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Bis Aufs Messer July news

Messagepar ADAGIO830 » 06 Juil 2018, 13:29

Hi. welcome to the first newsletter for July. A bunch of new releases arrived like lots Southern Lord restock (Sleep, Nails, Big Brave, Power Trip), Re Issue likes the EARTH - The Bees Made Honey In The Lion's Skull DLP, the new BAPTIST etc., also restock of the ltd JOHN COLTRANE - Both Directions At Once - The Lost Album DLP arrived, the new GLOOM SLEEPER - luminous galaxies LP + CD, ANTONIO SANCHES - Buli Povo ! (Limited Edition) LP on Analog Africa,

The Spectral Wound LP on Vendetta is down to the last copies on black as well. The ANICON on colored vinyl is also down to the last copies .. so make sure to get one now while they last.

Adagio830 is down to the last copies of the GHOST BAG & TINE FETZ LP on clear - get one while the last.




Thank you
 Robert & Klose & Norman


ANCIENT EMBLEM / SOCIAL CRISIS - Split LP (Two great crust bands on the common split. Ancient Emblem are coming from Spain and their crust massacre is heavily influenced by black metal sound. Social Crisis coming from Poland and they play heavy dark crust / d-beat. A really great split LP!) 12.00

ANTONIO SANCHES - Buli Povo ! (Limited Edition) LP ("Antonio Sanches provided the "out of space" lead track on the Label's seminal "Space Echo" compilation. Impossible to find for many years, the sound of “Buli Povo!” is just as arresting and mesmerizing today as it was on the day it was released. It has just taken us thirty-five years to catch up with António’s vision"  Funaná,the most african of music styles from Cabo Verde had been banned by the Portuguese Rulers. But in 1974, with independence and the birth of the Bulimundo band, everything changed. Their leader, guitarist Katchás, believing it was time for a new approach, decided to dig deep into the ancient rural roots of Funaná and modernise it with a full band electrified setting. the idea gave birth to a whole new chapter in the already rich Cape Verdean musical landscape.  A group of equally adventurous and talented young musicians with a renewed sense of pride spread across the cities of Lisbon, Paris and Rotterdam followed the path and with the help of out of space synthesizers, electric guitar pedals and all kinds of studio effect created their own renditions of Funaná music.  One of these musicians was António Sanches who recorded “Buli Povo!”, the strangest and yet most fascinating funaná recording to emerge from this period. Recorded in Lisbon with the legendary Voz de Cabo Verde in 1983, the album is a synth-drenched journey to the outer limits of Cabo Verdean popular music, which had remained off the musical radar until now. It was only in recent years, as interest in vintage Cabo Verdian music started to grow, that rumours began to circulate about the strange brilliance of his synth-driven journey into the heart of funaná. ) 28.00

BAPTISTS - Beacon Of Faith LP (southern lord d- Though the Beacon Of Faith album is densely-packed,  BAPTISTS’ sound is far from claustrophobic. There is melody amongst the dissonance, as the band more deeply explore the noise rock vistas that have always underpinned their sound. The album broadly follows the same trajectory as its predecessors — Bushcraft (2013) and Bloodmines (2014) – combining the style of raw adrenaline-fueled emotion, venomous vocal delivery, gigantic guitar sound, and a visceral rhythmic propulsion; a sonic manifestation of desolate rage, bolstered by a palpable sense of urgency.  The lyrics on Beacon Of Faith are drawn from the members’ direct experience of a broken society and general discontentment with everyday life. A multitude of issues are in the firing line, from the Canadian court system, issues surrounding substance abuse, mental health, and how the more fortunate tend to dismiss people who have been dealt a less-fortunate hand. Beacon Of Faith was recorded at Godcity in Salem, Massachusetts with Kurt Ballou in July 2017, and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege in Portland, Oregon.) 19.00

DEAD ON PAROLE - Πληγές LP (Blackened Crust from Greece. "Metalic crust that does not exhaust its energy in just playing fast but also creates essential compositions with lots of riffs on each track and highly interesting drum patterns. The album does not lack atmospheric moments, while the vocals tear down steel walls throughout the album.“) 12.00

EARTH - The Bees Made Honey In The Lion's Skull DLP (southern lord - The rebirth of Earth resulted in the band signing with Southern Lord Recordings and releasing the essential “Hex” album circa 2005. Their next step was monumental. Working alongside Hex producer Randall Dunn, the band entered AVAST! studios (where Earth2 was recorded) and began laying down what was to become one of the bands finest moments of their existence. The mainstay core of Dylan Carlson & Adrienne Davies collaborated and wrote material with Steve Moore, Don McGreevy, and legendary guitarist Bill Frissell. The final result of their hard work was: “The Bees Made Honey In The Lion’s Skull”. The musical direction was more focused than Hex with the band moving into more of a rock and american Gospel oriented and improvisatorydirection framed by a truly psychedelic production. It remains the groups most successful album and many tracks are still performed by Earth live. The audio was specifically mastered for vinyl and the LP lacquers were cut by Bob Weston (Shellac). The vinyl version of this album contains the exclusive bonus track: “Junkyard Priest” (featuring Milky Burgess on slide guitar). This 2018 pressing is housed in a beautiful “old style” Stoughton gatefold jacket. “From Strength, sweetness. From darkness, Light, The bees made honey in the Lion’s Skull”) 26.00

GLOOM SLEEPER - luminous galaxies LP + CD (GLOOM SLEEPER return to the fray with a mighty sophomore album – a manic collision of driving pop melodicism, post-punk sang-froid and four-to-the-floor garage rock energy. Physically they’re in Germany, but their hearts are scattered all over the place: Macclesfield, where they’ve absorbed the raw gothic clatter of proto-Joy Divisionists WARSAW; Notting Hill, where the darkling shimmer of KILLING JOKE somehow found its way into the world…plus all manner of US punk-rock hotspots (New York, Detroit, Cleveland, you name it) dribble into the music like blood into water. They’re at their best when the strands unfurl across each other, like when the shredded-nerve guitars of "city of unrest" soft-fade into a tense, crystalline synth finale. Meanwhile out-and-out rock’n’roll cuts like "perceptions" and "he smiles" prod and poke at your punk-rock heart, daring you to reach into their sweaty embrace while simultaneously keeping you at a distance with a foreboding stare and an outstretched arm. Cold always feels warm once you’ve acclimatised, of course, and these are songs you’ll wanna get inside – if they don’t get inside you first. Essentially, "luminous galaxies" is a stunning leap forward. The best bit? Oh, just the creeping suspicion that there’s even better to come… but for now, this is a mighty fine place to start. Limited colored vinyl comes housed in an eyecatching cover with printed innersleeve and CD version.) 13.00

JOHN COLTRANE - Both Directions At Once - The Lost Album DLP (Deluxe Version) (impulse - Deluxe Version includes every take from the session. Unknown until 2004 and unheard until now, these recordings by the John Coltrane Quartet are, as Sonny Rollins says in the liner notes, “like finding a new room in the Great Pyramid.” With the discovery of the ¼”reference tapes that Coltrane took home with him after the recording  session a session that  was completely  unknown  and  for which master tapes don’t exist an important chapter in the evolution of Coltrane’s music can now be heard for the first time. Featuring the Classic Quartet John  Coltrane,  McCoy  Tyner, Jimmy Garrison and Elvin Jones and recorded at the end of a two week run at Birdland, the music on this album represents one of the most influential groups in music history both performing in a musical style it had perfected and reaching in new, exploratory directions that were to affect the trajectory of jazz from that point forward.) 35.00

KAMAL KEILA - Muslims And Christians DLP (habibi - Songs about the unity of Sudan, peace between Muslims and Christians and the fate of war orphans, backed by grooves equally taking influence from Arabic sounds, American funk as well as neighboring Ethiopia.  Kamal Keila was among the first artist we met in Sudan during our two trips to Khartoum and Omdurman last year. He is one of the key figures of the Sudanese jazz scene that was a vital part of the musical culture in Sudan from the mid 1960s until the islamist revolution in the late 1980s. When we meet Kamal he luckily presented us with two mold covered studio reels.  Each tape included five tracks. One with English lyrics and another with Arabic ones. Musically you can hear the influence of neighboring Ethiopia much more than on other Sudanese recordings of the time, as well as references to Fela and American funk and soul. His lyrics, at least when he sings in English which gave him more freedom from censorship, are very political. A brave statement in the political climate of Sudan of the last decades, preaching for the unity of Sudan, peace between Muslims and Christians and singing the blues about the fate of war orphans called „Shmasha“.  A note inside one of the boxes specified the track titles, durations and the fact that the sessions were recorded on the 12th of august 1992. Both sessions stand as a hearable testament how Kamal Keila stuck to a sound aesthetic from decades ago, while incorporating current events into his lyrics. Kamal Keila’s album is the first in a series of releases covering the Sudanese jazz scene on Habibi Funk. Be on the lookout for albums by The Scorpions and Sharhabeel coming soon. 2LP + Download Code + 8 Page Booklet) 25.00

LAVENDER HEX - s/t LP (LAVENDER HEX is a duo based in Berlin. After being evicted from their rehearsal space by a slick boy pop band, they ditched the drums and guitar and started working with home recordings. Jamming instead to lofi beats and found sounds. Since 2014 Lianne and Arndt have come up with a number of tunes which in turn they've given to friends and heroes to experiment with and find words for. Contributions from Lisa Fannen (Edinburgh), Anna Vo (Portland), Stef Petticoat (Berlin), Truly Kaput (Swansea), Heena Patel (Manchester) and Rae Spoon (Canada). FFO: This Heat, Young Marble Giants,….) 13.00

NOSEHOLES - Danger Dance LP (harbinger - First full album by this band from Hamburg/Germany. Following their debut EP from early 2017 (also a split-release from CHU CHU, IN A CAR and HARBINGER), this LP contains 7 new tracks from these funky Post-Punk No Wavers! Highly improved and a step forward! The minimalism and the musical approach of the NOSEHOLES reminds of bands such as BUSH TETRAS, CONTORTIONS, AU PAIRS, or LiLiPUT, resp. will surely appeal to fans of SHOPPING, NACHTHEXEN or THE WORLD.) 13.00

THE SECRET - Lux Tenebris LP (soutehrn lord - Vicious Italian cult THE SECRET returns in 2018, with new live performances as well as this limited edition 12″ vinyl pressing of their their first new material in six years! The twenty-minute Lux Tenebris EP sees THE SECRET abandoning the minimalistic approach of the previous two albums, the band expanding its sound by adding more layered and textural guitar work to the primordial destructive aggression that distinguished the Solve Et Coagula and Agnus Dei LPs. While still physical and confrontational, these songs show no concern for mortality and forget time and decay, creating new room for resonation and atmosphere. Lux Tenebris is an ode to the eternal night suspended beyond life and death. The signature sound of the band is pushed to its extreme by further developing the black metal and doom influences reminiscent of Southern Lord mid-2000s catalog, showcasing THE SECRET as one of Italy’s undeniably darkest bands in existence once again. Lux Tenebris was recorded by Steve Scanu and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege and completed with a cover illustration and layout by View From The Coffin.) 14.00

SUMMON - Parazv Il Zilittv LP (iron - SUMMON emerged in late 2016 as a gathering between N. and R. in which they decided to follow a sonority that transcends their soul and where they could give it a more cavernous feel, with an intensity of deep agony. Shortly thereafter, N. decides to move forward with composite themes, and then they decide to call J. to seal the covenant of a deadly entity. The lyrics are handled by N. in which he invokes all the blackness and splendor of death, the burden of enduring and wandering in a world of human flesh, and the infinite thirst for mass slaughter converting mankind into a cloak of bones. What thusly emerged was SUMMON's debut EP, Aesthetics of Demise, which was released by IRON BONEHEAD during the summer of 2017 to widespread critical acclaim. A swirling, sulfurous mass of molten death-doom, Aesthetics of Demise was aptly titled, but on the fuller and more fleshed-out Parazv Il Zilittv, the trio both dive deeper into the murk and emerge into clearer dimensions. By no means do SUMMON here abandon their expertly crafted monolith of death-doom, but they largely (and wisely) leave behind the obfuscating murk which has become so de rigueur (read: TRENDY) in the millennial metal underground. Instead, each passage patiently unfolds and establishes its intended texture, terrorizing the mind and body with oppressive physical/spiritual weight - even (and especially) when stripped back to foggy, tension-inducing mist. The consequently linear songwriting soon works its sepulchral magick, as lurching 'n' lumbering riffs are stretched into hammering trances, sending undulating waves of absolute ritualism deep into the listener's core. Which is all to say nothing of the production on Parazv Il Zilittv, which somehow manages to make SUMMON sound creepier despite the clearer and more cutting recording style. With Aesthetics of Demise, SUMMON proved that their smashed-psyche sorcery transcended the usual "sepulchral death metal" tropes. Now, with Parazv Il Zilittv, they prove that that sorcery is potent enough to simultaneously open and close the crypt of time eternal. How far will you step in/out? ) 16.00

SURYA - Apocalypse A.D. LP (up the punt - “Sūrya have created a highly complex and multi-layered album as their sound changes directions with nearly every song. Industrial, Drone, Noise, Sludge, Doom and Post-Metal are some of the heavy riffs the band utilizes in creating an emotional journey.” [OUTLAWS OF THE SUN]) 12.00

TICS - s/t LP (beau travail - Great debut album by new band from Cologne/Germany! Non-pretentious and non-conventional twisted Post-Punk, in the spirit of the MINUTEMEN, URINALS aka 100 FLOWERS, and sometimes with the psychic flair of early british Post-Punk bands like the SWELL MAPS. LP with 14 songs, fullcolor print innersleeve, lyric-sheet (in English), sticker and download-code! Value for money! "Come out and watch the band striking their 25 minutes-Pinata - stuffed with the captain of a submarine, pianos and saxophones, Elton John and Donald Trump-samples. TOTAL DISASTER.“) 13.00

VITAMIN X - Age Of Paranoia LP (Vitamin X have been creating and touring their energetic brand of rock and thrash-soaked hardcore punk since the late 1990s, operating through die-hard DIY channels. The Amsterdam-based band has amassed an arsenal of albums, EPs, singles, splits, and more across a wide array of underground labels. ?Age Of Paranoia? offers sixteen volatile tracks, packed into a succinct, white-knuckled twenty-eight minutes. The album surges with rapid-fire punk angst, replete with ripping rock leads and raised-fist, group-chanting anthems. To complete the recording, the cover artwork is created by Marald (Baroness, Kylesa, High On Fire). Well-known for their energetic and frenetic live shows which attract fans from across the metal, punk, and rock spectrums, Vitamin X has toured around the world several times, from Japan to the United States, from South America to Southeast Asia, and beyond.) 16.00


SANGRE DE MUERDAGO - Noite CD (SMS - "When I heard that Sangre De Muerdago were coming to the Pacific Northwest I couldn’t believe it. Their albums are some of the most listened to music in my collection, especially while traveling. For some reason their music walks hand in hand with the concept of the journey. Their latest album "Noite" is a stunning piece of modern folklore that manages to hint at things ancient and timeless while being completely vital and necessary in our modern age. As a listener and fan of the band, I can’t recommend them enough."  – Steve von Till (Neurosis, Neurot Recordings)) 15.00


AIDAN BAKER - Hypnotannenbaumdronefuzz TAPE (Three tracks of droning vaguely ethno-ambient jazzy psych rock by Nadja's Aidan Baker.) 6.00
SFERICS - Kronprinzenkoog TAPE (Final release by Felix-Florian Tödtloff (of Swoosh, Caudal, Hypnodrone Ensemble, ex-Sun Worship, and a plethora of other bands/projects) under the Sferics moniker. Playful yet solemn ambient Fripp-isms recorded in the backyard of his parents house near the North Sea (there's a video, too: ).) 6.00

THE OLD DREAM OF SYMMETRY - Far TAPE (The Old Dream Of Symmetry is Will Gresson (also of Fausto Maijstral and Palatial). Dreamy droney ambient soundscapes with the occasional nod towards psychedelic post-rock, based on guitar (mostly), synths, loops, and field recordings.) 6.00

TOOTH DECAY / LARS ENNSEN - Split TAPE (This split tape by LARS ENNSEN and TOOTH DECAY shows two ever-morphing faces of Berlins noise/ambient underground in their most recent incarnation. LARS ENNSEN delivers a 30minute-spanning majestic soundscape that will instantly suck you into deep oblivion. This track is filled with subtle shifts and changes while retaining that feeling of static- and monolithicness that we all long for in ambient/drone music. TOOTH DECAYs track borrows heavily from 20th century minimalism, 70s synth kitsch and oldschool sci-fi soundtracks to build up a beautiful wall of sound that gradually dissolves into a fuzz-heavy noise assault. This release is limited to 49 copies with an artwork done by JAKOB RUDOLPH (JR TATTOO), that was hand painted and cut up into 49 pieces to provide a unique cover for every copy of the tape. The painting itself perfectly captures the atmosphere of the music.) 6.00
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