pre-millennial motifs, which arrive cut up and reassembled collage-style: fitting visuals for an album that channels Deftones as much as reggaeton, menace as much as the drop-outness of grunge. Refuse like the ‘90s and party like the ‘20s—if that seems senseless, you are doing it right. The album is mastered by Enyang Urbiks, featuring visual direction from PWR Studio.) 26.00

CUCINA POVERA & ELS - The Oystercatcher LP (editons mego - The Oystercatcher is the first collaborative LP from Cucina Povera (Maria Rossi) and ELS (Edward Simpson) Recorded in London over two days, hours’ worth of improvisations have been edited down to form these six tracks. A fragile interplay is at work between Maria’s drifting vocals and the ominous churn of Edward’s modular synth. Each sonic element takes a turn at leading the way.) 22.00

DAVID DONDERO - the transient LP (SMOKEY VINYL Now, 17 years after its initial release, David Dondero's cult classic 2003 album The Transient (originally released on CD by Future Farmer Recordings) is finally being released on 180gram vinyl. This first pressing includes 250 limited copies on smoky (Ashes on the Highway) vinyl. The album was recorded by Mike Mogis (Bright Eyes, Jenny Lewis, Rilo Kiley) at Presto! Recording Studios in Lincoln, Nebraska. Mastered for vinyl by Carl Saff. David Dondero is a songwriter's songwriter who's flown under the radar for years, even though he often logs 200 shows a year, touring with the likes of Pedro the Lion and Against! Me. "This is the sound of a man on fire. Smart, funny and honestly out of his mind; but he comes back long enough to sing about it. One of the best singer/songwriters I've ever heard."-- Bob Boilen, NPR // "Dondero is this generation's Townes Van Zandt, a peripatetic tumbleweed casting across the country's highways and dirt roads searching for truth and love. His reedy tenor shuffles through clever verbal forays, over raga-muffin folk, brightened by Dondero's road-wizened stoicism"-- Houston Chronicle) 26.00

DEERHOOF - future teenage cave artists LP (back in stock - Faithful listeners will recognize a certain alienated but transformational figure who shows up in Deerhoof songs going back to their earliest days. Take the narrator of “The Perfect Me” from 2007’s Friend Opportunity: an orphaned but eager soul attempting to entice other wounded wanderers who might lack a home, a clan, a family, a history. But on Future Teenage Cave Artists our protagonist is threatened by terror lurking around every corner. Add to that the fact that our “cast-off queen,” our “maniac,” our “terrible daughter” are watching themselves get orphaned in real time by an older generation in power that would rather see life on Earth destroyed than give up archaic systems of capital. Like a lot of the inimitable music they have released over the last quarter-century, the Deerhoof of Future Teenage Cave Artists (Satomi Matsuzaki on bass and vocals, Ed Rodriguez and John Dieterich on guitars, and Greg Saunier on drums, vocals and piano) stitches together fragments of R&B and classic rock and transforms them into a new language of revolution, forgoing verse-chorus structures for dream logic and blind intuition. But what makes this album different is its intimacy—the blues riffs and slide guitars are joined by soft, rickety pianos and whispered three-part harmonies.) 26.00

ENRICO RAVA & AGA TAURA CONFAB - convidado LP (Black vinyl. Limited edition of 500 copies. Svart Mondo series presents the first official reissue of this seminal South American jazz album. Living in New York, the Italian trumpeter, Enrico Rava, was one of the world’s leading free jazz musicians of the 1970’s avant-garde. Rava’s visit to Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1975 brought about an album : Aga Taura Confab – El Convidado. The idea was to record the guest trumpeter with four of the very best Argentinian musicians: pianist Fernando Gelbard, bassist Adalberto Cevasco, drummer Néstor Astarita and percussionist Juan “Chango” Farías Gómez (who is better known simply as Chango Farías). This album, called El Convidado, is a re-release of that legendary LP, for all purposes lost after its original release in 1975/76. It is a restored version of the original album with until now unpublished recording session photos by photographer Gianni Mestichelli. El Convidado was originally produced by the late and legendary Nano Herrera. The set is eclectic and beautiful, with rare trumpet-piano duets, musicians that had played with many of the greats such as Lionel Hampton, Ella Fitzgerald, Herb Geller and Lalo Schifrin, Fender Rhodes pianos, African influenced rhythmic figures and a climax of free improv build-ups. It is a record which is equally dynamic as it is melodic and poignant.) 25.00

EYE FLYS - tub of land LP (thrill jockey - Eye Flys is a band centered on fierce precision. Due in part to the considerable pedigree of the band’s lineup (including members of Full of Hell, Backslider, Triac), the east coast-based quartet create steel-barbed riffs and beefy inventive rhythms delivered with exponential force. Their 2019 EP Context was a concise and punishing debut, hinting at the unrelenting abilities Eye Flys holds. On Tub of Lard, expectations are exceeded with 10 songs of maximum impact in their lean and focused raw power. Tub of Lard does not hold back lyrically. The album takes its title from a jeering and unwelcome schoolyard nickname of vocalist/guitarist Jake Smith. Opening track “Tubba Lard” finds Smith spitting back the insults and body shaming that he endured during his upbringing. This unvarnished truth-telling is central to the album’s commentary on our social hypocrisy and resulting abuse. “Nice Guy” takes aim at rape culture and misogyny in no uncertain terms with lyrics like “They just don’t want to fuck you / No one cares that you’re a nice guy”. “Predator and Prey” lashes at the military industrial complex’s manipulative coercion of people of lower economic means. Anxiety, agnosticism, distrust, and psychedelics are all invoked when questioning society and culture. The themes throughout the album are driven by Smith’s search for deeper meaning in the chaos and uncertainty of the world around him. In their hunt for a more equitable society, Eye Flys are happy to demolish any opposition they encounter.) 22.00

EYE FLYS - context LP (thrill jockey - smokey red Limited 12" EP pressed on virgin vinyl packaged with a free download card. Limited amount pressed on smoky red color vinyl. Eye Flys brings together the minds of four musicians known for their work in some of the most extreme, blistering bands today. The quartet was initially started by Full of Hell guitarist Spencer Hazard and former Backslider drummer Patrick Forrest as an outlet to play aggressive music with equal intensity that would contrast the breakneck speeds of their other projects. After asking Backslider bassist Jake Smith to join on guitar and vocals and Triac’s Kevin Bernsten on bass, Eye Flys’ potential for crafting impossibly heavy songs was solidified. Eye Flys’ debut Context was written and recorded just a few short months from the band’s inception, drawing on each members’ considerable experience and driven by the excitement of playing in uncharted territory. This is an album of commanding, lean noise rock absolutely brimming with vitriol.) 22.00

FAUX DEPART - Au Pied Du Mur LP (mutant - After a killer demo tape that sound like a proper and fully realized 12", here comes higly-anticipated Faux Depart's debut full-lenght on vinyl, with all the new songs!  Faux Depart come from Lyon, France and are all about that classic, upbeat and melodic style that draws influences from 77 era punk. Think about killer garage punk riffage mixed with pop sensibility that equally brings to mind both popish side of early british punk rock and new wave, moody vibe of "Is This Real" Wipers era, and some classic punk rock stomp Ramones were known for. if you're a fan of catchy and pop-infected punk sound don't miss on this great record! ) 12.00

FAUX DEPART - Vie Ordinaire LP (echo canyon - The trio comes from Lyon, France, a city well known for bringing to life a high amount of great punk bands over the past decades. "Vie Ordinaire" is FAUX DEPART second album, a record made of songs that will get stuck in your head from the first time you hear them. Basically, it's melodic but incisive punk-rock with a great sense of songwriting and sarcastically clever french lyrics. Our take: Vie Ordinaire is the 3rd release Sorry State has carried from Lyon, France’s Faux Départ, and it’s their best one yet. Faux Départ reminds me of North Carolina’s Personality Cult. Both bands combine Marked Men-style power-pop / melodic punk with post-punk angularity, and both have grown more sophisticated in their pop songwriting with each subsequent release. Also like Personality Cult, Faux Départ makes their recordings sound great, with a balanced mix that finds space for every instrument’s subtleties to come through while still maintaining a high energy level and a sense of rawness. Faux Départ is equally adept with a jerky, post-punk-influenced tune like “Le Casse” as they are with the closing track “Fantôme,” which offers a dramatic series of powerful melodies and great backing vocals that add to the song’s climatic feel. Fans of Marked Men, Personality Cult, and similar bands on labels like Dirtnap should give this a spin. (sorry state)) 14.00

GELD - Beyond The Floor LP (static shock - Across 10 songs and a handful of instrumentals, Melbourne's GELD demonstrate a concerted progression from their previous work; raging incendiary hardcore collides with nightmarish bad trip wanderings in a swirling maelstrom of tightly marshaled chaos. The fast parts are faster, the slow parts slower, the weird parts weirder. The vicious thrashing punk of songs like "Invader" and "Infra" come in at a little over a minute; a wild joyride reminiscent of the Japanese Burning Spirits bands alongside Cleveland’s infamous ‘90s hardcore scene. Meandering hallucinogenic badness meanwhile emanates from "Gedankenfleisch", "Forces At Work" and "L.O.W.A.G. II", injecting the record with a terrifying sense of drug paranoia and psychological dissolution bringing to mind STICKMEN WITH RAYGUNS, FLIPPER or POISON IDEA. Purportedly undertaken as something of an exorcism, the writing and recording of ‘Beyond The Floor’ was characterized by “pills, meth, booze, weed, DMT, hate, betrayal, fear, love, depression, addiction, denial and broken bones”.) 17.00

JIM O'ROURKE - Shutting Down Here LP (portraits GRM - Shutting Down Here is a special work. Symbolically, it covers a period of thirty years, between two visits by Jim O'Rourke to the GRM, the first, as a young man fascinated by the institution and his repertoire, the second, as an accomplished musician, influential and imbued with an aura of mystery. Shutting Down Here is a piece shaped like an universe, a heterogeneous world in which collides the multiple musical facets of Jim O'Rourke: instrumental writing, field recordings, electronic textures and cybernetic becomings, dynamic spaces, harmonic spaces, silent spans . This variety of approach, strangely, does not in any way weaken the coherence of the whole and this is the talent of Jim O'Rourke, a talent, properly speaking, of composition, where all the sound elements compete and participate to stakes that exceed them and of a common destiny, that is to say of an apparition. INA GRM and Editions MEGO announce the creation of a new collection of releases, the Portraits GRM series. Continuing the fertile collaboration initiated in 2012 with Recollection GRM, the GRM and Editions MEGO have decided to offer a complementary series, no longer focused on the “classic” GRM repertoire but towards recent creations commissioned by the GRM to artists from all horizons. This Portraits GRM series will focus on important and emerging figures of the experimental music scene and will highlight the notion of work rather than album. Many releases in the collection will be contemporary works by two different musicians, each piece taking up the space of one side. Longer works however, will fill an entire record. This new series will come to life with the release of two records, the first devoted to the piece Shutting Down Here by Jim O'Rourke, and the second to the works Metabolist Meter (Foster, Cottin, Caetani, and a Fly) by Max Eilbacher and Forma by Lucy Railton. By reaffirming the concept of musical work, the Portraits GRM series seeks to renew with the pioneering work that the GRM Collection series but also the Philips Prospective 21e Siècle collection had achieved so admirably: offer a panorama of current musical experimentations and embrace a more durable scope with works that manage to extract themselves from an increasingly tyrannical and increasingly hazardous present-time.) 22.00

LEN LIGGINS - 1982 til 1985 LP (mauerstadt - In the early 1980s most pop music on the radio was glamorous and over-produced. Bands like Duran Duran and The Human League dominated the charts at a time when unemployment and poverty were common, especially in the north of England. Len Liggins lived in Leeds at this time. It was almost impossible to find a job, so he bought a very simple drum machine and a cheap electric guitar and started to write songs. He then borrowed an Electronic Dream Plant ‘WASP’ synthesizer, a bass guitar that was allegedly played on Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Albatross’, and a 4-track cassette recorder – and began to make his own recordings at home. Len’s songs reflect this grim, monochrome time, with its real fear of nuclear war (‘The War Game’), the worry of being poisoned by lead from car exhausts (‘Lead’) and of having nothing to eat (‘Basil Purdy’s Fridge’). And so, from 1980 to 1985 Len created tracks of lo-fi, minimalist, post-punk experimental synth pop, submitting them to fanzines and underground cassette labels such as International Sound Communication, Real Time, Nuclear Terra. Len discovered in fanzines that there were other people in the north of England who were also making music in their bedrooms. It was a new movement! This genre of music later became known in Britain as ‘minimal wave’. It was underground and cool, and a stark contrast to the plastic pop that filled the charts. People listened to it in industrial cities like Leeds, Sheffield and Manchester while rich young businesspeople in London made huge profits on money markets and lived cocaine lifestyles.) 18.00

LITHICS - tower of age LP (trouble in mind - After introducing themselves to the world with 2016's "Borrowed Floors" (Water Wing) and throwing down the gauntlet with 2018's "Mating Surfaces" on Kill Rock Stars, Lithics make the jump to Trouble In Mind for "Tower of Age". "Tower of Age" bristles with invention, wedging lyrical Dadaism into right angles of rhythmic minimalism. This is music in ellipses. A circular communication and a fusion of decades worth of musical insight into a singular refraction of thought & sound. Guitars plunk and scratch, and rhythms pulse and syncopate tightly wound around an imagist's philosophy to "use absolutely no word that does not contribute to the presentation." The band's austere approach to composition and wordplay elevates them above and beyond bands seeking similar sounds; it's not that they use less; it's HOW they use less.) 20.00

LUCY RAILTON / MAX EILBACHER - Forma / Metabolist Meter (Foster, Cottin, Caetani and a Fly) LP (portraits GRM - Forma by Lucy Railton, is a work that burrows deep inside. It disorientates and teases, without malice. Its beauty lies in gentle projections, which, though subtle, leave deep impressions, like the wings of a nocturnal moth reflecting dark light. Its path, too, is unpredictable, but such disorientation is not a reflection of chaos. Instead, a mysterious intention appears through an imperious unfolding - its logic escapes us, but nevertheless captivates us. It is the story of a becoming of forms, as well as of their fading away and their appearance as a disappearance . Metabolist Meter (Foster, Cottin, Caetani and a Fly), by Max Eilbacher is a teeming piece, a matrix where textures and structures merge together, where the polyrhythmic instances become timbre, where the formal abstraction of the harmonic volutes coagulates around a vibrating form that is actualized in the dramatic reality of a dying fly. And this formal mastery is not disembodied in Max Eilbacher’s work and the kaleidoscopic forms of the sound spectra that he has deployed know how to resonate in the sensations and experiences of each one. These two pieces have this in common, but each with their own agenda, that they evolve with grace and inspiration in the vast domain of the sound world and it is a great pride for us to present them in this new collection. INA GRM and Editions MEGO announce the creation of a new collection of releases, the Portraits GRM series. Continuing the fertile collaboration initiated in 2012 with Recollection GRM, the GRM and Editions MEGO have decided to offer a complementary series, no longer focused on the “classic” GRM repertoire but towards recent creations commissioned by the GRM to artists from all horizons. This Portraits GRM series will focus on important and emerging figures of the experimental music scene and will highlight the notion of work rather than album. Many releases in the collection will be contemporary works by two different musicians, each piece taking up the space of one side. Longer works however, will fill an entire record. This new series will come to life with the release of two records, the first devoted to the piece Shutting Down Here by Jim O'Rourke, and the second to the works Metabolist Meter (Foster, Cottin, Caetani, and a Fly) by Max Eilbacher and Forma by Lucy Railton. By reaffirming the concept of musical work, the Portraits GRM series seeks to renew with the pioneering work that the GRM Collection series but also the Philips Prospective 21e Siècle collection had achieved so admirably: offer a panorama of current musical experimentations and embrace a more durable scope with works that manage to extract themselves from an increasingly tyrannical and increasingly hazardous present-time. At a time when nothing knows how to “leave a mark”, this series aims to address both current listeners, and explorers of the future.) 22.00

METH DRINKER - oil LP (throne - If there has to be just one band in the new millenium which could compare to the 90's forefathers and creators of misanthropic Sludge (GRIEF, DYSTOPIA, NOOTHGRUSH, CORRUPTED...) it has undoubtely to be New Zealand's METH DRINKER. The level of NOISE and HATE created by these three sociopaths remains unmatched. This is absolutely unmissable stuff which keeps hundreds of people worldwide hunting for their records even a few years after the band ceased to exist. "These three sonic sociopaths from New Zealand are the authors of some of the most hateful, evil and fucking malignant sludge ever to reach human ear.“ (Cvlt Nation) "Meth Drinker is so visceral it’s painful at points. Be prepared, as the heavy atmosphere can become overbearing and downright oppressive, but isn’t that what we want from Meth Drinker, anyway? (Sputnikmusic)) 18.00

NEWTOWN NEUROTICS - kick out! LP (sealed - Formed in 1979 in new town Harlow, The Newtown Neurotics are one of the most under rated but essential punk bands. Kick Out! is a 15 track round up of their first six singles taking in the years 1979 to 1984. The first two singles Hypocrite and When The Oil Runs Out were melodic nuggets released on their own No Wonder label. Both of these singles were written prior to the election of the Thatcher monster. The horror of this event changed what was the non-political writing style of Steve’s lyrics into the other extreme, and so in June 1982 Kick Out The Tories was released on CNT records. Sadly 38 years later, the lyrics are most poignant and needed than ever. The band continued releasing single after single from the painfully personal to the politically pertinent, all done with intelligence and style. Also included is Andy Is A Corporatist / Mindless Version taken from the Son of Oi! compilation. The album comes with a 32 page booklet of archive – photos, reviews, interviews and more and was conceived to be released alongside the Documentary of the same name about the band’s history.) 20.00

PLAGUE WALKER - Para Mis Enemigo LP (i corpus - Shawn Decker has been a steady force in the DIY screamo league for years, especially known for his band Coma Regalia, the masters of split records which keep on releasing passionate music each year. Back in 2015 Shawn and his friends Anai Sigala and Steph Maldonado (also plays in Lord Snow) formed Plague Walker. After two EP outputs "Para Mis Enemigos" is the band's debut full-length which is more than a solid screamo rager, fiercely speeding its way through 16 raw and emotional songs. You're into bands like Ostraca, Orchid, Portraits Of Past or Reversal Of Man? Then better get into Plague Walker right now!) 14.00

PUNCH ON! - Harm Passes Forward LP (i corrupt -Punch On's new record is a visceral three-song beast, played and recorded by the two-peace screamo outfit from Bristol.) 14.00

RAZEN - Robot Brujo DLP (hands in the dark - We instantly fell in love with Razen the first time we saw them live in September 2018. It was during a unique Sunday morning mass at the Friedenskirche (which translates literally to mean ‘the church of peace’), as part of the Meakusma Festival. Slightly sleep deprived and still euphorically intoxicated from the night before, their performance in front of a full mass of devotees had a biblical aura to it from the first note they played. They delivered a stunning set which was somehow, paradoxically, both relaxing and formidably tense. Two years later and the group are now bringing their talent for restraint and slow tension-building to the fore on “Robot Brujo”. Each of the six improvisations on this double LP is made up of the barest of materials, with the three musicians relying on a limited combination of tones. They lay their focus on small variations in timbre, timing, articulation and vibration, which creates a narrowing of consciousness, and feels something a bit like staring meditatively at the minute changes of leaves blowing in the wind. Recorded over two sessions, in what Razen themselves refer to as their detached playing style, "Robot Brujo" stands as an auditory magnifying glass of concentration, in all its uncanny and minimal glory. It is yet another new step up from the deep listening ensemble from Brussels, after 10 years exploring music together.) 28.00

SANGRE DE MUERDAGO & MONARCH - Sangre De Muerdago & Monarch LP (throne - Ltd to 400 - At the dark times in human history, we persist in creation. That’s what drives bands like Sangre De Muerdago and Monarch to create a split LP that celebrates their friendship and each others’ creative spirits in completely different genres. Sangre De Muerdago’s “As Voces da Pedra” brings together drone and folk with ancient instruments like the hurdy-gurdy and traditional Spanish instruments like the square drum of Peñaparda. It’s a lullaby for the waning human age and a call to the planet to heal. Monarch’s “Immortelles” takes the route of the spirit world, ethereal and all-encompassing and impenetrable by anyone lacking the sight it takes to look beyond physical death. The two sides are beautifully different. The Sangre De Muerdago/Monarch Split LP is a vinyl-only release from Throne Records (CVLT NATION)) 18.00

SAVAK - Rotting Teeth In The Horse's Mouth LP (ernest henning - George Washington’s famous wooden dentures were actually crafted from hippopotamus ivory, brass and gold. The teeth currently occupying the Oval Office are just made of fallacies, narcissism and slime. Rotting Teeth in the Horse’s Mouth, SAVAK’s fourth full-length LP in five years, shows truths about these delusions in the decay of democracy, but also invoke dreams for the daughters of the future. We’re finally in a new decade we only thought existed in the distance of a dystopian science-fiction novel, faced with a waning optimism overcome by the burdening weight of pessimism. There’s no better time than now to welcome the arrival of an album that addresses a lot of the American anxieties which have been bubbling in our collective conscience. Recorded in SAVAK’s Gowanus, Brooklyn studio as the earth literally shook around them from the mechanisms of urban renewal, core SAVAK members and principal songwriters Michael “Jaws” Jaworski and Sohrab Habibion direct you into their headspace with a fiery pool of propulsive rhythms helmed by drummer Matt Schulz that shake in your blood and seep through your most permeable pores. Lyrically, they’re navigating the complexities of everyday life and how to grow and shape a better future in the face of adversity. Musically, they’re a cohesive, balanced package of punk in all its amalgamations, the trio acting as a unit that play off of each other and with each other, always asking what the next best move might be. And sometimes the answer is found by dancing first. “Vis-a-Vis” finds a suitable partner in the communication department before leading the way into “Listening,” an all-out assault on the current gaslighting of America by its own elected representatives. “Exposure” develops driven melodies rooted in self-reflection to keep going through “What is Compassion?,” a meditation on real estate developers and cloud servers. “Aujourd’hui” closes the A-side as a sign of blossoming optimism, written and partially sung in French as a tender tribute to Jaws’ three-year old bilingual muse of a daughter. Kicking off the flipside is “Bayonet,” a nod to the Minutemen’s “Political Song For Michael Jackson To Sing” that tackles war memorials and memorabilia, jamming econo right into the dynamic power structures of “It’s Mutual.” “How Many Duchesses” rises above to signal a call to sacrifice the sacrifices and not become diluted by societies only living through their smartphones. “I Came Alive” relives a bygone period in life, much older and none the wiser, letting loose in the spotlight for a moment, before culminating in the punk-poetry of “We’ve Been Disappearing,” a masterful turn into territory I haven’t been as moved by since hearing The Fresh & Onlys for the first time.) 16.00

SHAKERS - I Need You To Know LP (i corrupt - Recorded live over five days, I Need You To Know encapsulates Shakers’ relentless energy. Channeling the likes of Xerxes, Comadre and Touché Amoré, the five-piece from Wiesbaden, Germany have created a record that sits neatly between Is Survived By (by Touché Amoré) and The Lack Long After (by Pianos Become The Teeth), one that shakes with ferocious energy and incredible musicianship. Pounding drums and ever-intriguing bass lines provide a rock-solid foundation for intricately interplaying guitar melodies, while the range of emotion displayed in the ever-oscillating vocals is rarely found in a genre that is often reluctant to show vulnerability.) 14.00

SHAMEK FARRAH & SONELIUS SMITH - The World of the Children LP (svart mondo - Black vinyl, limited edition of 500 copies. Finnish vinyl nerds, Svart Records, dig obsessively into the vaults of international music history to uncover rare gems. “Mondo Svart” can be defined as “exceptionally Svart.” This is the core of the Svart Records exploration for gold at the back of the record crate. Those rare, undiscovered, and sometimes secret, albums only talked about in hushed voices between collectors in the know. Priceless and out of touch for the general masses, until now. One of the rarest albums on the infamous Jazz label Strata-East from 1977 and it’s a spiritual soul jazz masterpiece. Sonelius Smith’s free piano comes together with Shamek Farrah’s heartfelt saxophone for a totally unforgettable journey into the meaning of sacred jazz. Fresh and imaginative, but not too improvisational. Rhapsodic but never over-indulgent and with a raucous, bold groove that’s in the real classic Strata East mold. Playful and wild but beautiful and confident and with a swagger and expertly crafted finesse that let’s this record sit alongside the very classics of the era as a forgotten gem. One of the tracks of note on this lp is the 10 minute epic Latin Jazz feast, “World Of The Children”, but the entire album is a top class work that will now be infinitely enjoyable for generations to come.) 25.00

SPOTCH FORCEY - 1979-1983 LP (mauerstadt - Limited edition of 250 copies, Lp + Booklet, Postcard, Business info card - French Dada-Avant-Minimal-Electronics from the years 1980-82 by Duo of Jean Marie Boehm and Gilles Dumont) 18.00

SUBDUED - Over The Hills And Far Away LP (la vida - Subdued unleash their crushing debut album and not a moment too soon. In these dark and bleak days of 2020 they deliver a perfect album of classic anarcho punk with gothic tinges. impassioned vocals, raging guitar work that ranges from straight ahead to every so tinted flanged sounds mix with a locked in, energetic and relentless rhythm section. Their are moments of quiet and calm, spoken word vocals and metallic edges that just add to the tension and intensity. if someone told you that this was released in 1986 on Mortarhate, you wouldn’t be surprised. This album, along with Bad Breeding are setting the bar for a new golden age of anarcho punk in the UK. This album deserves a place in your collection next to Icons Of Filth, Anti Sect, Vex and Exit Stance.) 18.00

TAKASHI KOKUBO - Digital Soundology #1: Volk von Bauhaus LP (glossy mistake - Ambient and environmental Japanese scene has flourished stronger than ever in the last years. The pioneers of this sound and the creators of an innovative way of making and understanding ambient music, such as Hiroshi Yoshimura, Yoshio Ojima, Toshifumi Hinata or Takashi Kokubo have been championed and their works have been successfully unearthed by reissue labels. Continuing in this endless path, Glossy Mistakes adds Takashi Kokubo’s brilliant “Volk Von Bauhaus” to its catalogue, with the Japanese masterpiece as the third official release of the Spanish label. As most of 80’s Japanese ambient and environmental music, “Volk Von Bauhaus” is an audio impression designed to give a multi-sensory experience to the listener. An effort to make things audible, an exercise of understanding and soundtracking objects or situations. The main objective of this sound is to create an iconic musical landscape to accompany a specific place. Though his name might be unfamiliar to many, Kokubo has crafted music that has impacted virtually all of Japan, from national mobile phone earthquake alerts to contactless card payment jingles. He was one of the first artists to create ambient music strictly through loops. As he mentioned when release this album, "this recording used no keyboard players, no multitrack tape recording techniques, no analog sounds”. A shift on the process of imagining sound. “Volk Von Haus” is and ode to this ambient, new age and environmental music created in Japan throughout the 80’s. Throughout 9 cuts, Kokubo handcrafts his own sound and immerses the listener in a peaceful yet challenging adventure. The record is the first piece of his Digital Soundology series, and arguably his most interesting work due to the groundbreaking techniques he used. "A revolutionary musical expression that shatters the old values”, explains Kokubo about this piece. And its just what we can hear when we play “Volk Von Haus”. The album includes an unheard exclusive track by Takashi Kokubo an insert with an interview made by Takashi Kokubo. A true gem that must land in every ambient head’s musical library.) 28.00

TOO MUCH - club emotion LP (radcial elite - Sometimes, what seems “to be”… isn’t. And what “was” actually wasn’t. What’s "in" is sometimes out. And what was thought to be "north" is sometimes south. Similarly, up until now, there just wasn’t enough... of TOO MUCH. That’s how its been, ever since dynamic-duo TOO MUCH—RICH MOREL & IAN SVENONIuS—let the world listen in on their once-in-a-millenia electro-beat gobstopper “PATENT LEATHER”; the monster hit which defined dance floors since its release in 2019. “PATENT LEATHER” a bewitching blend of lechery and love, was tattooed on the brain of every loitering lothario in every night-club, roadhouse, and streetlight latrine in both the free and not-so-free worlds.It was so incessant; it shook houses down, burned parliament, and crashed the stock market. Dancers everywhere pleaded for more. TOO MUCH have finally relented and deigned to give the heaving, begging, prostrate mass a new mess of motor-robot rhythm rockers. Yes, that's correct. TOO MUCH have a full length record and they call it… “CLUB EMOTION.” CLUB EMOTION is nine songs of pure ecstasy perfectly suited for the club, the car or the closet. Its a pure joy to listen to in one’s bedroom or at the beach. On a stroll, at a drive-thru, or while careening through the astral-plane, looking for a romantic rendezvous. TOO MUCH, which features Rich Morel (of MOREL, BLOW OFF w/ BOB MOULD, collaborator w/ PET SHOP BOYS, YOKO ONO, US GIRLS) and Ian Svenonius (The MAKE UP, ESCAPE-ISM) is a new kind of group; they aren’t your typical music industry malcontents. They eschew entitlement, egomania, and expectation and replace them with: 1.) A BEAT 2.) a few words of encouragement 3.) the trust that the listener will lean their way. BECAUSE YOU JUST CANT SEEM TO GET ENOUGH ... OF TOO MUCH..) 25.00

WALKING CORPSES - All Safe and Dead LP (static age - After releasing a string of tapes with rotating personal of the industrial scene this reincarnation of the WALKING KORPSES offers a nearly classic orchestration with members whose bands and projects could fill easily two pages of this review. Only it wouldn‘t make you any smarter concerning the sound of the band. Alright mentioning DIÄTS drummer Christian Iffland might give you a hint, just because he‘s a damn good drummer. This is a throbbing post-punk/industrial massacre made by people who know how to butcher. The group around vocalist Jason Honea (SOCIAL UNREST BLABLA) can without hestitation be measured with FLIPPER, BUTTHOLE SURFERS, CHROME, THE BIRTHDAY PARTY and BRAINBOMBS. They sound catchy and plausible just before they put the drill against your head. Like a fat yellow zit, sickening and fascinating at the same time finally leaving you at ease and relieved after it popped with a bang. Highly recommend for anyone who‘s fond of any of the mentioned Bands above craving fresh fodder. ( KH Stille, OX Magazine )) 15.00

WINTER - Into Darkness / Eternal Frost DLP BOX (svart - The ultimate edition on vinyl! Housed in a heavy-duty slipcase, the package features a replica of Into Darkness LP with original cover layout, the demo Eternal Frost making its vinyl debut plus a thick magazine with Winter memorabilia. This version is on black vinyl and limited to 600 copies. Perpetually out of print, much sought after and universally worshipped amongst those in the know, Winter’s Into Darkness was a game-changing classic. Formed in New York circa 1988, Winter played slow, deep and hard nuclear doom with a crust punk rawness, that came across like Hellhammer jamming with Amebix. Their penchant for mammoth sized and funeral-paced, wasteland droning has become a touchstone reference for bands across the whole spectrum of underground metal. Their pre-internet infamy led to Winter demos being tape- traded in hallowed adoration by fans and bands alike, gaining notable fans such as Fenriz from Darkthrone. Deserving of their special place in the pantheon of one-off classic albums, the Swans-like noise and down-tuned Earth-like riffs of Into Darkness went on to spawn countless doom and sludge bands, being an influence for an entire doomed generation. The Winter come-back show at Roadburn Festival in 2011 was massively anticipated and held a captivated audience. Packing out one of The Netherlands largest stages, that particular Winter show, after many years in obscurity is a rare event that is still highly regarded today. The band is a rare jewel amongst collectors, and audiences alike. Svart Records is proud to re-release Into Darkness once more, having only been reissued once in a limited edition during this millennium, putting the album back in print for a new generation of listeners. This reprint notably also features the legendary demo which was only reissued on a mini-cd in 1995, now finally on vinyl.) 41.00


WINTER - Into Darkness (extended) DCD (svart - The ultimate edition on CD. Housed in a heavy-duty double digipak, the set features the original Into Darkness album on the first disc and the demo Eternal Frost on the second. There’s also a heavy booklet with every possible piece of Winter memorabilia imaginable. Perpetually out of print, much sought after and universally worshipped amongst those in the know, Winter’s Into Darkness was a game-changing classic. Formed in New York circa 1988, Winter played slow, deep and hard nuclear doom with a crust punk rawness, that came across like Hellhammer jamming with Amebix. Their penchant for mammoth sized and funeral-paced, wasteland droning has become a touchstone reference for bands across the whole spectrum of underground metal. Their pre-internet infamy led to Winter demos being tape- traded in hallowed adoration by fans and bands alike, gaining notable fans such as Fenriz from Darkthrone. Deserving of their special place in the pantheon of one-off classic albums, the Swans-like noise and down-tuned Earth-like riffs of Into Darkness went on to spawn countless doom and sludge bands, being an influence for an entire doomed generation. The Winter come-back show at Roadburn Festival in 2011 was massively anticipated and held a captivated audience. Packing out one of The Netherlands largest stages, that particular Winter show, after many years in obscurity is a rare event that is still highly regarded today. The band is a rare jewel amongst collectors, and audiences alike. Svart Records is proud to re-release Into Darkness once more, having only been reissued once in a limited edition during this millennium, putting the album back in print for a new generation of listeners. This reprint notably also features the legendary demo which was only reissued on a mini-cd in 1995, now finally on vinyl. The double CD package will feature a large lush booklet, and the double vinyl set comes in a slipcase box with a luxury 32 page magazine, with every imaginable press clipping and piece of memorabilia about Winter ever produced!) 22.00
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hi. Another week passed and here we are with some news. We just got the new BETHS LP and restock of their previous record, the new ASHTAR LP, FLUISTERAAS restock, BELL WITCH AND AERIAL RUIN - Stygian Bough Volume I DLP, BOILLAT THERACE QUINTET re issue, the new HARU NEMURI - Lovetheism LP and restock of her previous album, the fantastic FROB re issue, PANOPTICON - Social Disservices LP, ULCERATE - Stare Into Death And Be Still DLP, SANGRE DE MUERDAGO & MONARCH - Sangre De Muerdago & Monarch LP, DEATH - The Sound Of Preserverance LONGSLEEVES, VOX POPULI! - La Cathedrale Morte LP re issue, PORRIDGE RADIO restock, RADIERER 7“ re issues etc etc.

The FREE shipping for orders in between GERMANY over 50 euros and 100 euros in EUROPE is still on. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT

You can also get digital stuff on the adagio830 Bandcamp etc.

THANK YOU! All the support means so much for us. STAY SAFE!!!!!!!!!

Norman & Robert


ANNETTE BENJAMIN WITH THE RAZOR SMILEZ - Für Ne Frau Gut 7“ (blitzkrieg - Legendary Hans-A-Plast singer Annette Benjamin plays 3 classic Hans-A-Plast songs with Osnabrück-based punk band Razor Smilez.) 12.00

MOVING TARGETS - Run 7“ (blitzkrieg - Absolut unterbewertete, aber legendäre Band im Post-Punkrock Bereich, der heilige Gral, der Missing Link zwischen Mission of Burma, The Lemonheads, Bullet LaVolta und Buffalo Tom! Noch dieses Jahr kommt endlich ein neues Album der Bostoner Legende auf Boss Tuneage names "Wire", die neue Besetzung um Kenny Chambers reisst es echt raus! Top! Hier als Appetizer schon mal 4 Songs!) 11.00

DIE RADIERER - Tennisplätze Auf Dem Mars 7“ (blitz - Limitierte Auflage von 300 handnummerierten Exemplaren auf Tennis-Sandplatz farbenem Vinyl. Zwei neue Songs der Band, die im "direct communications" Verfahren via Internet aufgenommen wurden. Ihren subversiven Witz haben sie sich bewahrt und musikalisch ist das auch immer noch zackiger Pop-Punk mit Ohrwurm-Qualitäten.) 12.00

DIE RADIERER - Das Model 7“ (blitzkrieg - Limitierte Auflage von 200 handnummerierten Exemplaren auf weissem Vinyl. Mit einer super-zackigen Cover-Version von "Das Model", aufgenommen 1980. Sowie zwei Versionen ihrer KRAFTWERK Hommage "Autobahn": Live 1980 im Berliner Exzess, sowie die Studio-Aufnahme von der "Eisbären & Zitronen" LP (ZickZack 1981).) 12.00

DIE RADIERER - Radierer 80 7" (Special Edition) (blitzrieg - Special Edition for friends and supporter, handnumbered to 100 copies. Gold vinyl comes in a picture-frame with hiddenprint. Signed by the band. Drei Klassiker zum 40jährigen Band-Jubiläum: Der Mega-Superhit "Angriff Aufs Schlaraffenland" von der Zick Zack EP (meiner all-time favorite 7" aus Deutschland...), "Probleme" in der Version von der legendären Non Dom Tape-Compilation und "Inzucht" live im Ratinger Hof, Düsseldorf 1980.) 25.00

DIE RADIERER - Radierer 80 7“ (blitzkrieg - Limitierte Auflage von 200 handnummerierten Exemplaren auf goldenem Vinyl. Inklusive einem 8seitigen farbig gedruckten Booklet, mit Photos und Infos. Drei Klassiker zum 40jährigen Band-Jubiläum: Der Mega-Superhit "Angriff Aufs Schlaraffenland" von der Zick Zack EP (meiner all-time favorite 7" aus Deutschland...), "Probleme" in der Version von der legendären Non Dom Tape-Compilation und "Inzucht" live im Ratinger Hof, Düsseldorf 1980.) 12.00

TERRY & THE RORISTS - Boycott Germany 7“ (blitz - Terry & The Rorists were a band in 1978 and Limburg's first punk band that later became Die Radierer. The tracks were written in 1978 and recorded in 2018.) 12.00


AFSKY - Ofte jeg drømmer mig død LP (vendetta - Comes with a 24 page booklet with all the lyrics, in danish Spot UV print on cover - New long aticipated AFSKY record) 16.00

ALVIN LUCIER - Works For The Ever Present Orchestra DLP (black truffle - Black Truffle’s documentation of the prolific recent work of legendary American composer Alvin Lucier continues with Works for the Ever Present Orchestra. This is a very special release for the composer, as it presents pieces written for the thirteen-member Ever Present Orchestra, formed in 2016 exclusively to perform Lucier’s works. At the heart of the ensemble are four electric guitars, an instrument Lucier began composing for in 2013 with Criss-Cross (recorded by two core members of the Ever Present Orchestra, Oren Ambarchi and Stephen O’Malley, for whom it was composed, on Black Truffle 033). Through the use of e-bows, the guitars take on a role akin to the slow sweep pure wave oscillators heard in many of Lucier’s works since the early 1980s, but with added harmonic richness. Like much of Lucier’s instrumental music, the pieces recorded here focus on acoustic phenomena, especially beating patterns, produced by the interference between closely tuned pitches. The work presented here is some of the richest and most inviting that Lucier has composed. Though all of the pieces clearly belong to the same continuing exploration of the behaviour of sound in physical space and make use of related compositional devices, each takes on a strikingly different character. Titled Arc, for the full ensemble of four guitars, four saxophones, four violins, piano and bowed glockenspiel inhabits a world of sliding, uneasy tones, punctuated by a single piano note. Where Double Helix, for four guitars, rests on a pillow of warm, low hum, EPO-5, for two guitars, saxophone, violin, and glockenspiel possess a limpid, crystalline quality. Accompanying the four new compositions are two adaptations of existing pieces for radically different instrumentation, demonstrating Lucier’s excitement about the new possibilities suggested by this dedicated ensemble. Works for the Ever Present Orchestra is an essential document of the current state of Lucier’s continuing exploration, as well as offering a seductive entry-point for anyone who might yet be unacquainted with his singular body of work.) 28.00

ANNETTE BENJAMIN WITH THE RAZOR SMILEZ - Ist Das Musik, ...Oder Kann Das Weg? LP (blitzkrieg - Annette Benjamin spielt auf dieser Platte mit den OS/Münster Punks von den Razor Smilez eine Update Version ihrer Hans-A-Plast Klassiker! Die LP kommt im transparenten Doppelfaltcover, hat Linernotes von Hollow Skai, ist Kondompink, nummeriert auf 444 Stück, hat ein großes doppelseitiges Fotobeiblatt und ist mit orig. Hansaplast Pflaster versiegelt! Liveaufnahmen von 2 verschiedenen Festivals, "Rock'n'Roll Freitag" ist 2x drauf. Inklusive der Ultrahits "Hau Ab, Du Stinks" und "Rank Xerox“.) 20.00

ASHTAR - Kaikuja LP (eisenwald - RED VINYL - Translated from Finnish as “Echoes,” Kaikuja is aptly titled, for its dense-yet-spacious soundwalls bear a rich ‘n’ reverberating strength. Trace elements of black metal and doom exist once again, but are further spliced with the DNA of drone, sludge, and even post-rock, making for a heady (and HEAVY) brew that’s seemingly served up with ease by ASHTAR. And even more so than the debut, for a band that’s “merely” a duo, these five epic-length songs emit an almost-impossible density, bewitchingly revealing new layers with each listen. And at nearly 40 minutes, the landscape ASHTAR paint here is far more vast than that compact runtime suggests. Open your ears and receive the resounding echoes of ASHTAR’s Kaikuja!) 21.00

BELL WITCH AND AERIAL RUIN - Stygian Bough Volume I DLP (profound lore - The debut collaboration album from doom metal giants Bell Witch and Aerial Ruin (the solo folk project of singer / songwriter Erik Moggridge), under the moniker of Stygian Bough is a culmination of the work of both artists as witnessed previously on Bell Witch’s three full-length albums, where Moggrdige has contributed guest vocals.  With each succeeding Bell Witch release, one has seen Moggridge’s involvement with the band developing, growing and getting more elaborate. This release, produced by Randall Dunn (Sunn O))), Wolves In The Throne Room, Anna Von Hausswolff), follows up Bell Witch’s colossal Mirror Reaper opus with Moggrdige actually being involved in the creative and writing process with the band duo of Dylan Desmond (bass / vocals) and Jesse Shreibman (drums / synthesizers / vocals). Not only does Stygian Bough expand and broaden this alliance between the artists, but with Aerial Ruin contributing to the songwriting of this dedicated collaboration and incorporating his signature and alluring style of emotionally-driven folk, along with taking the lead vocal position, adding to the band’s caliber of unearthly towering doom, this album becomes its own singular,  unparalleled doom metal entity.) 35.00

THE BETHS - Jump Rope Gazers LP (carpark - TANGERINE COLORED Everything changed for The Beths when they released their debut album, Future Me Hates Me, in 2018. The indie rock band had long been nurtured within Auckland, New Zealand’s tight-knit music scene, working full-time during the day and playing music with friends after hours. Full of uptempo pop rock songs with bright, indelible hooks, the LP garnered them critical acclaim from outlets like Pitchfork and Rolling Stone, and they set out for their first string of shows overseas. They quit their jobs, said goodbye to their home town, and devoted themselves entirely to performing across North America and Europe. They found themselves playing to crowds of devoted fans and opening for acts like Pixies and Death Cab for Cutie. Almost instantly, The Beths turned from a passion project into a full-time career in music. Songwriter and lead vocalist Elizabeth Stokes worked on what would become The Beths’ second LP, Jump Rope Gazers, in between these intense periods of touring. Like the group’s earlier music, the album tackles themes of anxiety and self-doubt with effervescent power pop choruses and rousing backup vocals, zeroing in on the communality and catharsis that can come from sharing stressful situations with some of your best friends. Stokes’s writing on Jump Rope Gazers grapples with the uneasy proposition of leaving everything and everyone you know behind on another continent, chasing your dreams while struggling to stay close with loved ones back home. "If you're at a certain age, all your friends scatter to the four winds,” Stokes says. “We did the same thing. When you're home, you miss everybody, and when you're away, you miss everybody. We were just missing people all the time.”) 24.00

BOILLAT THERACE QUINTET Featuring Benny Bailey - my greatest love LP (we release jazz - Official reissue of the very rare modal, hard bop and soul-jazz gem from Switzerland. Includes superb takes on Freddie Hubbard’s “Gibraltar” and Kenny Dorham’s “Blue Bossa” plus beautiful compositions from the Boillat Therace crew. With the legend himself Benny Bailey on trumpet and flugelhorn! Reissued in conjunction with Boillat Thérace Quintet’s self-titled album from 1974. To celebrate the two Boillat Thérace reissues we're also releasing a limited series of special colored JAZZ t-shirts and sweatshirts. Available in bundles with the records or separately.) 25.00

BOILLAT THERACE QUINTET - Boillat Thérace Quintet LP (we release jazz - Official reissue of the very rare soul-jazz and modal gem from Switzerland. Includes superb covers of Freddie Hubbard’s “Straight Life”, Keith Jarrett’s “In Your Quiet Place”, and Rahsaan Roland Kirk’s “Sweet Fire”, plus groovy compositions from the Boillat Therace crew. With an exquisitely funky track named after the famed yet elusive (and locally legendary) Swiss Marmite: “Cenovis”!Reissued in conjunction with Boillat Thérace Quintet’s My Greatest Love featuring Benny Bailey (1975) To celebrate the two Boillat Thérace reissues we're also releasing a limited series of special colored JAZZ t-shirts and sweatshirts. Available in bundles with the records or separately.) 25.00

FLUISTERAARS - bloem LP (back in stock - After more than four long years, the enigmatic black metal act Fluisteraars return with their third full-length record, “Bloem”. This new chapter in the ever-expanding output of perhaps one of the most creative acts in the Dutch scene is set for release on February 28, 2020. The band recorded the follow up to 2015’s “Luwte” in E-Sound Studios, under the recording auspices of T. Cochrane, who contributed significant brass instrument flourishes on the record as well. From the first feedback-laden chord struck at the beginning of opener “Tere Muur”, one is immediately taken into the familiar Fluisteraars tonal register that has marked most of their output since the previous full-length album. However this familiarity is skillfully deconstructed throughout the following tracks, moving between ripping blast beats and greater vistas of lush melancholy. Again, the versatile performances of B. Mollema (vocals) effectively narrate the unmistakable songwriting of main instrumentalist M. Koops (guitars, bass, drums, piano). Thematically, “Bloem” conjures old and reimagined folktales and legends in which flowers act as both symbols for birth and regeneration as well as crippling decay. The flower can be imagined as both an object of beauty in itself as well as a single glistening star in a whole night-sky of blossoming spring. The romantic naturalism on display within these five songs attest to a band wholly enamored with the forests and fields of the Gueldrian Veluwe; fully committed to capturing its seasonal shift like the romantic Oosterbeek painters before them. From the beginning, Fluisteraars has been known to experiment with influences of psychedelic folk. On ‘Bloem’, this input is lifted into a realm of psyched-out rural black metal mysticism. In parts reminding the listener of old psychedelic rock by the likes The Electric Prunes, the minimal but extremely effective orchestration in some parts even touches on a production style reminiscent of Lee Hazlewood. However, what Fluisteraars offer here are not the very long and drawn-out compositions by which they are perhaps more well known, but captivating and moving songs, nowhere crossing the eight-minute mark.) 22.00

FROB - same LP (replica - A unique psychedelic kraut/jazz rock album, originally released in 1976, sees a welcome reissue. Formed in 1973 in the German town of Rheda-Wiedenbruck, Frob also included French jazz-fusion guitar player Philippe Caillat in its line-up.) 18.00

HARU NEMURI - Lovetheism LP (specifc - Back again and infectious as ever: Haru Nemuri fleshes out her sound without overegging the pudding. After the release of her powerhouse 2018 debut Haru to Shura, Haru Nemuri quickly became a pretty important artist for a lot of people. Bursting onto the international stage from out of nowhere, her noisey synth-raps played out as a reconfiguration of J-pop that held unexpected value for many who would otherwise have written off that scene. Haru’s sound is adamantly Japanese while bulldozing many of the tropes that frequently turn people off from the country’s brighter music, with infectious energy and palpable emotional sincerity that give it a good deal of staying power. Backed up by a series of roof-raising shows across Europe, Haru to Shura’s honeymoon period was extensive and glorious, so much so that Haru’s self-descriptions as an indestructible force of loud, maximalist love seemed right on the money. But, as always, there’s a flip side: whenever an artist seems to ride on sunshine, the calibre of expectations for their next move tend to get a little skiffy. Haru’s ever-expanding public platform has been so overwhelmingly positive that I felt a little guilty about harbouring misgivings over whether she could keep up her golden streak. This wasn’t helped by how satisfying Haru to Shura felt across as a standalone package; that record’s sound didn’t seem to require further unpacking, and yet Haru has clearly been so content performing it ever since that it would be unreasonable to expect much of a departure. All things considered, there were a good deal of reasons for excitement at the prospect of a follow-up, many of which also served as ample basis for cocked eyebrows.) 20.00

HEADS. - push LP (glitterhouse - “Louder and more angry than ever, HEADS. return with a barrage of noisy post-punk that sets contemporary beat poetry to the sound of an industrial catastrophe.”) 21.00

HEDVIG MOLLESTAD - Ekhidna LP (rune grammofon - Widely praised from Rolling Stone to Downbeat, Mojo to Wire and Jazzwise; electrifying guitarist Hedvig Mollestad hits us with a multifaceted and dynamic progressive jazzrock monster high on fierce riffs, rich textures, vibrant solos and strong melody lines. In May 2018 Hedvig received an invitation from Vossajazz - the much loved annual festival established in 1973 - to write the commission work for 2019. This came at the right time, she had been thinking about writing for a bigger group than the trio, and this would be a good opportunity. To make it suitable for album release the full festival version was edited, sharpened and recorded from scratch in Amper Tone studio in Oslo. In addition to Hedvig on guitar, the line-up includes powerhouse drummer Torstein Lofthus (Elephant9) and percussionist Ole Mofjell, the youngest member, but with solid experience from the European improvisation scene. Keyboard duties are handled by Marte Eberson, probably most known from her five years with Highasakite, and Erlend Slettevoll (The Core and supergroup Grand General, Rune Grammofon 2013). Hedvig first met trumpeter Susana Santos Silva in Mats Gustafsson´s NU-ensemble. Ekhidna is a figure from Greek mythology; half woman, half snake. Hevig is keen to stress that it´s not a concept album as such, but loosely tied to themes of human struggle and being a mother in times when our increasing inability to live in harmony with nature paints a bleak picture.) 26.00

HELENA HAUFF - Kern Vol. 5 – Exclusives + Rarities 3xLP (tresor - Boss lass Helena Hauff tears thru 31 hardcore electro-techno zingers on her keenly awaited addition to Tresor’s Kern series after ace instalments from DJ Stingray and Objekt. Throwing back to a phase of fast, hard and scuzzy electro from the late ‘90s to mid ‘00s, Hamburg’s finest goes hell for leather in the style that’s practically seen her block-booked for DJ dates until 2030. It’s pretty fair to say that Helena has single-handedly revived attention to a style that was once core to clubs from Detroit to Berlin, Rotterdam and Manchester before prevailing trends diverged for bassier pressures by end of the ‘00s. However, whether you were there back then or not, Helena’s cherry-picked bombs and rarities are bound to plug gaps in your knowledge and, quite frankly, light your arsch on fire. Packing exclusive heat from herself with Morah (the bezerker industrial-electro od ‘Segment 3’) and allies including Umwelt, Machino, Galaxian and L.F.T., Helena simply does not let up with the fire selections and militant pacing, dispensing banger-for-banger with ghetto-tech highlights from Detroit’s DJ Godfather & DJ Starski and O-Wells, old skool UK hardcore from Q.D.T., Nasenbluten’s ferocious ’Intellectual Killer’, and deep Dutch electro from Maarten Van Der Vleuten to join the dots between cthonic hardcore dance musics from the late golden era, and its long shadow, from across the globe.) 35.00

LUC ESTANG & PIERRE HENRY - saint exupery LP (fantome - During his long and illustrious career the French composer and musique concrète pioneer Pierre Henry created a lare amount of incidental music to accompany literary texts, both on record and for the stage, from Jules Verne to Victor Hugo, from Lautréamont to Antonin Artaud. This incredibly rare LP from 1959 is a radio play about the life of French pilot and writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, based on the 1956 book by Luc Estang on the subject. The interpreters are a small theater troupe including French actor Paul Meurisse (1912-1979), famous for popular films and as a member of national theater company La Comédie Française. Underlying key scenes, Pierre Henry's contribution to the play consists of electronic and musique concrète sounds, adding a contemporary dimension to the text. A beautiful piece from one of the mid-20th century's truly brilliant sonic explorers.) 18.00

MONA SERVO - Les Réalités Alternatives LP (213 - "In graceful and synthetic invitation, Mona Servo weaves subtle and liquid tapetries for us, washing our certainties away and enveloping us in alternate realities as beautiful as they are essential.“) 16.00

NAXEN - Towards The Tomb Of Times LP (vendetta - 2nd full length by NAXEN - beautiful melodies, epic moments, mournful sadness..) 16.00

PANOPTICON - Social Disservices LP (nordbis - Social Disservices is quite possibly Austin Lunn's most scathing and pained album to date. Sonically, in performance/execution and of course in the very content lyrically, every nuance of this album screams with the agonizing reality of mental health issues and the often broken inner workings of the institution born to try and quell the folks afflicted with such disorders. The very discussion of such institutions is a lot to take and Austin has so skilfully reflected these horrors through the 4 tracks of this punishing and gut wrenching album. With blazing speed, the ruptured and twisted vocal style of Austin leading the charge, Social Disservices gives the listener a bleak yet masterful glimpse into a subject that most are fortunate enough to never have to, or just plain don't want to discuss/face.) 25.00

SANGRE DE MUERDAGO & MONARCH - Sangre De Muerdago & Monarch LP (throne . Ltd to 400 - At the dark times in human history, we persist in creation. That’s what drives bands like Sangre De Muerdago and Monarch to create a split LP that celebrates their friendship and each others’ creative spirits in completely different genres. Sangre De Muerdago’s “As Voces da Pedra” brings together drone and folk with ancient instruments like the hurdy-gurdy and traditional Spanish instruments like the square drum of Peñaparda. It’s a lullaby for the waning human age and a call to the planet to heal. Monarch’s “Immortelles” takes the route of the spirit world, ethereal and all-encompassing and impenetrable by anyone lacking the sight it takes to look beyond physical death. The two sides are beautifully different. The Sangre De Muerdago/Monarch Split LP is a vinyl-only release from Throne Records (CVLT NATION)) 18.00

TROUBLE - psalm9 LP (hammerheart - GREY VINYL - Trouble’s classic debut album from 1984 with faithfully restored audio represents everything that Doom Metal should be) 20.00

TROUBLE - The Skull LP (hammerheart - Trouble’s second album “The Skull” from 1985 is a cornerstone of Doom Metal) 20.00

ULCERATE - Stare Into Death And Be Still DLP (debumor - The unmistakeable sound of ULCERATE finds its emotional apex on 6th album “Stare Into Death and Be Still”, as the band emerge from the claustrophobia and dissonance of their recent past to present a next-level exploration of melody, harmony and power. The band’s signature ultra-atmospheric blend of highest order unorthodox Death Metal with the texture of futurist Black Metal is here pared-down with the consummate hand of experience, giving stunning credence to the riff, the song and the meaning. Embracing production clarity, ULCERATE use these songs to fully showcase their otherworldly musicianship: a vocal performance from Paul Kelland of unadulterated authority, Michael Hoggard’s guitar and Jamie Saint Merat’s percussion working in tandem with startling skill and originality, simultaneously skewed and heart-rending, often addictively succinct and revelling in strident motifs that hook, haunt and transform the listener with their expressive honesty. Thematically the album explores the concept of “death reverence” – drawing on recent personal experience to confront the truism that death and tragedy aren't always sudden or violent, that people are often passive observers trapped “in the silent horror of observing death calmly and cleanly”. “Stare Into Death and Be Still” is the deepest, purest and most meticulous form of ULCERATE: a soul-searching conflagration of atypical melodicism, immaculate virtuosic dexterity and sublimated psychological upheaval. A breathtaking new beginning for one of the most uniquely talented bands in extreme music.) 34.00

VOX POPULI! - La Cathedrale Morte LP (backwards - Backwards presents the REISSUE of this amazing VOX POPULI! album originally released on cassette (1985) by Cause And Effect in the United States. Self-labeled as an ethno-industrial project, Vox Populi! is one of the most intriguing and original band emerged from French underground. These recordings were made between 1980 and 1985. The album presents 7 tracks of analog experimental ethno industrial music! Released in a luxurious edition of 400 copies only. Silkscreened cover with printed inner-sleeve.) 24.00

WILEY GEESHIE & ELVIE THOMAS – Rise & Erasure LP (night - For many years, I have been fascinated by the blue duo Elvie Thomas and Geeshie Wiley. They recorded four songs in 1930 and two the following, which are classics to people like me who love all that old blues music we associate with the Mississippi Delta. In addition to it being really unique in that here you have two great blues singers and guitar players working together, there was the fact that we didn’t know anything about them.) 17.00


DEATH - The Sound Of Preserverance LONGSLEEVE BLACK (Sizes are smaller than usual!Washed out Black Longsleeve with front and back and sleeve print in M/L/XL) 26.00

THE JESUS AND MARY CHAIN - April Skies T-shirt (plastic - Black GILDAN Shirt with grey front print in M/L/XL) 18.00
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hi. we skipped last weeks newsletter cause of vacation duty - but here we are with a new one packed with lots of new records. We got a bunch of restocks, (dischord, majority rule, no man etc etc etc) and also some highlights are MOON ON THE WATER - Moon On The Water LP re issue restock, ROBERTO LANERI - Anadyomene LP, DON CHERRY - Om Shanti Om LP, PJ HARVEY - Dry LP, THE SOFT PINK TRUTH - why do the heathen rage LP, ROSE CITY BAND - Summerlong LP, CLEAR CHANNEL - Hell LP, MUTANT SCUM - s/t LP, REDS - Is: Means LP, BC GILBERT / G LEWIS / RUSSEL MILLS - MZUI LP, TRUTH CULT - Off Fire LP (anothr LP on ADAGIO830 later this year, LOWFISH - Test(e) DLP, ARBOURETUM - Let It All In LP, WOODS - Strange To Explain LP, V/A - Kaleidoscope | New Spirits Known and Unknown 3LP and more … we also have a few of the WINTER LP box (1st press) left.

The FREE shipping for orders in between GERMANY over 50 euros and 100 euros in EUROPE is still on. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT

You can also get digital stuff on the adagio830 Bandcamp etc.

THANK YOU! All the support means so much for us. STAY SAFE!!!!!!!!!

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RASHOMON - Demo 2017 7“ ("Rashōmon are perhaps the most exciting new band to emerge from the latest wave of DC hardcore. Out of all the "NWODCHC" tagged groups, I felt like most have lacked any kind of endearing sound and have felt like projects to exercise a take on a particular sub-sub genre. That feeling aside, Rashōmon have been turning heads with this excellent four song demo, and for good reason. The group incorporates a few older DCHC heads (guys from Aghast, Sick Fix, etc. - though hardly any of that sound is present) with younger folks from Kombat and Misled Youth, fronted by the energetic Kohei Urakami. The sound here isn't precisely Japanese, nor by the numbers hardcore, also incorporating some metallic guitar licks that don't overpower the beat. A truly exciting demo one of the best new bands currently operating out of DC." - Sam Richardson) 7.00


ARBOURETUM - Let It All In LP (thril Jocke - Arbouretum’s mystic folk-rock collapses a continuum of 20th century music into decidedly classic song structures. English folk, country blues, Americana and 70s psychedelia all serve as touchpoints in their singular and distinctive sound. The Baltimore-based band have perfected the craft of storytelling using the delicate interplay of melodies and prosaic lyrics to tell vivid stories that engage the listener and transport them the way an immersive novel would. Let It All In stands as their most accomplished and evocative album to date. Guitarist and vocalist Dave Heumann’s melodies and solos still remain a central focus bolstered by the hypnotic rhythms of bassist Corey Allender and drummer Brian Carey and enhanced by Matthew Pierce’s substantial yet understated keyboard figures. Each song is a vivid scene or tale; meticulously detailed and crafted, transporting the listener to another world and time. Recorded at Wrightway Studios with Steve Wright, the record’s elaborate, delicate and interlocking melodies expand with improvisation as in the relentless forward-motion of title track “Let In All In”, or the slow cosmic churn of “No Sanctuary Blues”. Let It All In features two drummers on nearly every track. David Bergander worked with long-time core member Carey to develop complementary parts, blended together as if they were a single player rather than two separate instrumentalists. New sounds are nowhere more evident than on  “High Water Song”.  With its raucous honky-tonk piano laid down by Hans Chew and walls of layered saxophone, trumpet and flugelhorn played by Dave Ballou and Matthew Pierce, it is a striking new addition to their catalog of songs. Heumann’s deep sense of spirituality and command of storytelling through myth and metaphor resonates through Arbouretum’s music. Let It All In invokes nature as a backdrop for exploring humanity's relationship to time, history, and the present socio-political climate, often highlighting water as a ubiquitous if often unconscious presence in our lives. It acts as a subtle connecting thread through each piece’s imagined landscapes, as well as taking on a symbol for change and spirit. The “black and deepest crimson” of sunrise over the Atlantic ocean on “How Deep It Goes” reflects on current political turmoil and the obfuscation of truth. "High Water Song" follows a narrator whose home is washed away by the effects of climate change and struggles to integrate into a new homeland. Title track "Let It All In" acts as a thematic thesis to the album, musing on both the pitfalls and benefits of letting the outside world into one's inner life. Let It All In is as instantly arresting as it is deeply reflective, with layers of sound and metaphor for the listener to unravel and interpret in their own way.  It is a beautiful album that lives in and reflects the present moment while sounding as if it were forged in another era. The group has always centered around Heumann’s remarkable voice and songwriting. His skill as a vocalist and guitar player have led to playing with artists such as Cass McCombs, Will Oldham, and many others. Heumann’s songs are transportive and decidedly album-oriented, and Let It All In is an invitation to jump into an album rich with timeless elegance. The rarity of their live shows and the otherworldliness of their music have made Arbouretum a cultish band, a treasure for those that discover their albums. Their profound music endures and rewards fans both old and new. Arbouretum has added to their catalog another exceptional work that will weather changing fashions and reward those who explore their entirely unique world.) 22.00

BC GILBERT / G LEWIS / RUSSEL MILLS - MZUI LP (spittle - Originally conceived for a multi-media installation, the music contained in this album represents one of Lewis and Gilbert's earliest steps in their immediate post-WIRE period. With the band's break-up in February 1980, the duo began to take a more explorative approach through various projects (Dome, Kupol...). Clearly they needed something different and more open out. That's how they started to work on the Mzui multi-media installation, some sort of evolving work in progress that eventually took place at London's Waterloo Gallery in August 1981. Joined by artist Russell Mills, the ex-WIRE duo built an imaginary space where all sorts of sculptures, found objects, ambiance sounds and audience reactions were components of the same multiple experience. Some time afterward Cherry Red Records proposed a recording project based on the mixing of the resulting tapes. The whole MZUI album, originally released in 1982, is about the notion of sound as landscape, and the soundscape as a guide to an extended form of listening and a unique aural experience. Not a very different concept than Brian Eno's ambient experiments of the same period, but less lyrical and more dark-urban oriented. For too many years out of print, finally digitally remastered, here's the first vinyl reissue of this historical album. As for its 1981's first release, the record comes packaged in a six pages 12" foldable printed sheet with photos in a plain black sleeve, within a clear PVC cover. Ltd. to 500 copies.) 22.00

THE CHICO HAMILTON QUINET - Chico Hamilton Special LP (doxy - Typical Chico genius of the era. This is one of only two recordings by Chico's fourth quintet lineup, Bye Bye Birdie - Irma la Douce being the other. Featuring Charles Lloyd on alto sax and flute. The numbers featuring Lloyd on flute (like "Autumn Clear Channel is the Washignton, DC punk band that includes Mary Regalado of Downtown Boys. Following the Hot Fruit EP, the band has released their debut LP. It's called Hell and it's self-released.) 20.00

CLEAR CHANNEL - Hell LP (God created bass - and of the bass, God created Mary. Mary was lonely, and so she asked God to sculpt Carson and Awad out of a kick drum and a pair of bongos, and then Don joined and all was right with the world. This is their first record together. FFO: Gauche!, Priests, Flasher,…) Leaves“, "New Rhumba" and "Afternoon of a Breeze") are especially cool.) 20.00)

CONAN / DEADSMOKE - Doom Sessions Vol. 1 LP ( heavy psych - Heavy Psych Sounds comes with a brand new series of split albums that will be called DOOM SESSIONS. They are going to release a bunch of compilations with doom bands from Heavy Psych Sounds roster featuring some of the heaviest bands of the world doom scene. Each volume will host two bands. This record is VOL. 1 – a split album with our doomy-sludge band Deadsmoke, that is premiering two brand new tracks “Dead Minds Army” and “Dethroned Concrete” featuring the UK heavy-riff masters Conan and their masterpiece “Beheaded”. Cover design by Alan O’Neill.) 23.00

CORIKY - s/t LP (dischord - back in stock - What is the spiritual opposite of a supergroup? Although the trio Coriky is composed of three formidable D.C. punk legends — Ian MacKaye, Amy Farina and Joe Lally — its guiding ethos has, from inception, been one of extreme modesty. Consider that Coriky’s first show, at St. Stephen’s Church in November 2018, was announced only a few days before it happened, as a footnote to an email sent out to the listserv of the local activist group. To even call it a “show,” actually, was too grand: Coriky billed the gig as an “open practice.” No promotional photos of Coriky exist, just a minimalist collage of three faceless, whole-moon-like construction paper cut-outs (the one representing Farina has a shaggy haircut; the MacKaye one, a construction-paper beanie). Their official bio contains not so much as a breath of filler: “Formed in 2015, Coriky did not play their first show until 2018. They have recorded one album. They hope to tour. (washington post)) 18.00

DON CHERRY - Om Shanti Om LP (black sweat - An amazing document of the life experiment that was the Organic Music Society. This super quality audio, recorded by RAI (the italian public broadcasting company) in 1976 for television, documents a quartet concert focused on vocals compositions and improvisations. Here, Don Cherry and his family-community’s musical belief emerges in its simplicity, with the desire to merge the knowledge and stimuli gained during numerous travels across the World in a single sound experience. Don's pocket-trumpet is melted with the beats of the great Brazilian percussionist Nana Vasconcelos, the Italian guitar of Gian Piero Pramaggiore, and the tanpura drone of Moki. A pure hippie aesthetic, like in an intimate ceremony, filters a magical encounter between Eastern and Western civiliziations, offering different suggestions of sound mysticism: natural acoustics in which individual instruments and voices are part of a wider pan-tribal consciousness. A desert Western landscape marries Asian and Latin atmospheres. Indigenous contributions with berimbau explorations find fossil sounds of rattles and clap-hands invocations. Influences of Indian mantra singing are combined with eternal African voices or with folkish-Latin guitar rhythms , while flute and drums evoke distant dances. In the Organic Music everything becomes an act of devotion and love, an ecstatic dwell in the dimension of a sacred free-rejoice.) 25.00

EKIN FIL - Coda LP (In recent years, the Turkish drone-pop composer Ekin Fil (born Ekin Üzeltüzenci) has been refining her talents in the realm of the film score. Since her first recordings that were published by Root Strata and Students of Decay, she has always exhibited a preternatural ability to express the saddest of emotions through sound. Once channeled through the lens of a gauzy shoegazing smear of guitars and voice, she has peeling away layers of her ephemeral songs to reveal their emotional core. That compositional process that works so well for her award winning film scores informs the soft-focus tenebrous pieces of her 2020 album Coda. It’s true that any number of these pieces on this album could announce the finale to an emotionally draining movie, but Ekin sculpts the entire album as a whole, dissolving one perfectly tempered piano motif, an impressionist ambient plume or a sibilant vocal melody into another. Just at the threshold of perception, she occasionally invokes cascades of distant noise that easily can be interpreted as the ominous premonitions for natural disasters - incoming storms, earthquakes, or tidal waves. This subtle disquiet amidst the introspective melancholy furthers the emotional weightiness of Coda. Her somber, blissful compositions have considerable gravity of their own in the constellation of Grouper, Felicia Atkinson, and Harold Budd. Mastered by James Plotkin.) 22.00

FULL BLAST (BRÖTZMANN / WERTMÜLLER / PLIAKAS) - Farewell Tonic LP (trost - The recording of the last show ever in the legendary NYC club was only available in a limited run of semi-official cd-bootlegs. Now mastered for vinyl, screenprinted cover - design by Brötzmann, handnumbered.) 24.00

THE GOOD MISSIONARIES - Fire From Heaven LP (spittle - Born out of the ashes of Alternative TV, The Good Missionaries embodied Mark Perry's new and advanced Experimental-Post-Punk vision. Avoiding all kinds of average Rock cliches, Perry got more and more deeply into an uncompromised form of music. A totally new area where his solid Punk roots were confronted by a more free, radical approach to the sound material. During their lifetime The Good Missionaries toured and gigged with other distinctive, unconventional bands such as The Fall, The Pop Group, Crass, Scritti Politti...Recorded live on their 1979 tour, Fire from Heaven comes as tangible proof of the band's explosive energy on stage. An infectious mix of electric noise, raw grooves, space, and resolute Punk attitude. This brand new, digitally remastered edition comes as the first vinyl reissue since its 1979 original release.) 22.00

KASSEL JAEGER - Swamps / Things DLP (shelter - "As a child, almost every Sunday, I was wandering in the countryside, and usually, I was finding myself in my favorite spot: a swamp. Air was different. Trees were dead, but not really dead. Soil was swaying of clear water, and an everlasting mist was suspended all over the place. No one was there and nothing could happen even if some animal tracks were here to prove me I was wrong.  ) 30.00

KISSED BY AN ANIMAL - s/t LP (handstand - Sitting squarely at the intersection of fuzzy lo-fi pop and 8th-wave slacker psych, Kissed by an Animal’s eponymous debut album is one of the best things to come out of the Brooklyn scene in recent memory. It gets started with Lemonade, the kind of track that gets instantly stuck in your head, and warrants play after play as you stumble home drunk after a show. It asks questions with no answers and paints a picture that is nonspecific, yet the song is entirely relatable. Honestly, what sticks with me most after a few listens isn’t the melodies, screeching guitars, and pounding rhythm section (all of which are exemplary); it’s the deft use of abstract imagery to convey a unique artistic vision. Lead singer/guitarist Dima Drjuchin is a talented visual artist (the album cover is a great example of his work), and it should serve as no surprise that he understands how to connect emotionally to the listener without being predictable, cliché, or sappy. On the track Animal, a slow, winding, semi-acoustic ballad that features intermittent guitar solos, Drjuchin warns of the toll time travel will take on your soul. It strikes me as a metaphor for trying to stay active in the music scene as you age, but I may be projecting. In fact, I am projecting, because that’s what good lyrics make the listener do; they make you put yourself into the equation.) 18.00

LOWFISH - Test(e) DLP (suction - Originally self-released as a tape under the artist name Pest(e), this 1996 collection of IDM and analog electronics is in fact the debut Lowfish album. Intended as a demo, it caught the attention of infamous UK label Skam —but after months of fruitless phone tag with the label, it was time for Gregory De Rocher to strike out on his own. Dropping his Pest(e) moniker in favour of Lowfish, in 1997 De Rocher co-founded Suction Records with like-minded producer Jason Amm, aka Solvent. While that Test(e) tape wasn’t technically a Suction Records release, it served as the impetus for starting the label, and we’ve always referred to it as catalog # suction000. Fans of mid/late-90s Artificial Intelligence classics from Autechre, Locust, Aphex Twin, u-Ziq, and Bola will recognize those hallmark sounds here, alongside traces of formative influence from Skinny Puppy, OMD, and Tangerine Dream. Recorded live to DAT with a bedroom full of analog classics (Roland Jupiter 6, TR-808, TR-606, Arp Odyssey, Korg MS-20), a sampler, and an arsenal of cheap FX units, the melodies here are lush and addictive, with layers of warm, lo-fi-ish (get it?) grit - often intentional, sometimes just a product of the process. Although largely on the armchair techno tip, the dense drum programming also nods to the burgeoning drum and bass movement, which De Rocher was firmly (but only briefly) obsessed with. For the first time on vinyl and rightfully re-branded as a Lowfish release, we’re thrilled to have Test(e) officially join the Suction Records catalog.) 28.00

LOWRIDER - Ode To Io DLP (blue funeral - This all new reissue of Lowrider's classic 'Ode to Io' is fully remastered, contains 6 bonus tracks, and is presented on vinyl in a deluxe gatefold LP sleeve with gorgeous updated artwork. At the dawn of the internet, bands and fans around the world coalesced in the wake of defunct Palm Springs originators Kyuss to craft their own visions of the desert rock sound. Standing foremost among them was Lowrider, whose debut, Ode to Io, became the blueprint countless others would follow. Now longtime fans and new arrivals can delve into this rumbling chronicle of seminal desert fuzz-heaviness returns in deluxe remastered glory!)30.00

LYTIC - Onesidedlp LP (Lytic are a two-piece screamo band from New York, New York that have been around since at least 2016, but only recently released their debut recorded material. They dropped this EP in December 2018, the records arrived maybe a year later, and a split with living legends Shizune on Zegema Beach Records. Speaking of legends, Lytic is notable for being the newest project from Jamie Behar, a former member of Saetia and Off Minor. “onesidedlp” was also produced by fellow Off Minor/Saetia alumni Steve Roche. As expected, this new material is insanely killer. It blends the chaos of emoviolence with the jittery jazz rhythms of Off Minor, all while adding melodic tinges and maintaining a fresh, organic sound. – Sophie’s Floorboard) 18.00

MASAYOSHI FUJITA & JAN JELINEK - Schaum LP (Lushest fever dream ambience from Japans Masayoshi Fujita on prepared vibraphone and Faitiche caretaker Jan Jelinek on loops and small scale electronic devices. Definitely worth booking some time off to really immersive yourself in this one, especially if you can’t afford a holiday this summer!) 23.00
MASAYOSHI FUJITA & JAN JELINEK - Bird, Lake, Objects LP (faitiche - This gorgeous collaboration finds renowned electronic producer Jan Jelinek hosting Japanese percussionist and vibraphonist Masayoshi Fujita on his own Faitiche label. The resultant recordings find the two musicians working their way through six different pieces that call upon both Fujita's jazz-influenced yet non-traditional vibraphone style and Jelinek's mastery of layered sound. All but one of these tracks features the presence of ambient location recordings, obtained via a single designated mic setup to record whatever background noise was present while the performances themselves were taking place. The often imperceptible flow of distant street noises and footfall lends an air of subliminal depth to the recordings, framing the warm glow of Fujita's instrumentation. On 'Undercurrent' the vibraphone's muffled, bell-like timbres are ruptured by skittering electronics and a rising sense of overdriven chaos, but however rowdy and distorted it gets in the latter half, the piece remains hypnotically beautiful - especially in its undulating final stages during which the vibraphone flows in harp-like waves.) 23.00

MOON ON THE WATER - Moon On The Water LP re issue (black sweat. - A mysterious sound aurora on the magical paths of the infinite universe of percussion, originally released in 1985 and then almost completley lost. The well-educated drummer Tiziano Tononi, together with David Searcy and Jonathan Scully, while working at the temple of classical music, Il Teatro alla Scala of Milano decides to realize a personal compendium of sounds using only purcussion instruments. The recording offers to us an amazing concert of sounds with acoustic purity, in perfect balance between wild rhythm and deep relaxation. Ecstatic elements of Japan ambient minimalism dialogue with contemporary musical solutions (Varese, Ligeti), in the stream of a harmonious fusion of ancient and modern. It’s a propitiatory ceremony of supernatural happenings that open portals of blissfulness, tribal and shamanic darkness, and,timeless jungles. Between amazon fires and African safaris, we float in the Asian rivers of meditation, lost in water games, echoes of caves and rocks in the night, synergies of frogs, birds, snakes, marimbas, chimes, gongs, and wooden drums.) 22.00

MUTANT SCUM - s/t LP ( handstand - An environmental cautionary tale from a vile hybrid of sludge metal and noise punk. Subterranean dwelling humanoids, horribly deformed by exposure to a toxic radioactive substance, making a raucous metallic commotion with help from local Brooklyn volunteer/drummer James and the Society for Estuary Waste Education & Research. These however are our best educated guesses and their true origins remain unknown. The creatures comprised of and henceforth referred to as “Mutant Scum,” were subsequently discovered while tracking the substance to its source in the sewer systems underneath Newtown Creek. Little is known about these creatures, the substance, or what may have twisted them to life. Our best guess is that the toxic cocktail of the Greenpoint Oil Spill, decades of unchecked chemical dumping, and raw sewage spilling into the creek created a fertile breeding ground for these mutant aberrations.) 18.00

NO AGE - Goons Be Gone LP (drag city - Their second album for Drag City and their sixth overall, Los Angeles noise-rock duo No Age present possibly their most luxuriantly loud album yet. Harking back to the EPs that first made their name at the end of the Noughties, Goons Be Gone gleefully piles self-recorded samples and basic, noisy riffs on top of one another. ) 27.00

PJ HARVEY - Dry LP (Dry was the now legendary debut album by Dorset chanteuse PJ Harvey. Emerging at a time when shoegaze and post Madchester baggy was dominating the alternative music charts it was a totally unique work both uncompromising and musically thrilling. It contains two of her best known songs in Dress and Sheela-Na-Gig. This remastered version is the first time the record has been in print on vinyl in over 20 years. ) 22.00

PLEASURE TRIPS - Lovers & Doubters LP (diy - “If you enjoy dipping your toes in the rock pool of introspection while appreciating the sunshine and joy of life you need to listen to Pleasure Trips. In a world of Snapchat musical production it is so refreshing to find something so genuinely real.” – Jo Williams, music journalist) 18.00

PREQUEL TAPES - Ruin LP (mannequin - Prequel Tapes is Marco Freivogel - a producer, DJ and live performer who’s been making electronic music since he was a teenager. What began with an accident and the rediscovery of some lost DAT tapes, has become the driving force for all his creative expression in the last years. To many people the concept of Ruin is fearful, depressing, dark - conjuring notions of decay, fallen morality, or tragedy. But to others, the idea of Ruin is of hope for what may come after - opportunities to rebuild, rethink and challenge. Ruin may be the only chance to stop the passive march towards the destruction of the feral human spirit, the failure of our imagination to the homogenising power of capital. Both the music and the artwork reflect the artists long-held view that art should challenge, jarr and provoke. Offering the balance of what’s dark and disturbing to appreciate beauty and the light. Rejecting a world where the uncomfortable is covered up with plastic veneer and platitudes as a vital artistic expression. ) 22.0

PUBLIC PRACTICE - Gentle Grip LP (wharf cat - Public Practice is reanimating the spirit of late ‘70s New York with their intoxicating brand of no wave-tinged dark disco. The band came in hot with their punchy balance of punk, funk, and pop on the critically acclaimed Distance is a Mirror EP in 2018, paving the way for their highly anticipated freshman record. Now, after a year of intimate and experimental songwriting in their home studio, they have fleshed out the energetic, playfully oblique sound captured on their debut full-length Gentle Grip. Together, the foursome creates bold, slinky rhythms and groove-filled hooks that get under your skin and into your dancing shoes. The musicians’ unique chemistry and approach to songwriting is part of what makes their world so intriguing. Magnetic singer and lyricist Sam York and guitarist and principal sonic architect Vince McClelland, who were creative music partners for years prior to Public Practice’s formation, come to the table with an anarchic perspective that aims to eradicate creative barriers by challenging the very idea of what a song can be. Paradoxically, Drew Citron, on bass/vocals/synth, and drummer/producer Scott Rosenthal are uncannily adept at working within the framework of classic pop structures. But instead of clashing, these contrasting styles challenge and complement one another, resulting in an album full of spiraling tensions and unexpected turns. Inspired by influential New York bands like Liquid Liquid and ESG, the foursome has a natural inclination toward music that sounds rough-hewn. “We were thinking about classic New York dance albums, and the thing that stuck out is that many sounded like they were recorded in less-than-ideal situations,” McClelland says. “There was always something about them that felt somewhat home-cooked.” McClelland has spent the past few years constructing a home studio with carefully chosen and occasionally hand-made equipment in an effort to recreate that “cobbled together” sound. As three quarters of Public Practice are engineers as well as instrumentalists, their collection of gear, combined with the recording rig McClelland built, allowed the band to record Gentle Grip largely at their own hybrid practice space/studio in Brooklyn. “Having a space and setup that is unique, you're always going to have more of a signature sound,” McClelland explains. They spent the better part of 2019 playing with sounds, riffing on McClelland’s demos, and recording a number of songs live to tape. Although a handful of sessions occurred in traditional recording studios, the band’s autonomy and ability to record themselves imbues their music with a sense of freedom and gives it a distinct character — a home-cooked sound that is purely Public Practice.) 22.00

REDS - Is: Means LP (Warehouse find. - Originally released in 2005, energetic and heartfel emo / screamo from Brooklyn.) 16.00

REIZ - Das Kind Wird Ein Erfolg LP (kink - Drei Jahre nach dem offiziellen Debut der inoffiziellen Shocks-Nachfolger kommt hier der lang ersehnte Nachschlag in Sachen Piemont-Kirsche auf der sauren Sahne der deutschsprachigen Punklandschaft in Form einer neuen Langspielplatte mit dem wirkungsvollen Titel "Das Kind wird ein Erfolg". Endlich wieder REIZ-Time mit ihrem zuckersüßen Mix aus hektischem 70s Punk, Garage und Powerpop - pünktlich zum Lockdown-Sommer 2020. Aufgenommen von Thierry, gemischt und gemastert im Dickfehler Studio von Hanno Janßen, zugleich Drummer und Tonmensch der Band tot. Es kommt wohl zusammen, was zusammen gehört. So auch bald diese Platte in die Griffel erlesener KennerInnen.) 13.00

ROBERTO LANERI - Anadyomene LP (black sweat - The eclectic sensitivity of the composer Roberto Laneri (Prima Materia) looks unparalleled in the Italian avant-garde context. Anadyomene, published for the first time in 1987, shows the myth of Venus in a dystopian and dreamlike world. Laneri conceives a sound poem that opens up to the archetypal dimension of the water creation, through the symbol of bivalve conch, the myth of the feminine power is narrated thanks to the verses of the renaissance poet Angelo Poliziano. Creating a daring connection between western and eastern music, travelling on the Mediterranean sea, the contemporary technologies and techniques revive and re-read ancient musical practices: contrapuntal structures and minimal electronic procedures venture into exotic analogies, strange Renaissance allusions, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean repertoires. Among otherworldly fairy voices, symphonic wandering pathos, aquatic disturbances, Indian Hindustani echoes or psychedelic radiances. A special relationship between space and time, architecture and music, the manipulation of sounds conceived as the art of memory in its various meanings of preservation, transformation and distortion.) 22.00

ROSE CITY BAND - Summerlong LP (thril jockey - It is impossible to talk about modern psychedelic music without mentioning Ripley Johnson. As bandleader of Wooden Shjips and one half of Moon Duo, Johnson has continually charted new cosmic paths that expand on the language of the genre. With Rose City Band, Johnson’s songwriting and beautiful guitar lines take center stage, the veil of psychedelia notably drawn back. While his vocal treatment would be recognizable to any Wooden Shjips fan, the sparseness of the instrumentation lays bare the beauty of his writing. Shimmering guitar lines are free to shine, buoyed by driving rhythms. New to the mix are arrangements and instruments drawn directly from classic country, resulting in songs with more than a hint of twang. The aptly named Summerlong, born of Johnson’s own fondness for the season, delivers an emotional lift—an expression akin to the joy of getting out there on a warm day, be it gathering for a BBQ, hopping onto a bike, leaping into a swimming hole, or simply reading in a park. Rose City Band started purely as a recording project, with Johnson's role mostly obscured for the self-titled debut album. Released with no promotion, in the style of private press records, it was a liberating act, a focus on music without any expectations. Explaining it with a chuckle, Johnson elaborates, “I always would threaten to my friends that I’m gonna start a country rock band so I can retire and just play down at the pub every Thursday night during happy hour. I love being able to tour and travel, but I also like the idea of having a local band … more of a social music experience.” Freedom from expectation and obligation gave Johnson the space to experiment with new instrumentation and arrangements. The introduction of lap steel, mandolin, and jaw harp enhance Johnson’s lean guitar work with radiant overtones, placing Summerlong more overtly within the country tradition than its predecessor. Work on the album began at Johnson’s home studio in Portland during the summer, but, interrupted by touring, it would not be finished until the winter season. The dark isolation of winter and the pining for summer’s easier days can be felt in the album’s few quieter moments. Summerlong was mixed by John McEntire (Stereolab, Broken Social Scene, Tortoise) at his newly minted Portland Soma Studios and mastered by Amy Dragon at Telegraph Mastering, also based in Portland. Buoyant and joyous, Summerlong is a captivating listen that leaves the listener yearning for more. The record is an ode to freedom, born of a musician stepping out of all routines and whose own liberation is communicated so completely in his music. Summerlong is a record that, taken in its entirety, is an emphatic statement on the songwriting power of Ripley Johnson. Johnson’s joy in every aspect of this album is delightfully infectious.) 22.00

THE SOFT PINK TRUTH - why do the heathen rage LP (thril jocky - The new album from The Soft Pink Truth (Drew Daniel of Matmos).  The album features appearances from Antony Hegarty (Antony and the Johnsons), Terence Hannum (Locrian), Jenn Wasner (Wye Oak), M.C. Schmidt (Matmos), and Owen Gaertner (Horse Lords).  The album takes songs by Venom, Beherit, Sarcofago, Sargeist, Darkthrone, An, Mayhem, Hellhammer, and Impaled Northern Moonforest and presents them as addictive house and techno anthems. ) 22.00

TRUTH CULT - Off Fire LP (pop wig - Baltimore’s Truth Cult will drop their debut LP "OFF FIRE" on Pop Wig Records. Stemming from a community with no boundaries, and a family tree with endless branches, Truth Cult's unique personality shines bright in these 10 tracks. Following up their debut 2018 EP, this LP is a flame that is just getting sparked. Be on the lookout for this band in motion. Peeps of Give, Protester, Pure Disgust,…) 23.00

WOODS - Strange To Explain LP (woodsist - Dreaming doesn’t come easy these shadowed days, which is why Strange To Explain by Woods is such a welcome turning of new colors. It presents an extended moment of sweet reflection for the 15-year-old band, bouncing back to earth as something hopeful and weird and resolute. Like everything else they’ve recorded, it sounds exactly like themselves, but with subtly different shades and breaths and rhythmic feels and everything else that changes, the natural march of time and the intentional decisions of the musicians moving in what feels like an uncommonly organic alignment. Strange To Explain trades in a different kind of dependability, maintaining a steady connection to the voice on the other side of the record needle. After quickly recording and releasing 2017’s Love Is Love in response to the tumultuous events of their (and our) 2016, Jeremy Earl and company took their time with what came next. Parenthood arrived, as did a short songwriting pause. The band went bicoastal when Jarvis Taveniere headed west. And when they returned to their posts, there on the other side of this particular mirror, they made this, an album that not only catches and holds and shares the light in yet another new way, but recognizes that there’s still light to be caught, which is also no small thing. A bend beyond the last bend beyond, Woods keep on changing, thoughtfully and beautifully. The colors were always there, like trees blossoming just slightly differently each season, a synesthetic message coded in slow-motion. Recorded in Stinson Beach, the kind of place that seems like an AI simulation of an idyllic northern California coastal escape, the familiar jangling guitars recede to the background. John Andrews’s warm keyboards and twining Mellotron rise around Earl’s songs and dance across the chord changes like warm sunlight off the Pacific. The music feels a karmic landmass away from the creepiness of the uncanny valley. — Jesse Jarnow) 25.00

V/A - Kaleidoscope | New Spirits Known and Unknown 3LP (soul jazz - Soul Jazz Records’ new album ‘Kaleidoscope – New Spirits Known and Unknown’ brings together many of the ground-breaking artists involved in the new jazz scene that has developed in the UK over the last few years. Featured artists include Matthew Halsall, Yazmin Lacey, Ill Considered, Tenderlonious, Theon Cross, Emma-Jean Thackray and many, many more in this ground-breaking release. As well as sharing a pioneering spirit in these new artists’ approach to frontier-crossing musical boundaries, a further theme of this album is that many also share a determination to independent practices - and most of these artists’ recordings featured here are either self-published or released on independent labels. While the attention of this new wave of jazz artists has up until now has been London-based, this album shows how this movement is spread across the whole of Britain (and indeed beyond). ‘Kaleidoscope – New Spirits Known and Unknown’ shows that while there is commonality in these artists approach to music, there is a wide variety of styles – from deep spiritual jazz, electronic experimentalisation, punk-edged funk, uplifting modal righteousness, deep soulful vocals and much more. Soul Jazz Records’ new release comes as a superb one-off pressing special deluxe triple album edition which comes with a bonus limited-edition one-off pressing 7" single and a standard triple album. This album also comes with extensive sleevenotes, artist interviews and exclusive photography.) 30.00


CLEAR CHANNEL - Hot Fruit TAPE (Clear Channel is the Washignton, DC punk band that includes Mary Regalado of Downtown Boys. FFO: Gauche!, Priests, Flasher,…) 7.00

FLESH EATING CREEPS - The Book About The Movie: Complete Recordings 1995-2000 TAPE (Flesh Eating Creeps were a 1990s Richmond, Virginia hardcore punk band whose members went on to form the bands Brainworms, City Of Caterpillar, Light The Fuse And Run, Municipal Waste, Stop It!! and Worn In Red. The two constant members, Chris Terry and Brendan Trache, worked with old friend Will Cole of Handstand Records to digitize vinyl and tape recordings, scan photos and flyers, and compile as much information as possible for this comprehensive, 58-song discography that includes deluxe and standard cassette releases, a Bandcamp download/stream, and an archival band website.) 7.00


SZIM, ERIC ISAACSON, ERIN YANKE - Dead Moon - Off The Grid BOOK (testcar - 320 Seiten. Die ersten beiden Auflagen dieser englischsprachigen Dokumentation werden inzwischen zu horrenden Preisen gehandelt – jetzt gibt eine reine Buchfassung zum günstigeren Preis und leicht anderem Format. Dead Moon war von 1987 bis 2006 eine Lo-Fi-Garage/Rock-´n´-Roll-Band aus Portland, Oregon. Die Band erlangte einen mythen- und legendenumwobenen Kultstatus. Sie kultivierte ihr DIY-Ethos und vermied es stets, in die Fallen der konventionellen Musikindustrie zu tappen. Sie produzierte ihre Platten selbst und führte ihr eigenes Musikgeschäft und gleichnamiges Label Tombstone Music. Ihre Geschichte ist einzigartig in den Ruhmeshallen der Rockmusik - eine Band, die niemals ihre Ideale verriet, niemals aufgab und ein künstlerisches und gemeinschaftliches Erbe hinterließ, das bis heute seinesgleichen sucht. Im Interviewformat erzählt das Buch die Dead-Moon-Saga in den eigenen Worten der Band. Es enthält eine vollständig illustrierte Discografie, Songtexte sowie unzählige Fotos, Flyer, Poster und Briefe aus dem Archiv von Fred und Toody Cole) 36.00

WIRE - #438 | August 2020 MAG + CD (Inside this issue: Cosmic Guitars: A ten page survey of the state of de- and retuned fingerpicking guitar music, featuring Marisa Anderson by James Toth, Robbie Basho by Jennifer Lucy Allan, Davey Graham by Val Wilmer, C Joynes by Bruce Russell, Sarah Louise by Abi Bliss, Gwenifer Raymond by Claire Biddles, and Glenn Jones on the key matter of tuning Invisible Jukebox: Caroline Kraabel × John Edwards: The UK improvisors have a moment together with The Wire’s mystery record selection Lonnie Holley: The singular songs and vibrant assemblages of the 70 year old Alabama born singer, songwriter, musician and artist speak to the power and fragility of beauty. By Emily Pothast Primer: DJ Tools: A user’s guide to the unsung essentials of the DJ box: the purpose made records that have kept the dancefloor moving since the days of disco. By Michaelangelo Matos Unlimited Editions: High Focus Records Unofficial Channels: Music Notation Is Beautiful MC Yallah: The Uganda based Kenyan rapper brings rebellion to multiple genres. By Stephanie Phillips Eric Frye: Deep explorations of perception and communication from the Minneapolis composer. By Derek Walmsley Bob Vylan: The London duo hammer out a new future for protest punk. By Joseph Stannard Mosquitoes: Percussive purging from the UK trio. By Jennifer Lucy AllanGlobal Ear: Our regular column continues to report on music in the time of pandemic. This month: clubbing in Paris and supporting young people in Glasgow) 8.00
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