THROWERS cherche date dans l'Est 12-14 mars

Angoisse du day-off, dates à boucler, besoin d'aide ?

THROWERS cherche date dans l'Est 12-14 mars

Messagepar BxL » 01 Fév 2016, 22:32

Je fais passer le mot, si des gens vers Metz, Nancy, Paris, Dijon, Lyon etc. (en gros entre la belgique et l'italie) veulent faire jouer ce groupe de hardcore métallique et moderne, prendre contact là : vomitar (ät) himbeer (dot) org

09.03.16 Gieszen / Germany / AK77
10.03.16 Münster / Germany / Baracke
11.03.16 Nimjegen / Netherlands - tba.
12.03.16 Brussel / Belgium - tba.
13.03.16 North France / Paris - tba.
14.03.16 France / Switzerland - tba.

15.03.16 East Italy / Verona - tba.
16.03.16 Slovenia / Koper - tba.
17.03.16 Linz / Austria / Kapu
18.03.16 Augsburg / Germany / Ballonfabrik
19.03.16 Darmstadt / Germany / Villa Oetinger
20.03.16 Weimar / Germany / Gerber

Thx for any help between 12th-16th of march! Get in touch: vomitar (ät) himbeer (dot) org


Since 2011, by performing their first short but impressive live set in
a DIY bike workshop in Leipzig, THROWERS have managed to become a
solid machine within the heavy and dark hardcore section. Teaming up
with members of Vyst and DeZafra Ridge, they have developed a
memorable harsh and brutal sound, which stays to prevail unique:
diversified technical riffing and ground-shaking bass lines collide
with mathy drum parts in order to create a sort of mind-demanding
atmosphere - without neglecting a trustworthy base of inspiration
driven by angry vocals that carry lyrics dealing mostly with human

As descendants of local bands like Men in search for the perfect
Weapon, Perth Express or Black Freighter and longtime protagonists
rooted in diverse DIY-minded structures and activities, they became
part of the Berlin based label Vendetta Records in 2012 and released a
10inch debut named „Prosaic Materialists/Rudimentary Bodies“, followed
by another "Gaunt" EP - their second output in 2014 on tape.

Since then, they have been constantly touring through Europe and
shared stages with bands such as Celeste, Hexis and Mantar - to name
only a few among countless others.

After an intense period of recording, they are looking forward to
release their first full-length entitled "Loss" via Golden Antenna
Records in January 2016.

Thanx for your attention,

Konsti @ Gafas del Rigor Cassettes
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