BIS AUFS MESSER MARCH news (Mount Eerie, Death, Boduf Songs)

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BIS AUFS MESSER MARCH news (Mount Eerie, Death, Boduf Songs)

Messagepar ADAGIO830 » 06 Mar 2020, 13:14

hi. Welcome to the the first newsletter for the March. A bunch of stuff arrived like the re issue of the IRREVERSIBLE ENTANGLEMENTS - Irreversible Entanglements LP, JIYUNA - This Desolate Veil LP restock (also with the plywood cover), DEATH - The Sound Of Preserverance LONGSLEEVE restock, LITTLE WINGS - wonderue LP re issue, MOUNT EERIE & JULIE DOIRON - Lost Wisdom pt. 2 LP and lots of MOUNT EERIE restocks, GIA MARGARET - There's Always Glimmer LP restock, the new BODUF SONGS - Abyss Versions LP on Orindal, ANNA FLYAWAY - Tomorrow I Will Take a Knife to Your Confidence LP re issue, ELKHORN - Elkhorn LP, new ERICA FREAS - Young LP, a bunch of Dischord restocks, FAR - Water & Solutions LP etc. …

ADAGIO830 also started taking pre orders of the upcoming LIIEK LP

We also got lots of tickets for PUSCHEN & DIRECT BOOKING shows like BIKINI KILL

Thank you
Norman & Robert


HAMMERED HULLS - s/t 7“ (dischord - back in stock - HAMMERED HULLS are a brand new band from Washington D.C. made up of some very old connections. MARY TIMONY (bass) and ALEC MACKAYE (vocals) grew up in the same Washington neighborhood and have spent the better part of their lives in each other’s somewhat distant orbit. Always aware of each other, but never able to play together. MARK CISNEROS (guitar) has been in D.C. for more than a decade. He cut his teeth in Los Angeles listening to both Mary and Alec’s bands, but also a healthy dose of free jazz and garage. He is the man who plays everything with everyone, but this is his band. Hammered Hulls are rounded out by CHRIS WILSON (drums), a monstrous drummer with no shortage of love for all three of his bandmates. Every person in this band is a fan of every other person in this band. Mutual respect drives this train. But to say they are an odd collection of influences is to understate the point. If you tried you couldn’t imagine what this band might sound like. This single was recorded and mixed in a single day at Inner Ear studios, appropriate home to everyone in the DC scene.) 7.00

ORUA - Tudo Posso 7“ (ifb - Brazilian free jazz bringing some heavy noises. Sounds like what I would imagine the Willy Wonka tunnel would be playing.) 6.00

THE WORLD IS A VAMPIRE / TORTURE GARDEN - Decadencetomb 7“ (ifb - Two underground dwelling bands from New Orleans share a 7-inch split-EP. The World is a Vampire (Bryan of Thou) delivers a 4-track serving of unsettled noisy goth punk. Torture Garden make things even less comfortable by contributing three ripping cuts of thrashing crust.) 7.00


ANNA FLYAWAY - Tomorrow I Will Take a Knife to Your Confidence LP (cyls - Before the now-defunct Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) became one of the key bands of the first wave of the emo revival, vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Keith Latinen led the band Anna Flyaway, which Keith started in 2005 as a solo project and which eventually became a six-piece band. They recorded an album, but quietly broke up before releasing it, and now Keith has “retrieved the files from his ancient laptop” and he’s finally giving the LP a proper release. It’s called Tomorrow I Will Take a Knife to Your Confidence, and it was newly mixed by Mat Halliday (Empire! Empire!, Fireworks) and mastered by Dave Downham (Beach Slang, Into It. Over It.). We’re premiering the song “Every Time You Breathe In, You Breathe out (And Then, One Day, You Won’t),” and if you like Empire! Empire! — or the bands that inspired them like Mineral, American Football, Knapsack, The Promise Ring, etc — you’re probably gonna like this immediately. It has that instantly satisfying sound that this style of emo always has when it’s done right. ) 20.00

BEAUTY PILL - Sorry You're Here LP (Sorry You're Here collects select recordings from Beauty Pill's score for D.C.-based Taffety Punk Theatre Company's original dance/play Suicide Chatroom. This limited edition pressing is on coke-bottle clear vinyl.) 25.00

BODUF SONGS - Abyss Versions LP (orindal - Boduf Songs’ seventh album and first on Orindal Records marks the Ohio-via-Southampton home recording project’s most detailed production yet, voyaging into deeper recesses than ever before. Abyss Versions will see the light of day on October 4, 2019. Mat Sweet, the solitary figure behind Boduf Songs, has spent the better part of fifteen years cultivating an idiosyncratic strain of quiet menace, augmenting library-hushed vocals and brooding guitars with psychedelic flourishes from processed loops, field recordings, and distant, subliminal atmospheres. Subtly acknowledging Boduf Songs’ beginnings, Abyss Versions echoes motifs from the first Boduf Songs album (2005’s Boduf Songs on Kranky Records), forming its own secret, circular path, encapsulating the journey from there to here. Sweet’s background in doom metal still seeps into the quiet, pensive world of Boduf Songs via mood and tone, balanced by shades of the fingerpicking mysticism of his first four albums. As always, the music of Boduf Songs is steeped in a palpable sense of darkness and dread, offset by a gorgeous and discreet sonic beauty. There is much prettiness here, albeit within an inescapably unsettling frame.) 22.00

CALCULATOR - This Will Come To Pass LP (cyls - Calculator's "This Will Come To Pass" comes out of the gate swinging and refuses to let up the entire time. A full, blistering 30 minutes of raw and emotional punk and hardcore that calls to mind early At The Drive In and Touche Amore.) 20.00

DANIEL DAVIES - Signals LP (col. vinyl) (Whether scoring a film or making a solo album, Daniel Davies thinks cinematically. Images and story – on a movie screen, on a canvas, or flashing through his mind – inform the shape of his compositions and the sounds he uses to bring them to life. For Signals, his first solo record for Sacred Bones, the inspiration for his musical narration was a collaboration with visual artist Jesse Draxler, whose otherworldly mixed media works grace the cover and the booklet. “I had an instant connection to Jesse’s art,” Davies explains. “One of the main concepts for this album was working with the feeling of uncertainty. Jesse’s art illustrates that perfectly with his disruptive shapes. At first, they are foreign to the landscapes they live in, but over time we become used to them, we adjust. The foreign objects force us to evolve, to accept and live with the uncertainty they create.” Using Draxler’s images as his jumping off point, Davies created eight richly textured compositions that created a soundtrack for the unsettling world of the artwork. “Musically, I wanted to capture that same contrast — melodies evolving out of drones, haunting beds of tension with beautiful shimmering melodies laid above. What were once conflicting emotions became harmonious.” As the songs move through the landscape, Davies calls on whatever instrumentation he needs to serve their journey. He utilizes the warbling synths and slicing guitar that have characterized his soundtrack work, but he’s also preternaturally at ease when he busts out a harpsichord and a vocal synth on lead single “Phantom Waltz.” On “Destructive Field,” he leaves space for his Halloween collaborator John Carpenter to lay down his signature sound. With the exception of that passage, all the music on the record is recorded by Davies himself. While the results indeed feel cinematic, Davies is liberated by the absence of a film to score: “While scoring a movie, I serve the director’s vision and focus on telling a specific story. When working on an album, I’m free to create my own narrative and be more experimental.” That freedom is evident in the many sumptuous details on Signals. It’s an album with a lot to discover, and repeat listens will reveal an inviting – if a bit unnerving – world that you’ll want to spend all day in.) 25.00

DEAD MEADOW - Feathers DLP + CD (matador - Feathers is the fifth album by the time Washington, D.C. based rock band Dead Meadow. It was released in 2005 by Matador Records on CD and LP now about to reissued by Xemu Records under license by Matador Records. The upcoming release will be an exact copy of the original double vinyl and CD packages with original art and masters. In addition to the reissue this new product will include a "demo rarities CD' that will be included additionally in both the CD and LP releases. This demo CD will include outtakes from the 2004 recording session as well as demos with different song structure/ arrangements and even a couple tunes that were axed off the final album. The fourth full-length studio album by Dead Meadow, was the first to include an additional guitar player with Cory Shane. Previously as well as for the majority of the band's career the DC to LA transplants have been a power-trio at essence. This departure in line up wasn't the only other noticeable difference the band was also shifting from pure 60's-70's heavy psych sounds to a more gentle and layered new-psych sound almost more influenced by dark Brit-pop and early new wave bands like the Cure and Stone Roses but through their own hazy interpretation. The different approach shocked current fans and gained lots of new ones as well as garnering solid underground praise at a much needed and delicate time of Dead Meadow's career. Revered and as equally hated this divisional record would be a landmark in the band's history and important piece of the puzzle that has kept the boys rocking and relevant. ) 32.00

ELKHORN - Elkhorn LP (Elkhorn is a folk/psych-rock guitar duo featuring Jesse Sheppard on twelve-string acoustic and Drew Gardner on electric. This music interweaves the extended folk tradition with psychedelic improvisation. Elkhorn’s sound is rooted in the earthy, traditional fingerpicking of Sheppard with Gardner’s restrained, passionate cascades of improvised melodic phrases flowing through. They move freely between several different traditions; from American Primitive to Psychedelic Rock, from Hindustani to Mauritanian, from Krautrock to Jazz; pulling from players as diverse as Robbie Basho, Sonny Sharrock, Ben Chasny, and David Gilmour. Elkhorn combines the past and future in a rich multilayered music that shifts fluidly from pre-rock to post-rock, from the 1860s to the 1960s and beyond. Gardner and Sheppard grew up together in the deep woods and rotting industrial husks of central New Jersey and are long time musical collaborators. Their duo concept has come together over the last few years of intense woodshedding. As a Philadelphia-based filmmaker Sheppard has worked with artists such as Glenn Jones, Daniel Bachman, and Nathan Bowles. His performance documentary featuring Jack Rose, The Things That We Used To Do, came out on Strange Attractors Audio House in 2010. Gardner is a multi-instrumentalist who has led bands featuring avant-garde musicians such as John Tchicai and Sabir Mateen, and often conducts experimental collaborations on the fringes of the New York improv music scene. ) 26.00

ERIC (SHOWBOY) AKAEZE AND HIS ROYAL ERICOS - Ikoto Rock LP (everland - There we go with another Afro Beat classic that did not really leave Nigeria back in the day it was released. Therefore we can only guess the value among collectors but some reliable sources tell us that even not so mint original copies go for up to 600 $. The AFRODISIA sublabel of DECCA music is responsible for quite a few awesome afro beat gems that have only recently been rediscovered by never sleeping music lovers such as the folks behind EVERLAND MUSIC from the Netherlands and here we go with the first ever official reissue of Eric Showboy Akaeze’s second album with HIS ROYAL ERICOS. Eric Showboy Akaeze was former bigband leader who was hip on the Nigerian scene, which mostly happened around the main city of Lagos in the 60s and especially 70s after the military junta took over the reign and was keen to bring in more indegenious elements to the peoples allday lives and a new style of music emerged, AFRO BEAT, mixing Western rock and funk, rocksteady and soul with rhythms and melodies that clearly had an African heritage. He was nicknamed IKOTO, which is the Nigerian word for a spinner, the child’s toy...  more) 25.00

ERICA FREAS - Young LP (Third solo album from Erica Freas (who you may know from RVIVR / Somnia). Recorded by Freas herself over the past two years, Young's eleven tracks share a common thread: they were all written as love songs for her friends at moments of big change and transition.) 24.00

FAR - Water & Solutions LP (Reissue of the 1998 album Water & Solutions To You, now for the first time on vinyl by one of the most influential post-hardcore / emo bands of the 90’s.) 20.00

FAR OUT - Nihonjin 日本人 LP (everland - Some albums are certainly a kind of holy grail for music lovers and collectors of a certain genre, style and era. FAR OUT with their eponymous debut and unfortunately also farewell album from 1973 have created such a sacred gem. Original copies in good condition change hands for up to 2000 USD and there are certainly a few not so official reprints on vinyl and CD out on the market which do not even come close to do justice to the greatness of the old original black gold. But here we go with the first ever official vinyl reissue taken directly from the original mastertapes supplied by Nippon Columbia. EVERLAND MUSIC did a brilliant job as usual with their reissue. The coverart with a white glove hanging on a washing line to dry comes on an awesome heavy gatefold sleeve. Including 2 inserts with live photos from back in the day when the band was going wild on stage. Now for the most important part, the music. There are certainly not too many wild moments here since both long tracks „Too many people“ and „Nihonjin“ have a melancholic, dreamy approach with a desperately howling and sighing lead guitar that spouts some utterly intense melodies. These two tracks are epics in the pure sense of the word. They start both with a rather gentle part which develops into a journey of sound that bring either vast landscapes of enchanting beauty untouched by modern human life or quite dramatic scenes to your mind’s eye. The lead guitarist often uses some strange instrument which is a kind of electric sitar to add the atmosphere of eastern mystic. So while falling into a state of deep trance while letting the music rush through my ears into my brain my spirit that has left my body embarks on a trip from the smokey volcanic hills around Pompeji to the icy permafrost wastelands of the Northeastern lands and arrives somewhere in the East Asian jungle on a gold plated pyramid of an unspeakable age where laughing demons dance around mystic fireplaces. Yes, this is the real journey to the center of your mind and despite having no really abstract freak out parts, tricky instrumental runs and twisted rhythm figures this music will capture your whole existence for the next 38 minutes. The end of „Nihonjin“, the second tune, shows an ambient like section with synthesizer background, echoing atonal sitar, a brightly squeaking flute, organ carpet and some percussions. This is indeed a rather extreme part, due to the pointed tone of the flute but quite soon the music stops and leaves the listener back in reality. This second track later on got a kind of reappearance on the FAR EAST FAMILY album „Nipponjin“, also retitled as „Nipponjin“. Mastermind behind both acts is multi instrumentalist Fumio Miyashita, so there is no wonder. The later version has more space rock elements and electronic sounds than the original FAR OUT tune and is a little bit shorter all in all. But I digress. This is the real thing for those who still miss the melodies and atmosphere of the late 60s and very early 70s when people had a dream of a peaceful world and who enjoy early German cosmic kraut rock like AMON DÜÜL II, ORGANISATION (later to become KRAFTWERK), the debut album by TANGERINE DREAM and more obscure stuff but also international bands like PINK FLOYD, GONG, TWINK and HAWKWIND just as an East Asian version. A real gem and finally available with the real sound and package again.) 25.00

GIA MARGARET - There's Always Glimmer LP (orindal - Chicago singer/songwriter/producer Gia Margaret describes her music as “sleep rock.” It’s a genre all her own, combining elements of folk, shoegaze, slowcore, ambient electronica and trip hop. For her self-produced debut album, There’s Always Glimmer, Gia Margaret crafted twelve gorgeously melancholic lullabies to combat her own insomnia, and to salvage some beauty from the brighter and darker moments of her life. There’s Always Glimmer explores relationships between friends, family members and significant others, often in past tense. Sparse verses isolate mundane moments of domestic and urban life, and choruses ache with earnest expressions of yearning and loss. The disarmingly simple language of Gia Margaret’s lyrics, when carried by the melodic sparkle of her singing voice, have the power to elevate an ordinary moment into something supremely nostalgic and sentimental. A ride on a train, a hand on a shoulder, a dog in a yard, the light of the moon through an apartment window are each made significant and sacred, worthy of examination and preservation. As much as it addresses the unease in our lives, each song on There’s Always Glimmer is steeped in loving comfort, awash with gentle sounds to usher the still minutes before dreams come, when we’re left alone amidst the shadows and the echoes of our memory. There’s Always Glimmer exists to fill the darkness and the quiet.) 22.00

GORDON WITHERS - Jawbreaker On Cello LP (A collection of songs by East Bay punk band Jawbreaker arranged for cello by Gordon Withers (Office of Future Plans). Features recordings used in the documentary, Don't BreakDown.) 25.00

IRREVERSIBLE ENTANGLEMENTS - Irreversible Entanglements LP (international anthem - Irreversible Entanglements are a liberation-oriented free jazz collective formed in early 2015 by saxophonist Keir Neuringer, poet Camae Ayewa (a.k.a. Moor Mother) and bassist Luke Stewart, who came together to perform at a Musicians Against Police Brutality event organized after the slaying of Akai Gurley by the NYPD. Months later the group added trumpeter Aquiles Navarro and drummer Tcheser Holmes (a duo who also performed at the MAPB event) for a single day of recording at Seizure’s Palace in Brooklyn, and the full quintet’s first time playing together was captured for this debut. In four relentless bouts of inspired fire music the instrumentalists explore and elaborate compositional ideas drawn from their deep individual studies of free jazz improvisation, but the tone of each piece is driven decisively by Ayewa’s searing poetic narrations of Black trauma, survival and power. The message is the undeniable essence of the music. Though free jazz with voice is an uncommon approach in the modern day landscape of the genre, the spirit and subject the band channels and explores represent a return to a central tenant of the sound as it was founded – to be a vehicle for Black liberation. As creative and adventurous as any recording of contemporary avant-garde jazz but offering listeners no abstractions to hide behind, this is music that both honors and defies tradition, speaking to the present while insisting on the future. ) 25.00

JIYUNA - This Desolate Veil LP (ifb - This Desolate Veil was Jiyuna's second album and was released on CD back in 2002 with handmade wooden packages.  We didn't have the money to do a vinyl run on it back then, but that has been in the back of my head for a long time, and is finally realized.  Jiyuna were from Fort Myers FL and were together for roughly 11 years, but only touring for 10 days out to Texas and back.  We were happy to be a part of a very vibrant and dynamic scene both locally and in Florida as a whole at the time, and this album was always my favorite material of ours, holding a power and emotional intensity that still gives me shivers.  We played heavy screamo and were listening to lots of Funeral Diner, Envy, Reversal of Man, and Carlisle.  Killer samples throughout as well.  This vinyl edition is housed in handpainted, then screenprinted jackets with a newly designed insert by Joe Lachut.  It was expertly remastered for vinyl by Dave Eck at Lucky Lacquers.  Thank you to everyone that was ever a part of Jiyuna - it was truly one of the most important things in my life.) 14.00

LE ALMEIDA - Todas As Brisas LP (ifb - THIS RECORD RULES. Grunge pop from Brasil!!! Buy everything this guy does."Le Almeida hails from Rio in Brasil and has been super active pumping out lo-fi indie/grunge/punk for years now.  If you have heard the Tape Rec - Death Friends LP, this is from the same minds and should be right up your alley.  This record is just absolutely perfect raw pop - if you want to feel like you're in a convertible on your way to the beach, this is the perfect soundtrack.  All art features Le's amazing collage work.  Truly if stuff like Guided By Voices, Built to Spill, Butterglory, Pixies, Sonic Youth, and 90's indie in general spark your interest, this is guaranteed to please. „) 14.00

LITTLE WINGS - wonderue LP (moon - Formally the bassist in Rodriguez alongside M. Ward and a celebrated vocal addition for The Microphones, Kyle Field had mastered the off-kilter folk sound long before it broke into indie culture. His sepia-toned project knows as Little Wings took flight in the late ’90s and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. In fact, he put a new album out this year. One of his most acclaimed works among his fan base is 2002’s Wonderue, originally released on the beloved K Records. An impossibly joyous collection of songs, Wonderue trips and ramshackles through a dreamy, inventive kaleidoscope of sounds and still feels as fresh as it did in the early aughts. On top of the eclectic instrumentation from drum machines to flutes to upright pianos, Field’s inimitable vocals take center stage. If you love Bonnie Prince’s leathery harmonies and Phil Elvrum’s left-of-the-dial delivery, Little Wings belongs in your collection.) 25.00

MOUNT EERIE & JULIE DOIRON - Lost Wisdom pt. 2 LP (pw elvrum - Eight new songs written in early 2019 about devotion and release. Julie graciously came back to the northwest and recorded this kind-of-sequel to the Lost Wisdom from 11 years ago. This one goes deeper. We recorded with the doors wide open and between breaths you can hear birds, jackhammering in the distance, and on some songs night air.) 22.00

ORUA - Roma LP (ifb - ORUÃ is a child of Rio de Janeiro downtown, was born at night and attends the parties at dawn. Free jazz made by poor guys. Working-class’ krautrock. Raw and sophisticated, their ochre-tinted sound does not fit into the artificial color palette of a neo-psychedelic wave which is ever more dependent on pedals and effects. With afrobeat, Clube da Esquina, some classic Matador Records albums, 70’s riffs, amulets, space cookies and a cassette tape recorder on hand, the power trio has embarked on a journey way off the beaten path. In June, they released their second album, ROMÃ (pomegranate in English), and kicked off another tour across the US, opening for Built to Spill (which includes two members of Oruã in its current formation). Lê Almeida, Phill Fernandes(?) and João Luiz are on the warpath, but maintain the serenity of those who have never needed money to propel their art.) 16.00

ORUA - Sem Bênção / Sem Crença DLP (The lineage of bands from Brazilian master mind Lê Almeida is long and varied. Oruã is Lê's newest group. They're a trio featuring Lê Almeida on guitar, keyboard, and vocals, João Luis on bass, and Daniel Duarte on drums. Also contributions by João Casaes, Renato Godoy, Evandro Fernandez, and many others. We have released an album "Paraleloplasmos" and an EP "Pre Ambulatorio" previously for Lê Almeida's solo project which is a catchy indie rock band in the vein of Pavement, Guided By Voices, and Dinosaur Jr. Oruã is a darker and looser group while still retaining a pop sensibility within the frame work of Brazilian psych rock. This time they've added some jazz influences and a dose of Black Sabbath. "Sem Bênção / Sem Crença" is a 13 song album that runs 71 minutes long. Lê Almeida and João Luiz of Oruã are now members of Built To Spill along with their frequent collaborator João Casaes. Look for them on tour with Built To Spill for most of this year.) 20.00


L'APPEL DU VIDE - Demo 2020 TAPE (L‘APPEL DU VIDE is a new band out of Chemnitz / Germany feat. various members of former and present bands like BLACK LAGOON, DIE TUNNEL, MVRMANSK, OUT ON A LIMB and was founded in autumn 2019. Dark (Post)Punk driven by Surf guitar leads and accompinied by Noise-parts. Occasional synth to fit the mood.) 5.00


DAVID A. ENSMINGER - Out of Step: Washington DC Punk Interviews BOOK (Out of Step: Washington D.C. Punk Interviews is a tribute to the potent underground music scene of Washington D.C. It archives Ensminger’s collection of interviews and gig reviews from the last thirty years, including some original DIY layouts from his primitive fanzines. Designed by Welly of Artcore fame, the book highlights bands and pioneers that have shaped the sensibilities and styles of the East Coast. Plus, it probes history, politics, art, and much more. It includes lengthy conversations with Ian MacKaye (Minor Threat, Fugazi), Jeff Nelson (Minor Threat, 3), Alec MacKaye (the Faith, Ignition, the Warmers), J. Robbins (Government Issue, Jawbox), Chris Thomson (Soulside, Circus Lupus, Monorchid), Mark Anderson (Positive Force), John Stabb (Government Issue).) 15.00


BLACK SABBATH - Logo MUG (Heavy mug with classic Black Sabbath logo.) 12.00

GHOST - Logo ENAMEL MUG (Black enamel mug with the classic Ghost logo.) 12.00

SLAYER - Logo ENAMEL MUG (Black enamel mug with classic Slayer logo.) 12.00


DEATH - The Sound Of Preserverance LONGSLEEVE (Sizes are smaller than usual! Washed out white / cream longsleeve with back and front print. In M / L / XL) 24.00
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Re: BIS AUFS MESSER MARCH news (Mount Eerie, Death, Boduf So

Messagepar ADAGIO830 » 13 Mar 2020, 12:59

hi. Welcome to the 2nd newsletter for March. Since you are hopefully are all safe and secure and take some time of from social life we got some records for you that help you to keep it cosy at home. We got a bunch of restocks from International Anthem, the fantastic PHARAOH SANDERS - Live in Paris (1975) LP, ELLEN FULLMAN - in the sea DLP, the PORRIDGE RADIO - every bad LP + 7“, U.S. GIRLS - heavy light LP, VATICAN SHADOW - opium crop airstrikes LP, ZELIENOPLE - Hold You Up LP, also restock the fantastic BLIND SEAGULL - Nails LP & the MOLCHAT DOMA LP on detriti records and many more … also check out all the Mount Eerie restocks we got.

We also still take pre orders for the upcoming LIIEK LP (we also have a handful test press versions left)

We also got lots of tickets for PUSCHEN & DIRECT BOOKING shows like BIKINI KILL

Thank you
Norman & Robert


ADRIANO SPATOLA - ionisation LP + CD (recital - LP+CD: Ltd. edition of 250 copies, incl. 20-page color booklet Ionisation is the first LP by Italian poet Adriano Spatola. Born in Yugoslavia in 1941, by the age of 23 he became a major force in the Italian avant-garde. “Towards Total Poetry,” Spatola’s critical study on the state of modern poetry, spells out his position: “to become a total medium, to escape all limitations to include theater, photography, music, painting, typography, cinematographic techniques, and every other aspect of culture, in a utopian ambition to return to origins.” Graphic poetry (cut-up zeroglyphs), volatile and beautiful prose (particularly his books The Porthole and Majakovskiiiiiiij), and of course sound poetry, represented here for the first time. Spatola was the editor of many underground publications: Baobab (a legendary audio-cassette magazine), Tam Tam, and Edition Geiger. Each of his pursuits spread the margins of the format, all done with a relentless, piercing curatorial eye. Spatola has dark, drunken wit in spades. In his sound poems, an even more saturated persona is conjured. A desperate humor sneers through this LP, a humor that has surrendered to the severe joke of life long ago - lashing out on syllables and ingrown word games. Particularly, his classic “Aviation/Aviateur” (akin to his “Seduction/Seducteur,” & “Violacion/Violateur” etc.). Read by lesser performers, these pieces would falter and float by in the trough, though Spatola’s bull-like confidence tears through. “Poker Foundation” features the poet hysterically singing “the play of the words” over a classical radio piece, mocking and squawking against the string swells. Steve Lacy plays scissors, knife, and saxophone on “Hommage à Eric Satie,” a piece originally recorded for the luxurious Cramps LP boxset Futura. Collaborators Gian Paolo Roffi and Paul Vangelisti are also featured across the collection. The LP concludes with the titular work “Ionisation,” recorded just days before his premature death in 1988. Feeling his sinking health, his belly in the quicksand, he prefaces the piece, “a funeral march for my body.” He proceeds to scrape and pound the microphone on his chest, face, and clothing. This thick pumping of Adriano’s torso rapping across the speakers abruptly stops after two minutes. A piercing moment. ) 27.00

BLIND SEAGULL - Nails LP (detriti - Blind Seagull is a post-punk / new wave band from Kaliningrad, Russia. Who's Ian Curtis again?) 23.00

ELLEN FULLMAN - in the sea DLP (superior viaduct - Ellen Fullman began developing The Long String Instrument in her St. Paul, Minnesota studio in 1980 and moved to Brooklyn the following year. Inspired by composer and instrument builder Harry Partch, Fullman's large-scale work creates droning, organ-like overtones that are as unique in the world of sound as her vision of the instrument itself. Along with her 1985 debut album – appropriately titled The Long String Instrument – Fullman's only output in the 1980s would be two self-released cassettes, In The Sea and Work For Four Players And 90 Strings, recorded in 1987 at an unfinished office tower in Austin, Texas. This double LP collection features music from both cassettes as well as a previously unreleased piece from 1988 at De Fabriek in Den Bosch, Holland.Ethereal and exquisitely paced, these rare recordings capture minimalism's quiet radiance. Within a musical landscape that has seen the rise of contemporary drone practitioners like Ellen Arkbro and Kali Malone, Fullman is sure to find a legion of fans. Superior Viaduct is honored to present this long overdue archival release that marks a particularly vibrant period of Fullman's pioneering and timeless work.) 28.00

HILARY WOODS - birthmarks LP (sacred bones - Hilary Woods’ Birthmarks has been a labor of intensity and intuition, written over the course of two years. Recorded whilst heavily pregnant between Galway and Oslo in the winter of 2019, Woods explores the oscillating and volatile processes of selfhood and becoming, hidden gestational growth, and the birthing of the Self, amidst continuous social and personal change. Birthmarks is a record that hunts for ways in which to revisit and caress wounds left by the memory of their scars. In its mystery and attentiveness to the art of alchemy and the world of the unseen, it is a journey through textural fog and feral density that gives way to passages of voracious sonic exorcism and poetic healing. Its eight songs traverse planes of visceral physicality, stark tender space, and breathtaking introspective beauty.) 21.00

INDEX - Kainos LP (ideal - Simon Scott (Slowdive) debuts his Index alias with a visceral new sound that absorbs and transmutes political, ecological and psychic dread into a caustic, dissonant style of noise sculpture for iDEAL. Recorded 2016-2019 in Los Angeles, ‘Kainos’ sees veteran UK composer, field recordist, drummer and mastering engineer Scott explore ongoing concerns of his oeuvre via a prism of formative musical influences from the post-industrial music of Coil, Throbbing Gristle and early Black Sabbath, plus non-musical and conceptual inspiration from the turmoil of Brexit - including recordings of the Houses of Parliament - thru to the radical feminist scientific writing of Donna Haraway, and the conceptual vigour of Luigi Russolo’s Futurist manifesto, ‘The Art of Noises’. The album’s title ‘Kainos’, from the ancient Greek meaning “new” or “fresh”, characterises Scott’s efforts to glean something practical from this world’s current state of chaos. When taken in context of its use in Donna Haraway’s 2016 book, ‘Staying with the Trouble: Making kin in the Chthulucene’, and its central tenet that “our task is to make trouble, to stir up potent response to devastating events on a damaged earth”, Scott’s enacts a tectonic shift from bucolic sonic signifiers to signposts of the post-industrial world that could hardly be more apt at at a time when electronic and ambient music are prized for their safe and sterile wallpaper qualities, rather than a potential to evoke and invoke more powerful feelings. Based around modular synth-mangled live stream recordings of the Houses of Parliament during the prelude to Brexit, Scott’s compositions take these fractious debates as building blocks for the album’s caustic improvisations and compositions, ranging from convulsive clangour to pulsating tracts of strobing distortion and gutted, lurching post-dubstep rhythms riddled with the voice of Slowdive’s Rachel Goswell, before eventually resolving with a more spacious, textured sense of relief by the album’s close. His results are chaotic and noisily abrasive in a way that holds up a mirror to the modern world, reflecting a putative state of unrest and agitation that resonates with the artist’s profound discontent with the lack of “equilibrium we have right now and how disconnected we have all become in relation to nature and each other.” In concept this is nothing new for Scott, as previous release have variously explored ideas of climate change in ‘Below Sea Level’ (2012) and ‘Flood Lines’ (2016’, but the product this time is far more pointed, even aggressive, in its noisy insistence.) 25.00

JON GIBSON - Songs & Melodies, 1973-1977 DLP (superior viaduct - Since the mid-1960s, Jon Gibson has played a key role in the development of American avant-garde music. As a versatile reed player, he has performed with everyone from Steve Reich and Philip Glass to Terry Riley and La Monte Young. In the 1970s, Gibson would emerge as a minimalist composer in his own right and release two exceptional albums, Visitations and Two Solo Pieces, on Glass' Chatham Square imprint. Songs & Melodies brings together recordings from 1973 to 1977 (mostly previously unreleased), featuring prominent figures in New York's scene including Arthur Russell, Barbara Benary and Julius Eastman. This double LP collection showcases the breadth of Gibson's expressive range – from introspective piano meditations to cerebral ensemble works – and the subtlety of his radical compositional techniques. The front cover artwork, a hand-drawn diagram by Gibson, originally appeared in the program for a March 1974 concert at Washington Square Church in Greenwich Village. While this concert was not the first to feature the composer exclusively, it would be a pivotal event in Gibson's early career as a composer. Superior Viaduct is honored to present this long overdue archival release that not only documents Gibson's important work, but also a crucial period in NYC musical history.) 28.00

JUNE OF 44 - Anahata LP (quarterstick - June of 44's fifth full-length album. Often referred to as the punk rock pirates of the math rock world, June of 44 were a collective from 1994-2000. Truly a who's who of the indie world, the band consisted of members and ex-members of Rodan, Rex, Crownhate Ruin, Codeine, Sonora, and Hoover.) 23.00

LIGHTNING BOLT - ride. the skies LP (blue) (thrill jockey - Lightning Bolt’s Ride the Skies sees a true classic from the band’s catalog back in print for the first time in a long time. Arguably the first album where the duo truly nailed their patented sound, Ride the Skies saw Lightning Bolt refine the auditory chaos of their self-titled debut into something much more concise and direct, bulking out pieces with more muscular sonics without sacrificing the sheer velocity and wild energy that made their first release so exhilarating.) 27.00

MOLCHAT DOMA - Etazhi LP (detriti - Amazing coldwave / synth-pop from Belarus with haunting and emotional hooks to both the leads and vocals.) 25.00

OXZ - along ago 1981 - 1989 LP (captured tracks - The mid '80s were an exciting time for music in Kansai (Osaka-Kyoto), Japan. There were more stages for bands to play on, more releases by independent labels and a variety of bands playing in different styles. The 80s were also a time when women's rights in Japan, though a topic of conversation, were not widely visible in the real world. There were very few women in the underground music scene at the time, but none of them dressed like punks or dyed their hair, or outwardly showed much interest in declaring independence from the usual rules. So, in 1981, when Hikko, Mika, and Emiko (aka Chasen-maru) first appeared together as OXZ, they were intentionally shocking. Nothing happens in a vacuum, however. It was already acceptable for young women to form bands in the safety of their high school music clubs. They generally played cover songs at school events. However, actually stepping out into the dirty world of live houses was for the adventurous and compelled. To do so in OXZ's overtly provocative, dramatic way was unheard of. Contemporaries of Shonen Knife, OXZ were known for the intensity of their live performances. Releasing their first EP in 1984 - an 8" EP - their catalog belies their reputation for moody, dark post-punk ahead of its time.) 25.00

PHARAOH SANDERS - Live in Paris (1975) LP (transversales - A never-before-released ORTF recording performed live at studio 104, Maison de la Radio, Paris. First official release with the full permission and cooperation of the National Audiovisual Institute. Deluxe edition, Classic Tip-On Gatefold jacket, including exclusive liner notes and pictures. Mastered from the original master tapes) 27.00

PORRIDGE RADIO - every bad LP + 7" (blue) (secretly Canadian - Porridge Radio grew out of Dana Margolin’s bedroom, where she started making music in private. Living in the seaside town of Brighton, she recorded songs and slowly started playing them at open mic nights to rooms of old men who stared at her quietly as she screamed in their faces. Though she eventually grew out of them, for Margolin these open mic nights unlocked a love of performing and songwriting, as well as a new way to express herself. She decided to form a band through which to channel it all, and be noisier while she was at it – so Porridge Radio was born. Inspired by interpersonal relationships, her environment – in particular the sea – and her growing friendships with her new bandmates (bassist Maddie Ryall, keyboardist Georgie Stott, and drummer Sam Yardley) Margolin’s distinctive, indie-pop-but-make-it-existentialist style soon started to crystallise. Quickly, the band self-released a load of demos and a garden-shed-recorded collection on Memorials of Distinction, while tireless touring cemented their firm reputation as one of UK DIY’s most beloved and compelling live bands. Now, they are taking that development a step further, as they put out their label debut, Every Bad.) 26.00

TERRY ALLEN AND THE PANHANDLE MYSTERY BAND - Just Like Moby Dick DLP (paradise of bachelors - Iconic and iconoclastic Texan songwriter and visual artist Terry Allen’s heartbreaking, hilarious new album, his first set of new songs since 2013’s Bottom of the World, features the full Panhandle Mystery Band, including co-producer Charlie Sexton (Dylan, Bowie, Blaze), Shannon McNally, and Jo Harvey Allen; mainstays Bukka Allen, Richard Bowden, and Lloyd Maines; and co-writes with Joe Ely and Dave Alvin. The connections to Melville’s masterpiece are metaphorical and allusive, as elusive as the White Whale. The masterly spiritual successor to Lubbock (on everything), Just Like Moby Dick casts its net wide for wild stories, depicting, among other monstrous things, Houdini in existential crisis, the death of the last stripper in town, bloodthirsty pirates (in a pseudo-sequel to Brecht and Weill’s “Pirate Jenny”), the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (in the “American Childhood” suite), a vampire-infested circus, mudslides and burning mobile homes, and all manner of tragicomic disasters, abandonments, betrayals, bad memories, failures, and fare-thee-wells. The deluxe tip-on gatefold 2×LP package features lyrics, color labels, high-res Bandcamp download code, three sides of music, and a fourth-side vinyl etching artwork by Allen. The gatefold CD edition includes a six-panel lyrics insert with different artwork by Allen.) 33.00

U.S. GIRLS - heavy light LP (4AD - The anticipated seventh album by U.S. Girls, the protean musical enterprise of multi-disciplinary artist Meg Remy. "While Remy has been widely acclaimed for a panoply of closely observed character studies, on Heavy Light she turns inward, recounting personal narratives to create a deeply introspective about-face. The songs are an inquest into the melancholy flavour of hindsight, both personal and cultural. Remy makes this notion formally explicit with the inclusion of three re-worked, previously released songs: ‘Statehouse (It’s A Man’s World)’, ‘Red Ford Radio’, and ‘Overtime’, the latter of which is released today as Heavy Light’s lead single. Its companion video, which stars Andrea Nann of the Dreamwalker Dance Company, was created by Remy. Heavy Light follows 2018’s internationally critically-acclaimed breakout album In A Poem Unlimited. Recently named one of the best albums of the decade by Pitchfork, it was lauded across the pond by the likes of The Guardian, The Sunday Times, Crack and Q magazine for being Remy’s most accessible record in her then decade-long career. Heavy Light is produced by Remy and was recorded live with 20 session musicians - including E Street Band saxophonist Jake Clemons - in Montreal’s acclaimed Hotel 2 Tango studio. Remy worked with co-writers Basia Bulat and Rich Morel to develop the core of Heavy Light, a set of songs conceived as a balance between orchestral percussion (as richly arranged by percussionist Ed Squires) and the human voice (conducted by Kritty Uranowski). The resulting album finds Remy casting herself as lead voice among a harmonious multitude, the singers of which lend not only their voices, but also share reflections on childhood experiences that are collaged into moving spoken word interludes throughout the album. The album is mixed by long-time collaborators Maximilian ‘Twig’ Turnbull, Steve Chahley and Tony Price.“) 25.00

VATICAN SHADOW - opium crop airstrikes LP (hospital - Declassified militarist ambience from Vatican Shadow, finding Dominik Fernow (Prurient) donning his desert fatigues for a mesmerising follow-up to his technoid outings with Ostgut Ton and Ancient Methods. It’s also the last in a series of first-time vinyl editions of previously tape- only releases. ‘Opium Crop’ makes a return to what we’d term a vintage Vatican Shadow sound, steeped in nods to Muslimgauze and modern geopolitics and fringed with an aura of clammy, atmospheric terror, just how we like it. The title piece pushes off across the front with a sort of stately, waltzing rhythm and druggy synth pads recalling John Foxx and DJ Screw as much as Bryn Jones. ‘Hellfire Hidden Tribes’ sinks into the B-side with lagging Dabke rhythm embedded in oily black backdrops, occasionally lit up with vaporous synth stabs mirroring the arc and flash of distant artillery, and leading to an exquisite ambient devotional, ‘Loyal To The Deceased’.) 25.00

ZELIENOPLE - Hold You Up LP (miashmah - For their first album in 5 years, Zelienople turns on the current time with a record of low key decaying songs wrapped in hypnotic, driving rhythms. The Chicago based trio is back with a stunner of an underground pop album. Their most reverb heavy bombast is gone in favour of pure earth bound intimate tunes that feel like they summon the spirit of the late Mark Hollis. Shrouded tribal percussion and rippling vocals are at the forefront, while looped atmospheres echo in the distance. Since the release of their last album, vocalist Matt Christensen has been known for pouring his soul out in countless bandcamp releases of singer/songwriter, experimental and ambient offerings. It's hard to keep up with him, but one can't but to admire the dedication and extremely high quality of it all. Mike Weis on the other hand is less prolific, but has become a focused student of Korean Shaman and Buddhist music, often performing in zen based percussive rituals when he's not involved in side projects of improvisational music. Brian Harding is perhaps the most anonymous of the three, yet he is the steady, grounding element on bass that keeps them as one. Together, they create a beautifully realised own voice that feels especially close on their new album. Hold You Up is like a slow walk through a withering world, though one with a sense of refuge. This is music with heart - navigating darkness through light.) 21.00
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since we want you stay safe and also need to stay afloat and pay bills. We offer from now on til ?! FREE SHIPPING for orders in Germany over 50 euros and FREE SHIPPING for orders in between europe over 100 euros

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Ce n'est pas qu'j'aime pas me mélanger mais disons Simplement qu'les aigles ne volent pas avec les pigeons
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hi. Welcome to the 3rd newsletter for this month and as us might already know its getting crazier and crazier out there. We had to close the store today - but we also don’t want to put anyone in risk. We keep the mailorder running as long as we can to stay afloat, pay our bills and don’t lose the business.

Having a recordstore and make a living these days is already a challenge. We are already grateful for all your support!!! So it feels difficult to ask for help since I guess all of us struggle these days. All the small business owners, friends in music, art etc … So far I don’t see any support from the government and so we all have to support us each other.

So unfortunatley now it got even more difficult since we might can´t keep the store open as usual and also don´t want to put anyone else at risk. We would appreciate if you place an order online. We still ship every day. Free shipping in between germany with orders over 50 euros and in between europe over 100 euros.

We are here once a day and we also schedule appointments if you want to pick something up. Thank you. If you have issues with the webstore you can also place orders via email or PM.

Since some peope asked you can also donate to our paypal account

We got a bunch of new records and have some more on its way - we just have to see when and how they get delivered. But we keep you updated

You can also get digital stuff on the adagio830 Bandcamp etc.

THANK YOU! All the support means so much for us. STAY SAFE!!!!!!!!!

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ALESSANDRO MORESCHI - The Last Castrato (Complete Vatican Recordings) LP (fantome - "Yes, these are the only remaining recordings of Alessandro Moreschi, known now as the last castrato. You can work out why he has the high voice, the whole practice of developing these singers and castrating them before puberty was outlawed by the last 19th Century. So actually hearing this type of singer is most unusual theses days, and I have to say the sound is totally unique and tragic.“) 20.00

BARRY BROWN - Vibes Of Barry Brown LP /radiation - Vibes Of Barry Brown' is an album of deep roots reggae, surfaced in limited quantity in 1981 via Sonic Sounds' Gorgon imprint, the sub-label reserved for producers that lacked an established label of their own, and although production is not specifically credited, the album is likely a self-produced work, since Brown is credited as sole songwriter, just as he was on the self-produced 'Cool Pon Your Corner' LP from 1980. The albums are stylistically similar too, with Brown singing over hard roots rhythms, most likely laid at Channel One with the core of the Roots Radics, and voiced and mixed at King Tubby’s.) 16.00

BEATRICE DILLON - Workaround LP (PAN - Workaround’ is the lucidly playful and ambitious solo debut album by rhythmobsessive musician and DJ, Beatrice Dillon for PAN. It combines her love of UK club music’s syncopated suss and Afro-Caribbean influences with a gamely experimental approach to modern composition and stylistic fusion, using inventive sampling and luminous mixing techniques adapted from modern pop to express fresh ideas about groove-driven music and perpetuate its form with timeless, future-proofed clarity. Recorded over 2017-2019 between studios in London, Berlin and New York, ‘Workaround’ renders a hypnotic series of polymetric permutations at a fixed 150bpm tempo. Mixing meticulous FM synthesis and harmonics with crisply edited acoustic samples from a wide range of guests including UK Bhangra pioneer Kuljit Bhamra (tabla); Pharoah Sanders Band’s Jonny Lam (pedal steel guitar); techno innovators Laurel Halo (synth/vocal) and Batu (samples); Senegalese Griot Kadialy Kouyaté (Kora), Hemlock’s Untold and new music specialist Lucy Railton (cello); amongst others, Dillon deftly absorbs their distinct instrumental colours and melody into 14 bright and spacious computerised frameworks that suggest immersive, nuanced options for dancers, DJs and domestic play.) 25.00

BRUNO NICOLAI - Espressioni LP (loneos - Originally released in 1972 for the sought after Gemelli imprint, Espressioni was credited to longtime Ennio Morricone partner and conspirator Bruno Nicolai, one of the most influential Italian composer in the heyday of film music and modern composition. The maestro Morricone shows his persona between the folds of the record as well, revealing a common sense for obscure leanings in the tradition of avant-garde-jazz and classic contemporary. The many faces of the two composers are fully in charge through the 9 episodes of the release, such a chronological history akin to the common area of Italian psycho drama and cultish noir-exploitation short movies. Fascinating tough obscure, these austere compositions should be fitting ideally along your Gruppo D’Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza or Egisto Macchi essential releases.) 25.00

HENRI POUSSEUR - Early Experimental Electronic Music 1954-1961 LP (fantome - Henri Pousseur was a Belgian composer, teacher, and music theorist active from the the 1950s on. Influenced by Pierre Boulez, Karlheinz Stockhausen, and Luciano Berio, Pousseur may be lesser known than those contemporaries but his composition and technique is regarded by many as equaling if not surpassing much of the work of those more famous names. Realized in the same Cologne radio studio as much of Karlheinz Stockhausen's most famous work, this collection brings together some of Pousseur's greatest work, early tape and electronic masterpieces that deserve the recognition afforded many of his more famous contemporaries.) 20.00

IRREVERSIBLE ENTANGLEMENTS - Who Sent You? LP (international anthem - Stay on it! This is the future! This is the spectral dreaming, the reshaped soundwaves of post-Katrina, post-Osage Avenue, post-Obamacare that we borrow from to do this work, so stay on it. Who Sent You? they said from their liquid cryo-chamber, from a low-light induction field cobbled together with lithium rods, with melted down Romare Bearden and Howardena Pindell paintings, stitched with chaos fibers and placed in the center of the carrion husk of a burnt out shanty town. They took time to scrape ashen samples of what was, their souls the residue thick and caked on, that still climbs those new high-rise condominiums like moss—the only evidence that they were once there, that they were baked into the fabric of this planet—they were there fixing elevators and tossing wrenches into quantum fields until they were stopped! frisked! and turned into weird, 100-foot martyr murals on the backside, the north side, of supermarket walls—Who Sent You? is how the matrix modulation works. Dig it: Who Sent You? is the punk-rocking of jazz and the mystification of the avant-garde, a sci-fi sound from that out-soul-fire jazz quintet Irreversible Entanglements. Who Sent You? they asked and tried to lock us in their distress chambers, and yet here it is: an album that functions as a heat-sealed care package for the modern Afrofuturist’s pre-flight machinations. This record weaves kinetic soul fusion, dreamy yet harrowing spectral poetry, and intricate force-field-tight rhythms into wild, warmth-giving tapestries that comfort and conceal, confront and coerce all at once, with the dark matter of the deep, black all-consuming universe as its thread. Where the band’s self-titled debut was all explosive noisy anthems and glorious cosmic bluster, Who Sent You? is a focused and patient ritual. Irreversible Entanglements take their time in between these grooves, stalking the war-torn streets of the Deep South and post-Columbian apocalypses—taking their time to add our DNA to the centrifuge, to dream up an alchemical amalgamation that sounds truly euphoric, drenched in the epic star-flung fallout of a nova only they can conjure. More than the sum of its parts—Luke Stewart’s war-like basslines, Keir Neuringer’s haunting saxophone, Aquiles Navarro’s cyberpunk brass, the unwieldy storm of Tcheser Holmes’ drums, and the oracular phyletic incantations of Camae Ayewa—Who Sent You? is an entire holistic jam of “infinite possibilities coming back around,” a sprawling meditation for afro-cosmonauts, a reminder of the forms and traumas of the past, and the shape and vision of Afrotopian sounds to come. ) 25.00

IRREVERSIBLE ENTANGLEMENTS - Irreversible Entanglements LP (international anthem - back in stock - Irreversible Entanglements are a liberation-oriented free jazz collective formed in early 2015 by saxophonist Keir Neuringer, poet Camae Ayewa (a.k.a. Moor Mother) and bassist Luke Stewart, who came together to perform at a Musicians Against Police Brutality event organized after the slaying of Akai Gurley by the NYPD. Months later the group added trumpeter Aquiles Navarro and drummer Tcheser Holmes (a duo who also performed at the MAPB event) for a single day of recording at Seizure’s Palace in Brooklyn, and the full quintet’s first time playing together was captured for this debut. In four relentless bouts of inspired fire music the instrumentalists explore and elaborate compositional ideas drawn from their deep individual studies of free jazz improvisation, but the tone of each piece is driven decisively by Ayewa’s searing poetic narrations of Black trauma, survival and power. The message is the undeniable essence of the music.Irreversible Entanglements are a liberation-oriented free jazz collective formed in early 2015 by saxophonist Keir Neuringer, poet Camae Ayewa (a.k.a. Moor Mother) and bassist Luke Stewart, who came together to perform at a Musicians Against Police Brutality event organized after the slaying of Akai Gurley by the NYPD. Months later the group added trumpeter Aquiles Navarro and drummer Tcheser Holmes (a duo who also performed at the MAPB event) for a single day of recording at Seizure’s Palace in Brooklyn, and the full quintet’s first time playing together was captured for this debut. In four relentless bouts of inspired fire music the instrumentalists explore and elaborate compositional ideas drawn from their deep individual studies of free jazz improvisation, but the tone of each piece is driven decisively by Ayewa’s searing poetic narrations of Black trauma, survival and power. The message is the undeniable essence of the music.) 25.00

LES TIGRES DU FUTUR - collection illusions sonores vol 3 LP (music fear - Psychedelic garage rock, soundtrack for a sleazy horror movie from the 70's and a weird humor are the main ingredients for this recipe. On Collection Illusions Sonores Vol.3, out via Music Fear Satan, Jo-Bernard Castagneri do deliver its best meal still. The first side of the record is a 19 minutes "Le Jour De La Colère Astrale", a spiritual journey through the chaotic cosmic depths. The second side is haunted by a space-dust eating cloud devouring every galaxy he encounters. "Cosmos de Sang" sees the seven Rishis (Hindu's mankind guardians) battling against this threat despite their Purp addiction, a new and terrifying reality altering drug. "L'Etoile de Satan", a satanic prog rock banger, closes this adventure. On a Jupiter satellite, the Antechrist incarnates himself as a giant protozoa. Supercomputer Lomonosov-3 being enable to watch him, the dreadful amoeba boards a soviet space probe going to Earth. Only the monocellular son of Satan and the soviet IA can play this frightening hunter's game which has just begun.) 16.00

LEE ‘SCRATCH’ PERRY WITH SESKAIN MOLENGA & KALO KAWONGOLO - roots from the Congo DLP (roots - Congo meets Jamaica on this this exceptional reggae album from the late seventies. Made in collaboration with Lee 'Scratch' Perry and Seskain Molenga. The reissue comes with liner notes by David Katz that sheds more light on the complex tale that lies behind the work. Amazing album! The Belgian labels Planet Ilunga, specializing in researching, documenting and releasing Congolese music from the fifties to seventies, and Roots Vibration, devoted to reissue classic roots singles and albums, join forces for the first time. Together making one of the most enigmatic reggae albums available again. Recorded and produced in the late seventies at Lee Perry's Black Ark studio in Kingston, Jamaica.) 24.00

LIGHTNING BOLT - Hypermagic Mountain DLP (thrill jockey - Hypermagic Mountain, Lightning Bolt’s 4th album has been unavailable for nearly a decade since it’s 2005 release. Back as a double LP including a full drawing by Brian Chippendale as the D side Etching! The package includes a large scale 4-page book (previous pressings included a cd size book). Recorded at Machines with Magnets and Lightning Bolt’s home by Dave Auchenbach. Lightning Bolt play with abandon that is unmatched and remarkably undiluted and this album is just one more example of that raw power and sound.) 30.00

LUCIANO BERIO / PIERRE BOULEZ / OLIVIER MESSIAEN / KARLHEINZ STOCKHAUSEN - Musique Contemporaine LP (fantome - The avant-garde composer and conductor Pierre Boulez was a titan of post-War experimental classical music. Born in the small cheesemaking town of Montrbrison in central France in 1925, Boulez studied at the Paris Conservatoire with the composer and organist Charles Messiaen and received private tuition from pianist Andrée Vaurabourg; after moving to the Marais district in 1945, he briefly studied with Schoenberg disciple, René Leibowitz, and further influence came from immersion in Balinese gamelan, Japanese classical music and African drumming, among other sources. Earning money by playing an early electronic keyboard called the ondes Martenot on theatre productions, Boulez soon became music director of the Renaud-Barrault theatre company (led by actor/direction Jean-Louis Barrault and his actor wife, Madeleine Renaud), leading to tours of Belgium, Switzerland, Britain and both North and South America. American composer John Cage became an ally, though they subsequently clashed over Cage’s commitment to the role of chance in his compositions, paving the way for an intense and lasting friendship with the German composer, Karlheinz Stockhausen, who arrived in Paris in 1952 to study with Messiaen. In July of that year, the pair attended the International Summer Course for New Music in Darmstadt, leading to contact with Italian composer Luciano Berio and other noteworthy figures. Then, in 1954, with backing from Barrault and Renaud, Boulez began staging a series of concerts of experimental music at the Petit Marigny theatre, titled Le Domaine musical. The pieces collected on this album are all taken from performances staged for the 1957 Domaine musical season, beginning with Berio’s “Serenata I,” conducted by Boulez, which debuted in Paris in March of that year; arranged for flute and fourteen instruments, Berio said that the idea behind the piece was for the solo flute to be confronted by continuously interchanging elements, rather than mere accompaniments or oppositions. Boulez’s own “Sonatine,” composed in 1946 for flute and piano, is a 12-tone piece that evidences Messiaen’s influence, with shades of Asian classical music in places; then, Stockhausen’s monumental “Zeitmasze” or “Time Measures,” a serial composition for five woodwinds, played in different combinations of tempos and speed, was partly inspired by Webern’s principles of homogenous and harmonic textures. Finally, Messiaen’s 1949 work “Cantéyodjayâ,” delivered by pianist Yvonne Loriod, takes it shape from the classical Hindu rhythms of ancient India, as with much of the composer’s oeuvre.) 20.00

MASSIMO GUANTINI - Diapositive LP (lone - Diapositive Beside the telluric year in pop music and culture, 1977 was still ranked as the future for Italian leftfield composers. Published by roman imprint Gemelli and credited to the elusive Massimo Guantini (none else than influential jazz player and composer Sandro Brugnolini), Diapositive is a fully cinematic journey in the realm of sci-fi and cool jazz. Fully produced at famous roman Emmequattro Studios (home of many fascinating recordings by piano player Enrico Pieranunzi) the album is deeply rooted in the coolness of italian libraries, showing up such an incredible music craftsmanship. Fully adorned by a vibrant rhythm section, an acoustic piano, a clavinet, a fender Rhodes and such an ‘acid jazz’ guitar-playing, this album will lift your mind and soul for good.) 27.00

MATHEMATIQUES MODERNES - Les Visiteurs Du Soir LP (more over - Here comes the much anticipated reissue of the seminal French synthpop classic Les Visiteurs Du Soir by MATHEMATIQUES MODERNES. Released in 1981 on the famous Celluloid imprint, this masterpiece has been out of print since its initial pressing.  Mathématiques Modernes was the project of keyboardist CLAUDE ARTO and vocalist/lyricist EDWIGE BRAUN-BELMORE. Arto has also worked with French bands Artefact and Spions. Also, to note, the late French producer JACNO also worked on the Mathématiques Modernes record.  This gem needs no introduction to the fans who have enjoyed the classics from this era. The record is a very diverse blend of new wave, almost progressive arrangement, baroque melodies, complex rhythmic structures, and plenty of so called “cold wave” sprinkled in.  The addition of horns was not a common finding during these times and is also represented on this eclectic record.  Probably the most well known track, “Disco Rough” was a single as well as was later included on the popular comp, So Young But So Cold, Underground French Music 1977-1983 released in 2004 on Tigersushi Records.  It is staple in many DJ sets with its sassy lyrics and jagged synth hooks. The album features string arrangements which was somewhat unique to the new wave scene.  Most notably, the track “Jungle Hurt” displays the wonderful arrangements that interface well with the synth textures and percussion. The track “A + B = C” has also been featured on various “Flexi-pop” comps and has a quirky melody accented by xylophone.  The final track on the LP is an interesting medley of various tracks on the LP with interesting transitions. This LP has become very collectable for original copies and (when rarely found) is quite expensive. The original tape masters have been restored and remastered by Gilbert Castro of Celluloid Records. The sound quality is unparalleled. This project has been the collaboration between Mathématiques Modernes, Gilbert Castro, and Medical Records. The jacket features original reproduction artwork on the front and back.  This record will surely need to make a mandatory arrival in the collections of fans of French new wave, early synthpop, and lovers of all things late 70s/early 80s. ) 20.00

MESA OF THE LOST WOMEN - Les Tables Noires LP (specific - The French duo Mesa Of The Lost Women continues its free noise making adventures with 'Les Tables Noires', an album that celebrates liberty, violence and black metal amongst others.) 17.00

MILES DAVIS - Ascenseur Pour L'Échafaud (Lift To The Scaffold) LP (Ascenseur Pour L'échafaud is a 1958 French film directed by Louis Malle. It was released as 'Lift to the Scaffold' in the UK. The film was nothing special, but it did accomplish one thing: it proposed a new ideal of cinematic realism, a new way to look at a woman. Jean-Paul Rappeneau, a jazz fan and Malle's assistant at the time, suggested asking Miles Davis to create the film's Soundtrack. He showed Davis a screening of the movie, and afterwards Miles knew exactly how to portray the smoky hazed or frantic scenes through sonic imagery. On December 4 1957, he brought four French Jazzmen (Barney Wilen / tenor saxophone, René Urtreger / piano, Pierre Michelot - bass and Kenny Clarke - drums) to the recording studio 'Le Poste Parisien Studio' without having them prepare anything. Davis only gave the musicians a few rudimentary harmonic sequences he had assembled in his hotel room. Eventually 'Ascenseur Pour L'échafaud' has become a great achievement of artistic excellence.) 17.00

MOANING - Uneasy Laughter LP (sub pop - What happens when an abrasive rock trio trades guitars for synths, cranks up the beats and leans into the everyday anxieties of simply being a functioning human in the 21st century? The answer is Uneasy Laughter, the sensational second Sub Pop release from Los Angeles-based Moaning. Vocalist/guitarist Sean Solomon, bassist/keyboardist Pascal Stevenson and drummer Andrew MacKelvie have been friends and co-conspirators amid the fertile L.A. DIY scene for more than a decade. They are also immersed in other creative pursuits — Solomon is a noted illustrator, art director and animator, while Stevenson and MacKelvie have played or worked behind the boards with acts such as Cherry Glazerr, Sasami and Surf Curse. On Uneasy Laughter, they’ve tackled challenges both personal and universal the only way they know how: by talking about how they’re feeling and channeling those emotions directly into their music.) 21.00

POINTE DU LAC - EP 1 & 2 DLP (music fear - Following a self-titled album (2016, Gonzaï Records), this compilation contains two EPs originally released on tape only via Hylé Tapes. For the first time available on vinyl, it comes in a limited 2xLP edition with a bonus track. Exploring the wide world of krautrock, but also minimalism and library music, Julien Lheuillier keeps expanding his psychedelic universe. Now a duo (Richard Francés joined the band in 2017), Pointe du Lac delivers the perfect companion to wait for their second full lenght album. Après leur premier album éponyme sorti en 2016 sur Gonzaï Records, voici une compilation qui regroupe les deux EPs sortis initialement en cassette chez Hylé Tapes. Avec un inédit en bonus, ces titres voient le jour pour la première fois en vinyle avec un 2xLP en édition limitée. Julien Lheuillier poursuit son exploration du vaste spectre du krautrock en y ajoutant d'autres influences psychédéliques et contemplatives (du minimalisme à l'illustration sonore) pour créer un univers musical riche et personnel. En attendant le deuxième album du désormais duo (Richard Francés ayant rejoint le projet depuis 2017), ces dix titres sont idéaux pour s'évader loin des couloirs du métro et des abîmes cristoliennes.) 20.00

PORRIDGE RADIO - every bad LP (secrelty - Porridge Radio grew out of Dana Margolin’s bedroom, where she started making music in private. Living in the seaside town of Brighton, she recorded songs and slowly started playing them at open mic nights to rooms of old men who stared at her quietly as she screamed in their faces. Though she eventually grew out of them, for Margolin these open mic nights unlocked a love of performing and songwriting, as well as a new way to express herself. She decided to form a band through which to channel it all, and be noisier while she was at it – so Porridge Radio was born. Inspired by interpersonal relationships, her environment – in particular the sea – and her growing friendships with her new bandmates (bassist Maddie Ryall, keyboardist Georgie Stott, and drummer Sam Yardley) Margolin’s distinctive, indie-pop-but-make-it-existentialist style soon started to crystallise. Quickly, the band self-released a load of demos and a garden-shed-recorded collection on Memorials of Distinction, while tireless touring cemented their firm reputation as one of UK DIY’s most beloved and compelling live bands. Now, they are taking that development a step further, as they put out their label debut, Every Bad.) 23.00

SERGE GAINSBOURG - Confidentiel LP (rumble - Gainsbourg Confidentiel is the fifth studio album by French musician Serge Gainsbourg, released in 1963. It features a minimalistic approach to jazz, with only a double bass and an electric guitar.) 17.00

V/A - Towards A Total Poetry LP (recital - Edition of 250 copies, incl. 12-page booklet Culled from live performances in Los Angeles in 1980, Towards A Total Poetry holds radioplays and sound poems by Julien Blaine, Adriano Spatola, F. Tiziano, and Paul Vangelisti. Two concerts were organized by poet and professor Vangelisti and broadcast on his KPFK radio show. A rare gathering of extreme French and Italian sound poets in California, flown out on with an arts funding grant (my, how things have changed!). A jarred specimen on a golden platter of a time passed. The electricity of the performances is unparalleled. Sadistically funny, dizzy with confusion: a map lies dissected on the table. Adriano Spatola (1941-1988) is the most beautiful Italian post-war poet, also publisher of Baobab, Tam Tam, Geiger editions. His stage presence is that of a drunken wolverine, thrashing his words and letters, madly chuckling and whispering secrets to himself. Spatola interprets a disfigured rendition of “Buddenbrooks,” a traumatic and shocking radioplay, held alongside his infamous “Aviation / Aviateur” and “Al Capone Poem,” read with explosive tension. His younger brother, F. Tiziano, is a more mysterious figure. His radioplay, “Los Angeles Bridge,” has four characters: North, South, East, and West. Quibbling through a fever dream over a card game. Professional voice actors were hired for all of the radioplays, translated from Italian by Vangelisti (as with all of Spatola’s English publications). French artist and sound poet Julien Blaine (1942) composed the play “Passe / Futur” – utilizing his actors as verbal instruments: buzzing and howling as carefully as dots on sheet-music. His sound poems are hilarious, “Amputation” mimics the sound of four severing surgeries, and “Mots d’enfants” still confuses me as to what exactly is going on… Paul Vangelisti’s works open and close Towards A Total Poetry. The Los Angeles poet and publisher of Red Hill Press organized the affair and was able to hold his own against such powerful artists. Paul’s pieces are conceptual, opening with a fitting typewriter hymn, “Radio,” and concluding with “Auld Lang Syne,” the Ms of the phone book sung by chorus. These are some of the strangest radioplays in existence. A format I feel is underused. The infusion of drama and comedy and open air to fill... oh, the possibilities. Limited LP Edition of 250 copies, 12-page booklet with essays and poems by the artists.) 27.00

V/A - The Voices Of The Dead - Archives from Konstantin Raudive and Gerhard Stempnik LP (sub rosa - For many, the first traces of the Raudive Tapes were in William Burroughs fictions and articles. The fact is, these mysterious magnetic tapes, which capture the voices of the dead, and were recorded by the baltic scientist Konstantin Raudive, are not a fiction but a reality (we are not here to judge their scientific objectivity ). These tapes, as rare as Lovecraft's Necronomicon, are now in our archives.) 20.00


THE WIRE - Issue #434 April 2020 MAG (Thundercat: Schooled in jazz, funk, punk and more, the flamboyant bassist, vocalist and songwriter brings mischief, mirth and melancholy to that most misunderstood of genres – fusion. By Phil Freeman. Plus essays on fusion past, present and future by Greg Tate and John Morrison. Gal Costa: Ahead of a rare UK live date, the Brazilian musician and vocalist discusses bossa nova, tropicália, political engagement and remaining open to the unexpected. By Russ Slater. Jarboe: The erstwhile Swans vocalist and Neurosis collaborator returns with an intimate collection of reflective songs inspired by her travels. By Claire Biddles. Roger & Brian Eno: With a collaborative album in the can, the Eno brothers discuss the anatomy of ambient music. By Philip Clark. Invisible Jukebox: William Gibson: Can the visionary science fiction author hack The Wire’s mystery record selection? Tested by Emily Bick Unlimited Editions: Transcending Obscurity Unofficial Channels: Jamel_aka_Jamal Gentle Stranger: Clowning is no joke for the absurdist London outfit. By Claire Sawers and more) 8.00
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