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Hey everybody

We might have not been playing for a while, but that doesn't mean we've been doing nothing all that time. Everybody is in the Netherlands again and we've been really busy writing our upcoming CD/LP and booking the biggest tours we've done so far.

Time for a short update:


After releasing 2 7"es we really wanted to do a full length, so we've been working really hard on getting enough songs finished in time for recordings.
We'll be starting the recordings on the full length tomorrow and needless to say we're really excited.
If you are really curious and can't wait 'till our next update, feel free to follow us on twitter.

The new CD/LP will again be released by our friends at Crucial Attack Records. We're really happy they wanted to release another of our efforts, thanks!


The releaseshow is set for April 17th at Kiehool Burgum, to keep a good tradition going. Be sure to get your ass over there because SPIRIT 84 will be doing a exclusive reunion at that show!
Other bands playing will be Cornered/Swim or Drown/Birds of a Feather.
More info on the show soon!


Yes, we're touring a lot in the next few months..
Take a look at our scedule below, we're still busy booking shows, so if you can help out in any way, feel free to get in touch at:

rushnattackisthelaw AT or through myspace..

UK/IRL/FR/BEL: 5/5 - 23/5
REST OF EUROPE: 3/6 - 11/7

This is a list of the shows confirmed or which are being confirmed as i'm typing this:

17/4: Burgum (Releaseshow)

5/5: Kortrijk
6/5: Paris
7/5: Lille
9/5: Dublin
10/5: Nottingham
11/5: Sheffield
12/5: Hull
13/5: Newcastle
14/5: Harrogate
15/5: Leeds
16/5: Edinburgh
17/5: Liverpool TBC
18/5: Stourbridge
19/5: Newport TBC
23/5: Nijmegen

18/6: Valencia TBC
19/6: Madrid
25/6: Firenze
26/6: Rome
28/6: Ljubljana
29/6: Wien
1/7: Cluj-Napoca
4/7: Vilnius
7/7: Wroclaw
8/7: Praha
9/7: Nunchritz
10/7: Berlin
11/7: Wunstorf

28/8: Ansen

More details can be found on our myspace

Thanks for reading! See you soon

p.s. we're digital.. follow/become a fan/download/watch or just buy a record:
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